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a new love story (kaira, naksha, kriyu) (ss) (part-5)

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Hi guys , gayu’s love interest’s name will be krish and his role is played by mishkat varma

The man holds her while gayu tries to move away , the man pulls her and gayu falls towards the man . the man saysmera nam krish hai aur mera kam , dusron ko bachana nahi hai . gayu gets irritated , she says nobody asked ur name here ok ? and ya I never asked u to save my life and ya now leave me . krish leaves her and gayu falls down wid a thud . gayu says pagal , if I tell u to push me into a well , will u push me . krish says sundar ladkiyon ki bat sunni chahiye . gayu says hey bagvan , u do so much drama for such small things . krish says vaise vo mera swabav he devi . gayu says devi ?? krish says han u r a devi who advises everybody . but u don’t know one thing , ending life is not the solution for everything , if u end ur life also u will become booth , then u will miss all ur family members in hell . gayu (in a irritated tone ) why will I go to hell .


krish says because u scolded this devpurush . gayu says hope I never meet u again in my life and goes away . she goes home and sees naira talking on phone . naira cuts the call seeing gayu coming . she says di , u know riya right? She was talking to me . gayu says naira calm down , I know u were talking wid karthik . naira gets shocked . she says gayu di apko pata hai ? gayu says yes naira , and u need not worry abt this , I am there na I will handle everything , I will talk to our family . naira says thank u so much gayu di and hugs gayu , gayu cries while hugging naira . she then goes away silently from there because she knew if she stayed there for some more time naira will get to know that she also loved karthik . naira says strange , gayu di itni jaldi kyun chali gayi . gayu goes to her room and shuts the door and cries her heart out . she goes out and sees nobody in the hall . the phone was ringing continuously , she goes and picks up the phone . a cheerful voice boomed , hello , akshara aunty . gayu says voh mami bahar gayi hai , the voice replied, so when will she come back . gayu says , I don’t know , they have gone to temple , it may take 1 hour . the voice said , ok tell her that I called . gayu says hello who r u? within that the call was already cut .

she says he told tell that i called but how will iknow who he is ? buddhu … . she sees karthik coming inside the house . she says hi karthik . karthik says hi gayu , naitik sir hai kya . gayu says he has gone to temple wid everybody else . he will come back soon . gayu says u sit I will call naira , naira comes there and sees karthik . karthik says hi naira and smiles . she says gayu di ko hamare bare me sab pata hai . karthik says oh that’s great , I always knew gayu was good , I am happy that she knows about us . naira smiles , karthik hugs naira and says naira I am so happy that u finally accepted my love . gayu comes there . naira and karthik move away from each other . gayu smiles and says mein kuch der bad aati hun and goes from there . karthik says dekho teri behen kitni understanding hei , aur ek tum ho jo buddhu ki buddhu rahegi . naira says karthik and throws a cushion on him . karthik says naira tum tho aj nahi bachegi and chases her .naira runs and karthik finally catches her and holds her tightly , (yeh rishta kya kehlata hai plays in bg )

Precap : naksha’s (naksh-naina’s ) first meeting

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