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“”A DREAM”” (SWASAN SS by Kakali) part 16

Hii ev1,, here m with d 16th part..
Thnk u all for ur amazing response on previous parts.. thnk u to all silent readers also..once again sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors.. :0 😀

Guyzz story has come to an end… just 3 more episodes to go….. sooo silent readers plz comment… n sorry this chappy will b short… but next one will b okk… !!!


So Let’s go inside d DREAM,,,

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Recap-Sansakr slapped Swara….

Here we gooooo,,,,,

After three days :::: At air port,,,,,,

“Omggg Luckyyy !!! Stop yarrr !! How much u’ll Cryyyy…. ??” Says Swara wiping his tears with her fav hanky !!!

“Swaraaa !!.. Swa.raaa. why Papa doing this? I dun want to go there !!! (Cries more loudly)”

“Luckyy bass kar yarr,, how much will u cry? I already wasted 2 blankets ….. now plz stop n haaaa Waise one thing u forgot”….

“Kyaaaaaa¿”(still sobbing)

“Hmmmm woooo Bee !!!! U going to her country naa ¿¿ soo think …. Think u can meet her ,, u can see her,, u can talk with her,, u can pull her hairs too …. Thnk all this hippo … just Think…”Says Swara all this in a very dramatic way n pull his nose…..

Huhh n Lucky is Lucky only .he stoped crying in one second …. heat shows in his cheeks n it turns into red… he keeps blushing but doesn’t say anything….

Simin(Hugs him)-Bhai… i’ll miss u…plz come soon… at least before Raksha bandhan… !!! N starts to sobb…..

Lucky hugs her back “Shhh !! Simmu why u crying?shhh !! N waise bhi m not going to settle there … i’ll b back … wo bhiiii with urrrr “BHABHI” n gives a blushing smile…

Swara is watching them with tears… she has many things to share with her Hippo… her best friend… her Lucky…. but she knows life is so damn unpredictable n doesn’t give us what we exactly want….indeed she has accepted this wholeheartedly…..

Lucky-Soo now no more rona dhona… Smile okkk… !!! N Shona (turns to her) sees her in deep thinking with tear filled eyes….

“Shona u okkk naa !!?!! ”

Before he could complete Swara comes n hugs him tightly “Lucky !!! I WILL MISS U… I WILL MISS U LOTTT… PLZZ TAKE CARE OF URSELF…. …. ” n cries….

Lucky is soo shocked seeing Swara like this for d very 1st time in his life…. coz she knows her since they were in 4th standard….. they r best friend….. n he knows her very well…. but today HIS KOALA,, HIS BEST FRIEND IS NOT SAME .she seems somehow broken.. “Shhhh Shhhh !!! Shonaaa !!! (Rubs her hair to console her) Shhh !!! Dun cry yaar… if u’ll cry how will i able to go,,, U know na i can’t see u crying…. !!!!” His eyes also starts to yelled up…..

Swara hugs him more tightly n whispers “WILL MISS U HIPPO…,,,”

Lucky sence d situation is going in a wrong way soo wipes his tears n tries to divert her mind “Waisee Shona… u r saying me good bye as if M NOT U R GOING SOMEWHERE LEAVING US… !!! (Breaks d hug n looks with widend eyes) ommggg don’t tell me u r going to elope with ur Sanskuuuu…..”says n giggles….

Swara fumbles n avoid eye contact “No noo…,, i was just saying …… ” (Lucky Cuts her)

Lucky-Shonaa what happen? R u okkk?? Is anything wrong?(in a concern tone looking her still sobbing(

Swara looks at him painfully n says “NO HIPPO,, NOTHING!!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME…. m fine ….

Aur haaa “Take care of urself,, don’t eat much …otherwise think what will Bee say… !!! ”

“Luckyyy !! Come it’s time for flight… ,, ” says his Father…

“Haa Papa coming…” says he side hugs Simin”Simmu take care of urself n Shona tooo… ”

Swara again cries n hugs n bids a final good byee to her Best friend bcz she doesn’t know if Destiny will ever give her a chance to meet him or not… “LAKSHH GOD BLESS U… ALWAYS BE HAPPY !… BYEEEE… !!!

Lucky-unwantedly bids Byeeee… n goes to his parents ……

Simin’s POV ::::

When Bhai went ,i notice Swara…!! The way she talked with us today, is different…. she is behaving odd with me ,Swayam n ev1 from 3-4 days… hope she is well…. !!!

Then i wanted to talk but she gave me a lame excuse n left d place… my heart says to stop her n ask what’s wrong.?… Soo went behind her… Before i could meet her she hired a Texi n went towards a different direction which is exactly opposite to her house….

“Taxiii,,, follow that car” i took a taxi n follow Swara…

My heart almost stopped beating seeing Swara going towards hospital…. i paid d driver n went to her direction ….after that what i heard made me freeze at spot….this is just can’t happen… !!!!!!!!

POV ends :::::

Swara-Doctor Hemanshii,, may i come in?

—-:—-Dr.Hemanshi Mehra- Swara’s family doctor n school friend of Janki. !!! Knows Swara well..,,, she is d 1st one who get to know about her disease…. tried to talked about it to her friend Jankii.. but Swara made her promise not to inform it to her Family “… —-:—-

Dr.H-Swara !! U here .. at this time.. ? Everything okk.. !! I mean u okk naa ?

Swara-Doctor… !! Now m perfectly fine… but can u tell me till how long??

Dr H.-Swara u still have hope… u can recover…. !!!

Swara-How many days i have more?? (With a chocked voice)

Dr.H-Swara try an understand… u can’t risk ur life… after one week we need to do ur operation any how… !!!! Then u will b fine… u have hope …. u still have 30% chances to recover…. !!! U just need to make urself strong…. !!

Swara (blankly)-No Dr.Hemanshiii ,,, now it’s late … it’s tooo late… n i have no HOPE (Someone cuts her)

“Shonaaaaa !!! ” says with trembling voice… !!!

Swara turns around n shocked to see Simin standing at door n listening their conversation…..

“Simmmu U here !!!! “Asks Swara n fumbles

Simin Comes near Swara n hugs her “Shona!! What’s all this? How it happened,?
Shonaaa (cups her cheeks) tell me god damn it.. !!!
Why u hide it from us?”asks n Cries bitterly

Simin( to Doctor)-Dr.. Swara is fine na? Anything serious?

Doctor.H nods her head in a no “Noo, Swara is not fine… She has.. . . . . . Shh.he haa.sss A hole in her lunges…. n (fumbles)

“N What Doctor ¿¿” asks Simin holding her breath….

Tears roll dowm from Swara’s chubby cheeks but she wipes it n says smiliny “N I HAVE LESS TIME TO SURVIVE”…

Simin is not at all in sense to move…. it’s like a big thunder storm make her froze at place…….!!!

Dr.H -Noo it’s not true !!!! U can survive!! U just need will power…. !!!

Simin whispers “Will power?”

Dr. H- Yes,, she can survive… !! just need an operation.. but she has left all d hope ….. it’s like she has no will to survive….
Soo we can’t operate her… !!! As we doctor can’t do anything if d patient itself no will to live…. !!! Treatment will not work on her body…sooo ”

Simin looks on shocked ……
“Dr.Hemanshi can we talk for sometime alone” Asks Simin looking at Swara with furious eyes….. !!!

As soon as doctor left d place Simin drages Swara n make her sit “Shonaa !! What’s wrong with u? Do u even know what u doing? Why r u doing this?”

Swara again stands up n walks few steps “U know Simmu,, when i got to know about my disease,, i was heart broken,,,
I never imagined God can punish me like this… !!!”

“Punishhhh!!! For what Shona?”

Swara takes a deep breath n narrates her everything … When she born how so called father disowned her…
How he make her realize that she is a curse to ev1…
she says Simin everything from start to 3 day’s before incident
…… !!!!

N after hearing all this Simin hugs her n cried endlessly…

“Shonaa !!! Why u didn’t share it with me.. ?
Why u bear this?
N this Sanskar !!! Now i just hate him !!!
How dare he slap u without listening d full conversation…. !!! I hate him”…

“Simmu fault was not only his… !!! Infect it was mine also… !!!”

“Shona still u thinking about him??”

“Noo Simmu,, m not defending him… !!! It’s just i know him…!! I can understand himm!! That day he slapped me bcz he was rit at his place… !!! He feels n knows that he has RIGHT to scold me as a friend….

(*Guyzz u all must b hating Sanskar for his last part behaviour… !!! But u all know ev1 is not same !!! Soo he is !!

That time Sanskar’s state of mind was something else.
1.He was confused regarding his feelings…
2.he was frustrated due to SwaSwa closeness.
3.Then u know he is soo short tempered..
4.Overhears SwaSwa convo that to half as it’s he himself confuse n thinks that both r willingly doing that…
5.his most week poing his papa !!!So Sanskar hears saying Swara ” its better not to have a father”…
6.he has no idea about Swara’s parents… (i said it in previous part when SWASAN 1st did friendship)
sooo as a result he couldn’t take that all situations together n slapped Swara,,,
it was mainly for saying for Swara herself orphen…as he can understand how it feels being fatherless..

Hope u all guyz understand his Situation*)

Swara continues “But when he said he like Nia,, i was feeling like kiling myself… i was happy too as he is getting what he want…but n u know what he HATEs me n doesn’t want to see my face…

N then again my Papa… !! He also said me d same thing !!!then i totally gave up…now i can’t..I JUST CAN’T ..” Says n wips her tears of eye corner…..

Swara’s talk make Simin like a statue… who can’t move n only tears r rolling down… but she composes herself …

“Shona u need to be strong,, u can’t fall weak .. u r my strong N brave Shona naa” Says Simin holding her tears acting to be strong in front of Swara…

“No Simmu !!! I can’t act anymore.. i m really tired of all this.. tired to act as brave.. now i want to sleep.. i want to meet my mom,, i wanna sleep in her lap..” Swara says staring blankly at sky.. not even showing a single drop of tears..seems she is actually tired,, needs a peaceful n good sleep where no one is to disturb her,, where no one is to break her beautiful DREAMS..

Swara wipes Simin’s tears n says “Simmu,, u know life is so unpredictable,, we don’t get what we want.. specially TRUE LOVE ….
Life always doesn’t give us proper time to fulfil our DREAMS…. !!!

But u get it Simmu… !!! Swayam loves u. !!! TRULY…i can see it in his eyes… !!! N u r blessed to get it… !!!….

After 2 days at college::::

Sanskar’s POV:::::

It’s been 5 days that incident happened… !!! When i slapped Swara !!! N it’s been also 5 days i have seen her once!!!
After that day She has stopped coming college… !!! I don’t know why m feeling like something is wrong… !!!
Why m feeling restless… like something is going to happen… !!!
God just nothing goes with MY SHONA !!!

Sanskar widens his eyes n says “What i said MY SHONA !!!! (*buddhu prasad finally realizes)

Precap- Sanskar-Don’t u dare to utter a single word from ur bl**dy mouth for my Swara !!

Other Person-U love her…

Sanskar-Yes,, i love my Shona… !!!(with a furious tone)

Swara- Sanskar,, i’ll always love u…!!


Phewwwww !!! Done with d boring part.. !!! Spare me for this part.. i dun knkw what i have written… hehhh now a days it always happen with me.. !!!!

Guyzz i want to say something .. actually wanna apologize to all d writers… !!! As m not being able to read n comment… !!! Hope u all understand my problem.. !!! Extremely sorry for that…

Thnk u sooo much for reading…
God bless u all <3 <3…

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