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The episode starts with Urmila waking up from sleep as the suns rays hit her beautiful face. Its siam haldi ceremony today as vidhikari of bride’s side Urmila got herself ready. She was to take the bride side haldi to the groom’s and will have to take theirs safely to the palace where her sister’s haldi was to take place. Her sisters Mandavi and Keerthi were supposed to accompany her to the groom’s place.

Urmila: Mandavi… Keerthi…


Mandavi: Why are you shouting like this? We are here

Urmila: Rakshashi thank god at least today you woke up early.

Mandavi: [protesting] you mean to say I’m lazy. I always wake up early only. It’s you who sleep till late mornings see even today….

But before Mandavi could continue or Urmila could protest keerthi’s voice cut them in

Keerthi: didi please… won’t you guys ever stop fighting its already getting late we have to go now. Everyone will be waiting for us. Maa will be very cross if we get late.

Urmila Mandavi and Keerthi rushed to the hall where everyone was waiting. They greet everyone. As the muhurth comes Sita takes the haldi in her hands prays closing her eyes and gives it to Urmila. Urmila smiles and takes it. The girls leave

In the grooms place, shantha as vidikari has got everything ready everything ready for the haldi ceremony. By the time she had got everything ready the princesses of Videha arrived there.

Shantha: Welcome oh princesses of Videha

Urmila: Here is the bride’s side haldi as per the customs of Mithila the haldi from bride’s haldi should be applied to the groom and vice-versa.

Shantha: We knew about it already here’s the groom’s side haldi

Ram takes it from her and prays and gives it to them.

Urmila:Devi but how come did you know about Mithila’s customs?

Shantha [accepting the haldi and smiling]: I took help from a maid to know about the traditions and customs of Mithila

Urmila [getting suddenly tensed]: But devi the haldi should be applird to the bride and groom by their mothers who will do it for the groom…?

Shantha gets tensed as well while Ram smiles and goes to a lady. She’s dressed like a Rishi patni.

Ram: Mata a guru’s wife is like a mother for the students. You took good care of us when we left our mothers and came to you for our gurukul. You never let us miss our own mothers. Maa will you do your son’s haldi today? [Yes that lady is mother Arundhadhi Guru Vasisht’s patni/wife]

Arundhadhi: But son how can I take such big responsibility?

Vasisht: Arundhadhi Ram is saying right guru and gurupatni are like second parents for the students. Go ahead and fulfill your duty as a mother.

Mata Arundhadhi smiles and nods. Everyone smile

Precap: Siam haldi. Devtas to take part in Siam haldi .

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