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A desire of star to get moon (LAST EPISODE) ”ek duje ke vaaste”

Hey guyz!!! Ik u all must be suprised seeing last episode with tittle plus u guys are not done reading pre part as well so its ok take ur time… and Yeah its last and final epi of ‘a desire of star to get moon’ i know yesterday i said that i,ll end in 30 epis but things never go like i want…….

So what happend that my friends decided that before our classes start that will be on 15dec i think… lets go out for week or two to enjoy…and if i,m with my frnds i really cant write they will never let me..and i dont wana pause this again so will make this last one sorryyyyy…… And yeah this is gona be hell long as i hv to complete my story in one epi and then a thanku note so read when u hv enough time than let me know ur veiws…take ur time no need to hurry…. So here i begin….


Last episode…..

Suman,s pov

ahhhh!!! It has been around two weeks that we ‘sharvan and i’ hv not spent time together…. There was lot of work of shanaya and vihaans wedding yeah they got married two days ago… Finally they are together forever now and enjoying their time in paris…..and now its time for other couple to unite that is……. “tring tring” here my phone rang….


”hello! Suman mam! All preps are done as u said..still U can check if u want to”

”ahh!! No i,ll reach there at 9pm sharp…hope i,ll get everything perfect”

”for sure!!”

i cutted the call and breathe out!!!…. And made an other call…

“hey sharvan wasup!”

and from other side his husky voice reached at my ear..

” nothing much.. was Thinking about u” and i could hear his giggle..

“ahhhhh!!! Good than meet me tonight at 9pm”

”i,m soo sorry i cant!! i hv an imp meeting at that time”

” idk anything! U r coming and thats it!”

”ok baba! But where???”

”will text u”


ok sumo show time now….today i,ll confess my feelings to sharvan….


at night,,,,

i stepped in venue its a pretty lawn and its decorations are just perfect as i wanted and my looks also look perfect like i,m wearing a pink gown that is falling on ground from back with full sleeves.and my hairs being set in messy bun.but that high heels..uhhhhh!! I,m not habitual of high heels but that mr tall sharvan! What i hv to say him today, for that i hv to look directly into his eyes and for that i need heels offcourse he has got great height… Ok i had cruse his height enough now lets move on to look at preparations…but as i stepped damn!!!!! This gown came beneath my heel and i,m gonna fall for sure..but no suddenly a hand holded my hand and i felt other hand at my shoulder..THANK GOD!! But who it can be?? And as i looked at my side my eyes met with deep brown eyes of him that was showing a care at a moment ” carefull! ”

and somehow i managed to get my balance back and to stand……

There was silence a deep silence and i just looked at him with a smile….

His charm is at peak as always.. That white tee with black blazer go perfect..nd so does his hairs!!! Perfect!!!..
As he stepped towards me i so wanted to step back but no!! This time i just stood looking into his eyes and now those eye are close enough as his hand got a grip on my waist… And my heart is beating fast his that much closness made me nervous…closer..more closer and my eyes got closed as i could scense his warm breath at my ear and then his voice” do u want to kill me today.. U r looking beautifull!!!” saying this he get apart at once and move on to look at preparations ”and this all is wowww!!” he exclaimed with joy…
And i took a deep breath and as again i took a step towards him my gown mess with heels… ‘y r u being so dumb today sumo!’ i accused myself….and got his cool gesture…. He came back to me and knee down taking off my sandals.and stand back to take off his own shoes as well. I could not make out what he did.”listen we are not walking on thorns..if u r not comfortable we will walk like this” he said and that played a wide smile over face…”sharvan!! But now how will i reach till u..y r u so tall” i teased him..
“ahh that thing!! I hv a better way”as he said and i asked ”and what is that way”
and in respond he lifted me up my arms wrapped over his neck ”now okay?”.. I didnot got anything to say but ”I LOVE U” as those words reach at his ears a smooth melody filled the air as i hv planned and there start a snowfall with rose petals..he looked at the change of environment He was shock at first as it was sudden but then his face reflected never ending happiness ”I LOVE U TOO” he said and landed me on his feet and touched his forehead with mine….
That moment was of pure bliss..we confessed our feelings.as every relationship demands confession but in ours confession was not nessecity but a formality coz when ur heart and souls are connected these things are not of that much of importance…..
That moment we both wanted to stay like that in embrace of each other..but to stay in that position for whole night would be awkawrd..no?.. so we got apart…. And as he holded my hand we move towrds the table that was hidden in white curtains as we got into those curtain there was not that much light as i wanted but the smooth light of candels only……..
Things are going as i wanted just perfectly…we had a dinner together and talked about lot of things…. But then he excused himself and went out of that dinning area…and as soon as i heard his guitar tones i also went out and there he is standing with guitar…..his voice was the only need of time…and he started..

Mn baarish ho jaaunga
Tum baadal ho jaaogi
Dekh lena.. dekh lena.

He walked towards me
and knee down before me

Itna tumko chaahunga
Tum paagal ho jaaogi
Dekh lena.. dekh lena..

On standing again he holded my hand and placed a kiss

Kehta hai sunn, yeh dhoop kinara
Tera hua, main saara ka saara

his other hand wrapped around my waist and i kept my hand other hand at his shoulder..and danced slowly

Dekh lena, tere honthon pe hamesha
Main hansta hi rahunga dekh lena.. Dekh lena..

He spinned me and again pull close to him

bheegi jo teri aankhen
Aankhon se main bahunga dekh lena..

I looked into his eyes there was not a certainity but a hope that there will be a future full of happiness and love

Hmm.. Dil toh hai har seene mein
Hai pyaar lekin mujhme
Sabse zyada dekh lena Mmm..apni lakeeron mein
Main likh lungi khud hi tumko
Hai mera vaada dekh lena

i moved and as he pulled me my back falled at his chest..and he lifted me on his palms

Kehta hai sunn, yeh dhoop kinara
Tera hua, main saara ka saara
Dekh lena tere honthon pe hamesha
Main hansta hi rahunga dekh lena… Dekh lena..

My head is resting at his shoulder and we closed our eyes to feel that moment..the moment where we hv hold eachother close enough.

bheegi jo teri aankhen
Aankhon se main bahunga dekh lena…

2 years later

Sharvan,s pov..
Sky looks so beautiful in nights those stars that moon……moon (her face flashes before him) she was also like a moon, bright moon and i,m so called star of the age but world dont know that i hv got my shine from her…like star desire for moon to get shine… It was also my desire to get her…but that desire………….
From here stars look so close to each other and bright but if one will look at them from close they are alone at their place miles apart from others… I,m also like that i appear as a celeb surrounded by million peoples who love me but if one will look at me from close they will get to know how much lonely i,m without her……
I moved my eyes from sky to ground where traffic is moving, everyone is busy in themselve that make me realize that life never stops it keeps moving on….
As I turned back into my room from balcony every wall of my room hang our pics.. There are also pics of that night when our soles unite and i hold her closest to me..but that night only she left me as well…our story was just perfect but the perfect stories have not an perfect ending….


as sharman get out of venue..sumo insisted for a walk..so they left the car and start walking…
On their way roads were completely empty…that moment was itself beautiful without any talks there was silence enough to play its magic…..but suddenly sumo pulled sharvan she wrapped her arms over his neck and placed her lips over his (sorry.if anyone is not comfortable with this) both were in that position only lost in each other in a mid road when car hits them..and they fall apart from each other..both are drenched in blood..perhaps taking their last breathes and all they want is to hold hand of eachother..but cant help it and at last their souls leaves their bodies and unite forever……

Flash back ends

sharvan,s pov continues
i wish i also had not survive..what i do now with this life.. I,m a body without soul..as that day my soul left my body.but a single thought is yet enough for me…. That is the world in which i exist she is far away from me but the world that exist in me that is built up of my thoughts and dreams ”SHE IS ALIVE TILL I,M ALIVE”


ok so here it ended i hope that it was upto expectation and u guyzz are satisify with ending but if not than i,m really sorry but this story was never meant to hv a perfect ending……… And now a big thankuuuuuuuuu to all of u my writings are not that much good but yet i try my best to put some charm in it and give u all some good stuff to read and offcourse u guys has always appreciated….that means alotttttttttttttt…. Thanku every silent reader that u guyzz take out time to read this and thanku to those who keep commenting or dm me their veiws to support me……..
And yeah i wana thanku all for another thing as well if i hv not share my results with u all than telling now that i hv passed my entrance being in top 5! see ur prayers and wishes played a great part sooooo thanku all for all the wishes i,m blessed to hv u all in my life TU has become a part of life now…..ok thats all i hv talked alot so its bye from pari just as a so called writer for some time i might not write any ff but os/ts for sure if i feel to write something but i,ll be here only to read and comment on ur posts….coz these days i enjoy reading alot morever u guyzzz can suggest me some good books recently i read fault in our stars and that was beautiful story… suggest me more if u can coz before i take up my heavy medical books i wana read some good stories…….

Ok enough of my blabbering

take care all

and once again thanku all

loads of love

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