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A desire of star to get moon (summary) (angel_pari is back) ”ek duje ke vaaste”

A desire of star to get moon
”summary of 15 episodes till now”

The story a desire of star to get moon is based on a love life of sharvan and suman and the pranks that destiny play with them… Sharvan who is well known musician he have some incredible magic in his voice that makes everyone fall for him, beyond that he never wanted to get involved in music but the turns and folds that destiny bring in our lives no one can win over those.. Can one??.. Just like that music which was hated by him turned into a only thing that provides him peace…..
And Suman is a doctor by proffesion who had been living in paris with her sister and father since 10 years, after her mom died in car accident in india they left india and slowly slowly she removes all the memories related to india..but who knew that after 10 years she will be back again to india and some new pages of her life will get turned…


The day suman came to india she meet with a collegue in her hospital VIHAAN who has quite calm and cool personality and flirt is what he is master at, in very short time suman and vihaan developed the beautiful bond of friendship between them..and from vihaan she got much info about the rockstar sharvan with whom she always feel some special connection from the day she step in india and with a passage of time she fall for him…at other side sharvan had also being engrossed in his childhood memories.. The memories of a girl..
Finally sharman meet when one night suman was leaving for home from hospital she saw some goons teasing a girl and when she tried to help her she herself got surrounded by goons and then both girls were saved by vihaan…the girl heartily thank vihaan and suman and invite them to her home..THE girl was revealed to be the sister of sharvan ”shanaya” for whom vihaan had started falling at first sight…
That night some party was going on and there at first shight sharvan recognize that sumo is the only girl whose memories he has kept saftely from years but sumo failed to recall that what connection she has with him..
They hv quite well time at party, they dance as well and those pics were the headlines of morning news papers..so teasingly vihaan said to suman seeing newspaper that sharman are in headlines and the word sharman.she recall that she hv read that word in her childhood dairy so she go ahead to turn the pages of diary that she might came to knew that what connection she hv with sharvan…
And when she read that dairy her whole past was in front of her and she recall that sharvan is none other than her childhood bestie/classmate with whom she shares a very special bond and also some precious moments of their childhood were revealed…
After reading that dairy she went to the park near school her favourite place where she found sharvan and that night was the end of all complaints and guilts and the new begining for sharman……sharman are together now with stupid and silly fights still on they can never end…. And then one day sharvan also reavealed that how he became rockstar offcourse in school days he was bookwarm but when suman left him he found her in music as his music was loved by her from the begining.. So like that sharvan travelled the journey from bookworm to rockstar…….
Other side vihaan and shanaya had also some feelings for eachother but had not confess yet…like sharman they had also not confessed it yet though its crystal clear for sharman that they love each other……

How the story of vihaan and shanaya will progress?????
Will sharman be together now forever or still destiny has to play some pranks????

To know stay tuned to regular updates on every alternative days from this monday….

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