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A Gift -Mmz =The birthday surprise (OS)

Hey rossy di Happy birthday day. Tame aaj fullto enjoy Kara . Aaji Tamara birthday re mu gote OS lekhu chi.
_________________________________________________________________________Neil shouted at Radhika,”Lazy bones get up much preparation are left to be done”. At this moment Sam-Arjun both chuckled. Radhika was fast asleep and got up hearing Neil’s voice.

Arjun said getup, prepare first before princess wakes up , we have to complete the decorations.


Radhika frowned at this and said,” you guys are very bad. You broke my sleep.”

Sam slightly slapped her forehead and said ,”Radhika tomorrow is your lil sister Rossy’s birthday right,wehave to prepare fast.”

Realization dawned on Radhika. She got up and with full enthusiasm they decorated the house.

At this time Aaryaman (Arjun’s twin lookalike brother and our rossy di’s hero) Radhika who gotconfused in both of them and the him to be Arjun he said what are you doing standing still. Some time ago you were scolding me what happened to you?(Rads doesn’t know that Aru has a twin bro)
Aaryaman asked,”when did I scolded you miss?

Before Radhika could say anything Arjun came and introduce both of them to each other and know Radhika gave Aaryaman a sheepish grin.

He said to Arjun,”Bhai where is Gulabo”(Aaryaman calls this to rossy di to tease her) . Radhika gave him a glare and said “she is rossy not Gulabo understood”in threatening way.😅

Aaryaman gulped down looking Radhika all furious , Rossy was all different a sweet ,sensible and beautiful girl. He loved her smile a lot.

Aaryaman was lost in his thoughts when Sam hit him and said ,”Arjun don’t stand like a statue “. He said ,”I am Aaryaman and Arjun is standing with Neil” . He pointed his finger to the beautiful wall having photos of rossy di. One of the cutest was one in which she was wearing a yellow crop top and Black pathani dhoti style pant .Her long brown silky hairs moving in the air
And her honey brown eyes speaking a thousand words. In the picture she was looking at the butterfly who was sitting on her palm.
Her lips curved into a beautiful smile to die for.

Aaryaman looked at the photo his breath became uneven and his heart beat was beating faster. He was lost in her smile . When Sam waved her hand he came out of his trance.

Neil Arjun and Radhika also noticed the expression on Aaryaman’s face. He was all pink(rossy di kya effect hai aapka bande pe).

Neil teased him and said,”what will happen to you when you will see her as person. Aaryaman said he had met her many times as person and nothing will happen to him.

Aaryu was wrong he was in deeply and madly in love with Rossy di.

Whereas in rossy di’s room she was tossing and turning around her bed. She wanted to know whether her family has planned any surprises for her not. She took a deep breath and got up from the bed. She drank a full bottle water kept beside her bed. She looked at the watch which showed 11:05. She decided to sleep.

She laid down and closed her eyes. Aaryaman’s face crossed her face. She was confused why? Rossy was very close to Arjun and knew Aaryaman b4 cause both went to same sculpture art school.

Bhubaneswar’s cold wind came inside her room through her window. She got up and stood nr window and thought about Aaryaman.

Whereas downstairs everyone did all the things really fast by 11:45 everything was done . Everyone sighed a heavy relief. Cake decorations gifts everything was done only b’day girl was supposed be brought down. While upstairs rossy listened some foot steps and quickly went and hide herself from head to toe in her comforters.

It was 11: 50 Aaryaman was given the task to bring her down. Aaryaman entered her room and worked Rossy up. She was all confuse who was he whether aru or Aaryu . Aaryaman quickly blind folded her and said not to make any noise and to move down quickly with him.

At down stairs rossy came down with Aaryaman he opened the blindfold. Rossy was all surprised to see the decorations and specially her photo . The hall was beautifully decorated with her fav color flowers.

She snapped her eyes to the voices where her whole family was singing birthday song to her. Everyone gave her gifts. Now it was Aaryaman’s turn. He quickly went on his legs and took out a blue sapphire ring with diamonds studded forming petals. He said,” Will you be my life partner Gulabo.” To this rossy piked her tounge out. He smiled and continued U don’t know when I fell for you
But today I recognised what you are for me when I listened uncle aunty talking about marriage proposal for you. I realised I can’t see any one else claiming you as their. I love you to the end” . Everyone clapped rossy was in tears. She nodded in affirmative and said this was the best surprise in life.After that they lived happily ever after.😍😘😘😘😘😘
To dear rossy di sorry for the morning message , I mistook it as that your birthday was yesterday but today I compensated it. Love you di hope you liked it . May you have a brightening year ahead and you achieve what you want to become 😘😊😊😊💓💓💓💓🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰

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