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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part 33

Hii guyzz i hope everyone is fine and sorry for late update..And tysm for ur lovely comments..I am very happy and glad that this much people love my story.And sorry for not reply to all of ur comments but believe me i read each and every comments and feeling blessed to have the readers like u all.Silent readers tysm for reding my story..
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Part 32

@next day
Everyone is busy in their own works..Suddenly a shout of childrens come from downwards..All the baccha party came to the mm..
All children shouts Ragini diiiiiii….Ragini listens their shouts and comes downwards..
Rag feels very happy and she runs towards bp and hugs them..Ragini is very happy and she had tears of happiness in her eyes..
Golu- we missed u so much di..


Rag- I also missed u all a lot..But how u all came here??
Nanhe- Woah actually..di sanskar jiju send the tickets and we came here..
Sanskar comes there and says- I know u r missing them even i am also missing them a lot..Come on buddy’s u will not hug me..
All bp runs to sanskar and hugs him..Ragini smiles by seeing him.. She comes to him
Rag- Thank u sanskar..
San(to golu)- Golu say to ur di that in love and frndship there is no space for thanks and sorry and we r in..
Ragini interrupted- both the relationship.
San grins- yess..
She laughs slightly..And sanskar give a side hug to her..
Laksh is restless and he is walking to and fro in the room.Sanskar comes in the room and see laksh.He feels something serious.he goes to him.
San concerned tone- Laksh..What happen u r looking stressed..
Lak- yarr..sanskar i want to ask u something??

San- yes..
Lak- Sanskar One of my colleague is in dilemma..
San- Dilemma..which kind of dilemma??
Lak- Sanskar Jo mera frnd hai na he is very flirty and naughty type and he is in love with someone..no no he likes someone..no no he loves..
San confused- Laksh what r u saying??
Lak took a deep breath- Sanskar..Actually he is very confused about his feelings.He don’t lnow what to do??Whenever he comes in front of that girl he fall short of words to say something.Whenever he sees her he become numb..For him that girl is world’s most beautiful girl..He loves her cute fight between them..He loves her antics..
San shockingly- Wait..wait laksh u r talking about urself or ur colleague..Did u love someone??

Lak comes out of his world and stammers says- No…no sanskar I’m not in love..And if there something like this then i will tell u first..After all u r my bst ever frnd..
San- yaa..Ok then say to ur colleague that it is love..
Lak- What??No no.. Is this called love??
San-yes laksh this is only love.I feels the same with ragini..Did he think to propose her??
Lak- No Sanskar..
San- Then think..Becoz if time will go from his hand then he had no other option only he will cry.

Lak- But sanskar he is not very clear that he loves her..
San- ok.Then say to him that with relax mood close ur eyes and the first person which comes in his mind is his love…Now i am going to sleep.
He goes to bed and dozes off.Here in laksh mind sanskar’s talks are vibrating..
Lak- I think i should try..
He closes his eyes and the first person comes in his mind is swara..He become shocked and with a jerk open his eyes..
Lak-What the hell is happening to me??

He says to himself Ok laksh one more time i am definately sure her face will not come..He again closes his eyes and again the same smiling face of swara came in front of him.A curve appears on his lips.Now he is smiling he is remebering all the moments spend with swara.Then he opens his eyes..
Lak- I’m in love …He started dancing and shouting I’m in love..I’m in love..
Sanskar wakes up due to his noise.He see laksh dancing.
San in sleepry tone- Laksh..Are u gone mad??
Lak happily continue his dance and says- yess sanskar..I am gone mad..
San- I think mujhe tujhe agra ke pagal khane pahuchana hoga..

Lak-No problem..And he again started shouting and dancing..
San got irritated and angrily says- Laksh just go sleep on ur bed otherwise if i will come there na pagal khane ka toh pata nhi uppar jarur pahucha doonga..
Lak scaredly- Ok..ok u sleep..I will not shout..
Sanskar sleeps and laksh after sometime dozes off..
@next day
Everyone is present at breakfast table..Aarohi is making eat breakfast to her son armaan.
Armaan- Mamma..where is papa??
Aarohi- Beta he has gond outside for some work..
Armaan- But where??

Dp- Armaan bete ur papa had gone to madhupur..
Shek- Durgaprasad ji..Madhupur but why?? And yess I saw the wedding card it is mentioned that this is a destination wedding..But we r not going anywhere. the marriage is in ur house..
Dp- Correction shekhar ji..The marriage is not in our house it is in ur house..
Sumi- means..
Dp- Bhabhi ji..We r going to madhupur and ragsan marriage will held there only..
Shek shockingly – What?? But that house is sold..
Dp-Aree shekhar ji why u r taking tension??Everything is set..Woah actually this is not the good habit to listen someone personal talk but when that talk is related to this marriage then i have full authority..
Lak- Uncle..What u want to say?

Dp-Woah kya hai na beta 2 days before i am just passing from there room and i listened that..
Shekhar is seeing the photo of his bhaiya and bhabhi..
Shek- Today i fulfilled the promise of my bhaiya.In somedays ragini’s marriage will happen and then everything will be fine.
Sumi happily- U r right shekhar..Ragini got a very good and supportive family..
Shek with tears- But…
Sumi concerned- what happen??
Shek- Bhaiya’s last wish is that ragini’s doli will happen from that house only..
Sumi- Now what can we do madhupur house is sold now that house is not our…
Shek- I know..

Fb ends..
Dp comes to shekhar and keeps his hand on his shoulder..
Dp- Shekhar ji..We r now samdhi..Ur problem is my problem..If that day i don’t listen ur talk then i will not knowing this wish also..Aapne toh ek pal mein paraya kar diya..
Shekhar folds his hand in pleading style and cries..Dp holds his hand and signs him to not cry..
Dp(to ragini)- Ragini’s parents wish will be surely fulfilled..So chillax..And its the moment of enjoying not to cry ok..
Shekhar wipes his tears..
Shek- Hum toh dhanya ho gye aap jaise samdhi pakar..
Dp- Ok now go everyone & pack ur bags becoz in 2 hours we have to take leave..I had sent arjun there he will take care of everything..

After 2 hours everyone take leave to madhupur.In 5-6 hours they all reach to madhupur.
Bhagat- Aree aye aye welcome welcome..
Shek- Aree bhagat ji u r here..
Bhagat angrily- Durgaprasad ji..Say him to not talk to me.
Shek- Aree what i did??Why u r angry??
Bhagat- Accha ji..U fixed ragini’s marriage and u didn’t invite me..
Arjun- Bhagat uncle invitation toh chodiye he didn’t even call u for one time..
Shek- Aree beta..
Bhagat strictly- What beta haan??He is right..
Everyone is giggling by seeing thier fight..

Shek- Accha baba I am sorry plzz forgive me..
Bhagat-ye accha hai first u do mistake and then say sorry..
Dp- Aree bhagat ji forgive him na plzz..
Bhagat- Ok on ur saying I’m forgiving him..
Shekhar hugs him and everything become fine..
Everyone enters in the house….

**Episode ends**
Bye bye lovely readers..

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