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A Girl’s Heart-Twinj OS

A GIRL’S HEART-Twinj os (Happy Birthday Vaasu di)

Hey guys! I trust you are well.


This is a gift for vasiya di!!! Happy birthday!!! Mujhe treat to dena hi tha! May this day bring along loads of happiness and luck in your life. Love u di❤️

So without further ado…

❤️_________ready set go_________❤️

A girl is seated in front of a mirror, with an album in her hands. She is leafing the pages and with each passing page, the smile on her face is getting wider and more beautiful. She lifts her head up…

-Hi! I am Twinkle…a simple, regular girl…just like you…Like all of you, life enchants me…it surprises me, it awakes my curiosity, it gives me rushes of adrenaline, it gives me happiness, it makes me laugh, smile, cry, shout…it forces me to dance, to sing, to work….but above all, it compels me to think….deeply….god says that everyone is unique…and that is absolutely right…no one is the same. No flower has the same scent, no tree has the same structure, no person has the same way of viewing life and…and no heart beats for the same purpose…

Heart…weird right? We say that our left hand, in a fist, determines the size of our heart…

(She makes her left hand in a fist and looks at it)

This is this small(showing her fist)…but…have you ever imagined how much love it contains?? Being a girl, you cherish your family, your friends, your relatives, your pet and even that poor child on television…you have seen it right? How people advertise for money for needy kids? You dont know that child…yet you offer your precious tears to their one glimpse…those endangered animals…they’ve probably killed many…yet…your heart tells you to save them…you have so much love, being a girl, your sensitivity is not your weakness…rather, it is your biggest asset….
So….i was talking about the heart…it is this small…you have so much love for sooo many people…yet you still have that space to welcome that special someone in your life…the one whom you’ll love till infinity…the one with whom you’ll probably give a part of your existence…the one who will someday mean the world to you…the one for whom you will forsake your family to create your own little world….

(She nears to the mirror and stretches her ear with her hand to hear clearly)

Ohh..what about a boy right?? A boy would have been just like my Kunj. Sometimes rude, sometimes sweet, one whose different personalities will come out like the petals of a blooming flower…boys are normally very reserved…you get to see a new side merging in different situations…a girl, however, she keeps all her liveliness and characters on the palms of her hands…her personality is like an open book…she has the ability to keep thousands of secrets in her heart….again…in that small space…conversely, a guy is like a closed treasure…all in a beautiful bundle…who may be playful…yet who is the epitome of maturity…he may rule thousands of hearts, but there shall only be one ruling his. Many say that boys forsake their parents…but there are the ones for whom their parents mean the world…that is my Kunj…

(She smiles)

I am sure you want to know about him right? Well…it is a clichéd story…childhood sweetheart, separated by fate and brought together by….

(She sighs)

Same college, same course, same batch…yet opposite poles…A smile, a bow, a small sign of his made my day. I was…a secret lover, admirer…or shall i say i still am?? Whom am i fooling? Of course i am! I am head over heels in love with him…like never before…since college…i know its the normal trend of youthful love…attraction, lust and fantasy…but i always felt my love was pure…it still is…

But once again, the boring tagline:
‘What if it ruins something…?’
What would that end? There was practically nothing to lose…yes maybe that daily smile…but i had captured so many of that…i could’ve lived a thousand years more with that…then what was refraining me from doing so…it was just a simple love confession right?? No! It was not…my reputation, my friends, and my heart were on the other side…i would not have been able to bear the ‘kunwari aashik’ title, nor could i afford to be forsaken by my friends….nor would i have been able to handle a broken heart…n being the dumb idiotic emotional fool i am…i know i would have never been able to join those broken parts again…even if i would have mastered that much courage…those scars reminding me of my unsuccessful love story would hover over my whole being…

That small noticed presence of mine in his eyes meant the universe to me. I could say, in my mind, it was a perfect love story…which would have been joined by fate…like Raj-Simran and Rahul-Anjali…we all think like that at first right? We’re insanely stupid! And i realised that pretty soon…when that bimbo came, that witch named Alisha….

You are asking me why i am being so rude??
She did nothing…except luring my love by wearing skinny and short dainty clothes! I can’t imagine how that idiot fell into her trap!
After some days, i got to know they were dating…i was broken…i cried so much…then i watched devdas…i wanted to drown myself in alcohol..but being the baby that i am, i sought comfort in orange juice and vanilla ice cream. It hurt so much, the one i loved so much was now with someone else. I was very uncomfortable with them around…their lovey-dovey talks, couple moments, and body language made my heart bleed…bleed to such an extent that i nearly fell into very bad depression…

Today, here i am, in front of u. I have realised one thing…when you truely love somebody, you should confess it straight away…regardless of your reputation, people and what its impacts might do to your heart…because you will have no esteem of yourself…you will see yourself as a coward…as the one who was so dreadful of opening her heart out that she ended up enclosing all of it to herself and the one who gulped down all the poison…and people…when you would have lost your love…they will do nothing except taunting you on your lack of confidence. Your heart…it will break in such a way that nobody in the whole world would be able to fix it…

After seeing your love stolen by somebody else, you will have to shower flowers at their wedding, arrange their bed for their first night, book their honeymoon suite….and then…then be a nanny to their children…just to be able to catch a glimpse of your beloved…just like Alisha….

Are you shocked? You should not be…why do you think i am saying this to you?? To get your sympathy? For you to cry on my incomplete love story?? No! I want you to smile on my stand…on that desire i had to win what i deserved…i just had to gather that much courage to say three simple words!
‘I love you…’

And my life changed for the better…yes…of course! First i was rebuked for being late…as their wedding had already been arranged….but my Sadu Sarna was courageous enough to move out of the wedding…n Alisha! She just helped us to unite….


Oh! Yes! That is Kunj…my husband…and i am Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna…i think u already know me right? And you are probably thinking why he calls me siyappa queen right???
(She sighs)
Just because i was so late in confessing…see! How you are punished when you delay happy moments in life?? I have to bear the ‘siyappa queen’ tag my whole life…as according to my love…this title…which means the queen of mistakes…suits my actions…do you think so???

(She gets thinking…)


‘I am coming!’

Ok guys! I have to go! Otherwise my two little monsters will eat my husband up! Love u all!~

And she went out of the room.


Many times people confine their feelings in their hearts…they are afraid…afraid of confessing their feelings out of pure insecurity…that of being rejected…that of being left out…that of having to bear a heartbreak…that of losing a friend…but have you ever thought what could happen if someone else comes in his/her life…what would happen…you would be heartbroken anyways…atleast you could re assure yourself that you had tried…there would be no regrets in life…in that case…him or her moving ahead in life would help you move on…get over what was a one-sided love…seize the opportunity till that person is still here…what is the use of delaying a perfect life so much that in the end…nothing remains? Do not wait for the moment your heart tells you to regret…simply enjoy the time during which it is telling you to live…


❤️___________the end____________❤️

Don’t forget to comment. This is straight from the heart.

Vasiya di! Hum abhi abhi mile hai par it feels so good to connect to u. On this special day, i want you to have great memories that u will cherish for life. I hope that this os is one which you will remember….

Love you all❤️

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