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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part 35

Hii readers let’s start with the epi.but its a short one..Here is the previous epi link..

Part 34



Everyone gets shocked on hearing Sanskaar’s name…

Aarohi: Ragini… what happened…?? Where is Sanskaar…??
Ragini: Wohh… wohh… bhabhi… I mean… that…

She looks towards Sanskaar who is still trying to hide behind the veil… Aarohi gets some doubts n goes towards him… Sanskaar closes his eyes tightly n Aarohi lifts up his veil… Everyone gets shocked…

Aarohi: (shocked :O ) Sanskaar… what are u doing here…?? Haven’t I said before that men are not allowed here…??
Sanskaar: Haan… toh… But bhabhi this is not fair… I just wanted to see what all things u all are doing…!!
Sujata: But for that what was the need of wearing this lehenga n all…!! :O
Sanskaar: (murmurs) As if u all left me with any other option…!! :/
Aarohi: We heard that…!!
Swara: (starts laughing) OMG… Ragini… your romeo… He was so eager to see u that… look… what has he done to himself…

Ragini becomes shy on hearing this and gives a deadly glare to Sanskaar… whereas he makes a puppy face…

Sanskaar: (to everyone) Aree why u all shouting on me… and in fact the master planner of this idea is still hidden…!!
Sujata: What..?? But where…??And who is he..??

Some ladies find Laksh hiding underneath a table…
A lady: I think I found him…!!

Everyone turns towards the direction the lady is pointing… Aarohi goes there n peeps under the table… Laksh comes out and stands infront of them making puppy face..
Swara: Laksh…?? :O

She holds Laksh’s ear n drags him near Sanskaar… Now both Sanlak are standing in the center with all the ladies around them…

Aarohi holds Laksh’s ear n Sujata holds Sanskaar’s ear… and they drag both of them outside…

Laksh: Aaahh… Aarohi bhabhi… its paining…!! Have some mercy…
Sanskaar: Auchh… Sujata aunty…!! You already have two ears… then why are planning to take one of mine…!! Plzz… leave…
Aarohi: Both of u just go out… and don’t come again…!!
Sujata: Ab niklo dono yahan se…
Sanlak: (look at each other n shout together) Bachcha Party… Run…!!

And with this Armaan, Golu n Nanhe come out running all of them run away with the jet speed…

Ragini: Oh My God… they are also involved…!! :O

Ragini give a wide smile seeing sanskar putting in so much effort just to have a look of her…



Laksh: Sanskar… this is not fair…!! How can they throw us out…??
Sanskaar: Don’t worry Laksh… they threw us out naa…!! Now we’ll have our own fun…
Laksh: Own fun…??
Sanskaar: Hmm… (n he says something in Laksh’s ear)
Laksh: (shouts) Bachelor’s Party..!! :O

Sanskaar smiles n winks at him…

Swaragini’s room
Ragini is folding her clothes and sanskar came silently in the room and he is going to back hug her..Ragini smiles and says..
Rag- Sanskar??For what purpose u came..??
San confusedly- Ragini..Are u a Astrologer..??
Rag- No..
San- Then how u came to know that it is me..??
Rag- I saw u coming..
San- But how??Did u have third eye like Lord shiv..??
Rag laughs- Sanskar….Seriously u r totally a unique piece..I have not third eye.I saw u coming from the mirror..
San-Oh..I am so idiot na..
Rag- yess and I love this idiot..
San-If it is like this then i am ready to be idiot for my whole life..
Rag- Accha now stop and tell me for why u came here??
San- Woah actually i want to take permission from u..
Rag confused- permission….Which kind of permission??
San- woah tonight there is a party….

Rag- so what..??
San- Actually its a bachelor party..So can I go there??
Rag normally- yess..What’s the need of asking u can go..??
San happily- Really ragini..I can go..
Rag- yess..
Sanskar kisses on the cheeks of ragini and says- Thank u so much and rans from there..
Ragini touches his cheeks and smiles- Pagal kahin ka..
Swara , uttara and aarohi comes in the room.
Swa- Uttara u know tonight there is a bachelors party in some club..
Uttara- I know swara di…Ragini bhabhi did u gave permission to sanskar bhai??
Rag- yess..actually sanskar came to me and ask for the party and i gave..
All three shouts together what???

Rag scaredly- what happen??
Swa- What u did di??
Uttara- Why u gave permission to bhai??
Aarohi- Ragini u don’t know these mens they want the opportunity to go on these type of parties..
Rag confused- What u all r saying i am not understanding??
Swa- aree di this is a bachelor party in these party there were girls in short dress , drinks…
Rag- oh so this is the prblm don’t worry i believe sanskar he is not like others..
Aarohi-I know that sanskar is not like others but his frnds if they will brain wash his mind then..
Uttara- yaa..And the girls they r enough smart..
Ragini thinks for a while- Then what we can do now??
Swa- There is only one way..
All the three says together what..??
Swa- We will also go to the party..

@xyz club
Everyone is enjoying the party.The party is on full swing.Sanlakarj are present over there with their frnds and many more are also prsnt..They are standing on the bar counter having drinks in their hand..
Lak- waah!!!Sanskar what idea u gave?? This is the perfect revenge from the girls..
San- yaa..
Arjun- By the way this party is bit boring without girls..
San- yess bhai..u just take words from my mouth..I am also going to say this..
Suddenly one man come and says
Man- guyzz..guyzz now only we have got information that girls are also coming in this party..
Arjun- Wow!!!That’s a great news..
San- yaa..
Suddenly car horns are audible and everyone eyesight is on the entrance..
First aarohi enters in a navy blue gown.She is looking gorgeous.Arjun saw her and got amazed.Aarohi saw him and arjun signals her that she is looking gorgeous.Aarohi blushed and arjun smiles.
Swara enters in a black sari with silver ornaments and she is looking absolutely stunning.Laksh see her without blinking his eyes.Swara feels his gaze on her and she blushes.

Sanskar is waiting for his princess to enter but ragini doesn’t come..He goes to swara and ask her..
San- Swara…Where is ragini??
Swa- Woah actually i tried a lot but she say that she will not come..
San sadly- oh..
He saw arjun busy with aarohi..laksh busy with swara and he feels sad..
San- Everyone is busy with their partners.Where is mine??
Then a girl came from behind and ask..

Girl- Can I become ur partner??
Sanskar saw up and becomes happy..
San- Tina….
Tina gave a wide smile and says U didn’t forget me…
San- Aree how can i forget u?? U my childhood bestie..
They share a casual hug..Uttara saw that and clicks a photo of them and whatsapp ragini..
San- So when u came from new york..??
Tina- One week before..Par tumhe kya u never call me for one time..This is ur frndship..
San puppy eyes- I am sorry..plzz
Tina- ok..ok now don’t make puppy face..By the way our school champu now become a dashing and handsome hunk hmm…
San-Tinaaa..u will never change na..
Tina- yaa..But where is ur fiance..??
San- Actually she didn’t come..
Tina- oh..thats why u r missing her??

San- yaa…
Ragini gets message and she saw the image and gets shocked
Rag- Sanskar..I can’t believe this..Let me call him..
She calls him..
Sanskar saw his phone and see ragini’s call become happy.He is going to pick up the call but tina stops him..Sanskar saw him confusedly
Tina- If u want ur fiance here then don’t pick up the call..
San- what??
Tina- u want her or not..
San- yess..
Tina- Then do as per my sayings..

The call ended..
Rag- Why he is not picking up my calls?? kahin..no no ragini..
She again call him..
There sanskar gets restless..
Tina- Now pick up the phone and as i said talk like that she will be here in a min..He picks the call..
Rag- Sanskar..Why r u not picking up my calls??
San saw tina and says- woah actually..my mobile is on silent mode..
Rag- ok..Sanskar Are u missing me??
San again saw tina and she signal him to speak- No..actually i got a very good company of someone..I am enjoying the party..By the way why u call me??Any problem..
Rag- No..nothing..
Tina in flirty tone bit loudly- Sanskar baby..What r u doing..??
Rag become shocked listening the baby word from a girl mouth.As soon as she ask something sanskar speaks..
San- Ok ragini..I am bit busy talk u later..Bye bye And he hurriedly cuts the call..
Tina and sanskar saw eachother and gave hi – fi and laughs..
San- I hope this plan works..
Tina- Did u have any doubt on me??
San- No..no why would i..?? But i hope she will not get hurted..
Tina- Chill out sanskar..pyar mein toh ye choti moti masti toh chalti hai..
San smiles….
Rag- Sanskar speak lie to me..She angrily throws mobile on the bed

Precap- Ragini gets drunk…laksh proposes swara..

Bye bye readers and comment fast..

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