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a journey from me to us raglak) epi12~pavani

Hii darlings sorry again actually I joined in a school as a teacher soo busy in that that’s y not able to give it some time

Yes the girl is none other than rag
Laksh heart was broken into pieces
Purab saw him
Rag too turned that side nd is shocked to see him (her love)
Laksh came to senses by the call of the register
Purab came to him nd pulled him
Laksh was staring rag continusly nd rag was avoiding eye contact with him


Regester told bride nd groom to sign the papers Laksh was fully heart broken he was not able to see this he closed his eyes
in pain he opened his eyes when purab came to called him to sign the papers he saw towards rag who is still not seeing him nd went to sign them nd came back after signing

Ro:one more signature
Purab:rag should I tell seperatly to sign them??
Laksh who was feeling bad till now suddenly surprised
Rag:pen??(to purab)
Purab :ohhits with himm(showing towards laksh)
Laksh was jumping with joy in his heart after realising that his love is not the bride

Rag was hesitated to take pen from laksh nd laksh came frount nd gave her pen with a broad smile

Rag was confused by his behaviour (she too observed him sad in starting nd now he is smiling that’s y she is confused)

Marriage completed
Purab introduced rag as bulbuls friend(bulbul is purabs wife)
Laksh farworded his hand with a broad smile rag too shaked un willingly

Rag:ragini(fake smile which is filled with anger )
Laksh:so where are u working?
Purab:she just came for holidays
Purab:so sir evening is reception u should come
Laksh:defnetly(by looking at rag’s)

Laksh left
Laksh pov
Once I lost u but again destiny want to give us a chance this time I will convience u for sure as I believe in my love

Rag pov
Y this happens with me every time I don’t want to meat him again ok atleast not this early yes I want to meet him nd scold him nd beat him for cheating mee but at present iam not ready to face him .god plzz give me strength to face him

Laksh came early nd wished purab nd bulbul nd started searching his lady love who was trying to run away from him by following him without his notice at last he found her nd went near her .by seeing him coming rag acted as if she is really busy

Laksh:so u r following mee?
Rag avoided him nd left from there without talking
Laksh felt little bad but composed
Rag was passing nd some of the boys near bar counter started commenting rags
Boy:woww see her she have a perfect figure man every part was placed in right place .I can’t control man she is really s*xy(rag didn’t listened to his comment)

Boy felt a tight slap on his face

Laksh:bee careful while talking
Everyone gathered there by seeing fighting
Purab:wt happened sir
Laksh:he is commenting …..(he is about to say rags name but stopped) nd saw towards rag
Boy:I was just giving compliments that she is beautiful
Rag understood that the matter is about her
Rag:it’s ok iam sorry from his side he is little over reactive
Laksh was shocked
Laksh:iam telling the truth he is commenting badly
Rag:what ever he didn’t cheated by showing their fake face
Laksh:y r u not understanding?
He saw the boy smirking on him.
Rag:plz now stop ur drama nd turned to the boy nd said him sorry again nd left from there

Laksh was very.angry now nd was about to go from there but purab stopped him by saying sorry so he sat at the corner in bar area nd drank

After half an hour
Purab:sir have u seen rag ??
Laksh came to senses by listening to rag’s name
Laksh:what r u saying ??
Purab:rag is missing sir I tought u have seen her
Laksh was shocked by hearing again to the word that rag was missing

Episode ends with shocking face of lucky

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