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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part 34(Sangeet special)

Hii guyzz i am again back with another epi and it is sangeet special as well as ragsan special so enjoy this..

Part- 34
@Sangeet day
Armaan is playing with football suddenly he saw someone and starts running towards her..
Armaan shouts- Uttara di….
Everyone see towards the entrance side and becomes happy..Behind uttara ram and sujata are standing smiling..
Aarohi comes to them and touches their feet..
Uttara- Bhabhi..And she hugs her tightly and she also hugs her back..
Dp comes there and says
Dp- Ram u came and he hugs ram..Or how are u??
Ram- I am absolutely fine as u r seeing..
Dp- And u bhabhi ji..

Sujata- I am also fine bhai sa..
Dp angryily- But i am very disappointed and angry u r my bst frnd and u reached at my son’s wedding so last..Aree tujhe toh sabse pehle pahuchna chahiye tha..
Sujata- yess bhai sa..Aur datiye inhe u know bhai sa from 2 days i am saying to come here but no he is so much busy in his work..
Ram- Aree dp u know na US condition..They gave me holiday on so much request..
Dp- ok koi baat ni u came thats enough for me..
Sanskar comes there and touches the feet of ram and sujata..
Sujata- Jita reh chore..Bhai sa our sanskar is going to marry..Now its look like that time has gone fast.Aree u will not make me meet to ur bride..
Then only ragini comes there..She also touches the feet of sujata and ram..

Sujata- wahh!!!! Bhai sa this is sanskar taste..
Dp- yes why??
Sujata- No i have a doubt that when sanskar taste become so good..
San- Mom..u again..
Suj- ok..ok i am just kidding..
Ram- By the way where is our stupid son??
San shouts- Lakshhhhh come down..
Lak- Now who came and why sanskar is calling me down??Here i am planning how to propose swara and he is disturbing me..
He comes down and become shocked..
Ram comes and catches his ears – Dad ke bacche here u only does masti or some work..
Lak- Auchh..dad leave my ear..
Sujata- what r u doing??After so many days u met him and u r behaving so rude..
Ram-Aree nhi nhi..Iske sath toh yhi hona chahiye..
Dp- Ram ur son is really hard work..U don’t even imagine how much he help me??
Ram leaves his ears- Really..I can’t believe this..
Lak- Accha hua uncle u came otherwise today dad had snatched my ears..
Everyone laughs..

Everyone is busy in the arrangements of sangeet and sanskar is very excited for sangeet and to see ragini becoz from 2 days he didn’t meet ragini becoz of rituals..And no one is letting him to meet her..
The sangeet ceremony is going to start in some hours.Sanskar with laksh is going to enter in the hall..Suddenly all the girls bachha party and uttara stops them..
Aahna- U can’t go in..
Lak- But why??
Uttara- Becoz its a ladies sangeet and mens r not allowed..
San- What??Ok but i am allowed na its my wedding rituals..Laksh u go..
Sanskar enters inside but all the girl bp holds his hand and with jerk sends him out..
Uttara- No u r also not allowed and its only ragini di sangeet..Aarohi comes there..
Aarohi-What is happening here??Sanlak what u both r doing here???

San innocently- Bhabhi see na they r not letting me enter..
Aarohi- Sanskar u can’t this is ladies sangeet..
San with puppy eyes-Bhabhi..u r my sweet bhabhi na plzz let me go..
Aarohi-Stop buttering me sanskar becoz i will not slip on that..
Arjun comes there and says
Arjun-What happen sanlak why r u standing here??
San happily-Bhai thank god u came…He slowly says in ears of arjun bhai plzz aap bhabhi ko manao na..
Arjun-Meri shahamt ayi hai jo mein teri bhabhi ko samjhau.
Aarohi- What u both r murmuring??
Arjun- Nothing..
Aarohi- hmm..Arjun take sanskar from here..
Arjun- Aapka hukum sarankhon parr..Come on sanskar let’s go.
And he drags sanskar..

San- Areee bhai..u r on my side or bhabhi’s side..
Arjun-Let’s go i will tell u outside..
San- Aree bhai..bhabhi plzz but arjun drags him outside..
He comes outside and says
San- What u have done bhai??
Dp- What is happening here??
Arjun tells him everything and dp laughs..
Dp- Sanskar..u can’t win from these girls..Like u arjun also fight like this but nothing happened..
Shek- yess beta..Dp is right..

Lak- Accha uncle when u r young u didn’t try to see the ladies function..
Dp- Aree we had done many things when we r young..
Shek- Sanskar u know these ladies function are very awesome..Aree humne toh chup chup kar unke function dekhe hai..kyu dp ji..
Dp laughs- yess..u r right shekhar ji..
They leaves from there arjun also leaves from there to receive a call..
San-Did u listen shekhar baba talks..
Lak- yess sanskar..they enjoy very much in their young age..
San- stupid..i am not talking of that thing..When papa and baba see the function hiddenly then why we can’t??
Lak- means..
San- We also see the function hiddenly..but i am not getting any idea..
They thinks for a while then laksh started shouting..
Lak- Aa gya..Aa gya..
San- kya aa gya..
Lak- Aree i got an idea..
San- Tell me..
Laksh tells the idea in sanskar’s ear and sanskar says
San- yewww..i will not do this..
Lak- We have no other option..
Sanlak come out of the room by wearing ladies costume..Sanskar is wearing salwar suit and laksh is wearing lehenga and believe me they r looking just hillarious.
San weirdly-laksh..this is ur idea.See we r looking joker..
Lak- shut up sanskar hide ur face with duppatta and come with me..
But someone listens their plan and stop him..He is Armaan, golu and nanhe..
Armaan- Sanskar and laksh chachu u r trying to enter in the function na..
Sanlak turns and sees all of them shockedly sanskar sits on his knees and comes to the height of armaan and says
San- Armaan ..u r so sweet na plzz let us go..Tommorow i will bring many chocolates for u..
Armaan strictly like gentlemen’s – Don’t try to bribe me u don’t know its against law..
Lak angrily- Accha bacchu sari duniya ke law tujhe aaj hi apply karne hai..Sanskar let’s go dekhte hai kaise rokta hai..
Armaan- Don’t underestimate the power of baccha party..
Lak- Accha tell me what u will do??
Armaan shouts-Mammmaaaaaa…

Sanskar puts his hand on his mouth and says
San- Chup ho jaa mere baap..Tell me on which condition u will allow us to go..
Armaann-yess thats like a intelligent boy..u have to take us also with u..
Lak-what??But how no..no..u can’t go.
Golu- ok then i will go and tell everything to swara di..
San shouts- No..no..He sees towards laksh helplessely..

All three enters in the hall aarohi and sujata are welcoming the ladies..
Aarohi- Ji..I am sorry but i didn’t recognise u..
Lak in his voice-Woah..
Sanskar hits his elbow in his stomach and says in changed ladies voice- woah..actually we r ragini’s frnd..
Aarohi- oh..sorry sorry plzz come..Swara also comes there and ask from them..
Sujata-One sec why u r taking this veil.plzz remove this here only ladies r prsnt so no need of veil..

San in girl voice-nhi..nhi.. we can’t
Sujata- But why??
Lak- woah our face is like the heroine of Satyam Shivam Sundaram..So if u want we can remove it but after that what will happen u will be responsible??
Aarohi- No no..no need of that u all come
Sujata again doubts and see Armaan golu and nanhe beside them wearing salwar suit and taking a small veil..
Sujata pointing towards Armaan – Who is she??
Lak gets angry- Sarre sawal aaj hi poochogi..
Sujata- Excuse me..
San- Aree we mean that if u have so much doubt on us then we can go from here..Let’s go chameli..
Sujata confusedly- Chameli..

San- Haan his name is chameli and my name is champa..
Sujata- oh..u can go..
They gone inside and sanskar says laksh now u will keep ur mouth shut ok..
Sanskar eyes r searching ragini but she is not visible anywhere..
Sanskaar goes n sits in the group of the ladies… A lady looks at Sanskaar who is trying his best to hide his face with the veil…

Lady: Beta… who are u…?? (Sanskaar silent) What happened beta… why are u not saying anything…?? (she tries to look at his face but Sanskaar turns around) Ohooo… Sharma rahi ho…!! But beta no need to get shy…!! (Sanskaar nods his head)
Another lady: Achcha beta leave that… By the time brides are coming, come I’ll apply mehandi on ur hands…
Sanskaar: (to himself) Hey Bhagwan why are they all behind me today…?? Laksh… where are u…!!

Lady holds his hand… Sanskaar pulls back… She holds again… He pulls back again…

Sanskaar is about to run when the music starts… Swara comes dressed in a pink n white lehenga… along with a boy… wearing a white t-shirt n pink jacket with blue jeans…

Sanskaar: (to himself) I have seen this t-shirt n jacket somewhere… (thinks for sometimes) OMG.. they are mine…!!

Boy starts singing…

Goriya re… Chodiya re… (x2)
Tera jalwa dekha toh dil hua milkha
Badi tezz bhage reeee…

Manma emotion jage re
Manma emotion jage
Manma emotion jage re
Manma emotion jage

The boy teases swara… n Sanskaar tries to see his face…

Dil jagah se hil gaya re
Dil jagah se hil gaya re
Tukdon mein nikla dil ka chilka
Tune phenka kha ke reeee…

The boy turns n Sanskaar gets shocked…

Sanskaar: (slowly) Raginiii…!! :O

Ragini: Manma emotion jage re
Manma emotion jage
Manma emotion jage re
Manma emotion jage

Swara: Saiyaan… mera desi typical saiyaan…
Peepal ki thandi chaiyaan… mein nache ta ta thaiya… thaiya… saiyaan…

Saiyaan… mera desi typical saiyaan…
Peepal ki thandi chaiyaan… mein nache ta ta thaiya… thaiya… saiyaan…

Sanskaar is all shocked to see Ragini in his dress n dancing so freely… He smiles seeing her…

Ragini: Dil ki naiyaa phasi hai majhdhar mein
Sun le vistaar mein ho
Lut gaya pyaar mein
Yeh to bata de mere jazbaat ka
Itna kam rate kyun hai tere bazaar mein

Manma emotion jage re
Manma emotion jage
Manma emotion jage re
Manma emotion jage

Swara: Tu jo mila mujhe mohalle ke modd pe
It was highway ke baaju wali road pe
Badtameez gadi roki, seeti mari, mujhe cheeda
kiya mujhko bhi ishaara, ashleel aadha tedha

Dekha, mudha, badha
Bola lakte jigaar, mast figure, aake idhar baith jaa
Baju wali seat khali, aaja baith jaa

Saiyaan… mera desi typical saiyaan…
Peepal ki thandi chaiyaan… mein nache ta ta thaiya… thaiya… saiyaan…

Saiyaan… mera desi typical saiyaan…
Peepal ki thandi chaiyaan… mein nache ta ta thaiya… thaiya… saiyaan…

The song gets over n all the ladies start dancing… Sanskaar also goes n finding the right opportunity n he holds Ragini…

Ragini: (feeling his touch) Sanskaar….!! :O

All the ladies look towards them…

Precap – Bachelor party….

Bye bye readers and tysm for all ur lovely comments keep supporting like this…

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