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a journey from me to us raglak)epi11~pavani

Hiii darlings I know u all were in a range to kill me but wt to do iam really little busy

Swasan nd lak reached rag house when they entered they saw suji nd ram there

Laksh(little shocked):momm??
Suji:I know u r surprised but wt to do my happiness is in u nd ur happiness is in rag so we came to tell sorry nd convience shekar ji for ur proposal
Laksh didn’t understand how to react he was confused for to be happy that shekar was convienced or to be sad that wr rag went away he sniled weakly

Sekhar:where is rag sanky??
Sanky explained everything
Shekar:ohh noo but she should have come hear atleast but she didn’t came
Laksh:but y???

Scene shifts
Rag was shown crying in a raiway station
When rag reached home she saw ram nd suji there nd is shocked so she hided herself behind the wall

Suji:so are u really ready to this marriage I really want my sons happiness nd he wants ur daughter

Sekhar:as a parent I understand y u reacted like that that day by thinking with peaceful mind I got to know so I have no problem with this praposal

Rag was shocked nd she left from there

Fb ends
Rag(in mind):how can u do this dad that women she appolagized u as she was thinking about her sons happiness but u didn’t even tought to ask me once about my marriage nd just fixed it without my permission

(I know it was a silly reason but just think once if our parents took every decision in ur life how will u feel even tough u like it or not)
Rag(in mind):u have right on me dad but uucan’t take every decision in my life yes I like him but he cheated mmeeif he really loves me he should have told me first only that he is the same guy then he should make me feel for him but he used a lie to make our relation which can never last long she closed her eyes nd cried

Scene shifts
suji:how can she leave like that if u don’t mind can I ask u one thing sekhar ji
Suji:did she have any love affair
Laksh:maa plzz u r crossing the limits hear fault is mine I cheated her nd u r blaming her character
Suji:no I didn’t mean that but
Laksh:I trust my love nd I know she also loves me but we have some misunderstandings nd we will clear them nd plzz now stop making more complications
Sekhar was happy by seeing lakshs love for rag .

Suddenly phone ringed
Sekhar ran nd lifted it
Rag:iam fine don’t worry about me
Rag:plzz I want some peace nd want to live alone for somethime so don’t worry about me
Sekhar:come to home beta
Rag:u atlest didn’t tought to ask my permission to fix my marriage y didn’t u tought about me??
Sekhar:u came home???then y u didn’t came in
Rag was crying
Sekhar:ok iam sorry but plzz come home I will not force u to marry him if u don’t want this marriage will not happen but plzz come back
Every one were shocked by sekhers ans

Swasan looked at Laksh who is shattered
Rag:no dad u don’t worry I just don’t want to talk to any one nd iam going to my friends house nd I will call u nd don’t tell my adress to any one
She cutted the call
Sekhar :iam sorry laksh I can’t go against her wish
Laksh was nimb he didn’t talk with any one san tried to console him but laksh left from there

A week later
Rag didn’t talked to Sanky too he is trying hard to find about her but sekhar didn’t informed to any one

Laksh went to Mumbai but he is like a life less body suji felt bad by seeing her son

Laksh office
Voice :may I come in sir
voice:these are files to get signed
Laksh signed them
Voice:what happened sir are u alright ??
Laksh gave a fake smile
Voice:sir iam getting married this saturday so I want a week leave
Laksh:only one week.how can u manage purab??(purab from kkb)
Purab:its not a grand wedding we r getting married in register office
Laksh(concerned):y??didn’t ur parents agree ??
Purab:not like that actually we don’t have any one
Laksh:iam sorry??
Purab:no its ok if u come there then i will be very happy .Only if u can
Laksh:y,not defnetly I will come

Laksh reached register office
He saw purab nd was about to go nd is shocked to see the person next to him wearing a saree
Episode ends
Screen freezes with shocking face of laksh
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