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A desire of star to get moon epi 16 ”ek duje ke vaaste”

Epi 16

recap:sharman were in sumans room recalling their childhood memories when they felt that something is burning,sharvan rushed out of room…….


Other side someone knocks at vihaans cabin….

Epi starts

vihaan recognize that voice without looking up and his smile was the sign of that thing.. ”Vihaannn” the word fall at his ears followed by tinkle of bangles as a hand grab his file.. His eyes following the direction of file finally reaches at a girl in front of him…. A girl in white western dress with high heels and curly hairs with a slight make up that enhances her beauty..

”Aliya!!!” vihaan exclaimed with a smirk on his face and let himself to rest on the back of chair….

”ohhhhh!!! I,m glad atleast u remember my name” she replied throwing file at him and ahead to leave…

Just then vihaan hold her hand from back and she turns

”ok ok i,m sorry yar..y r u behaving like a wild cat… From a year u was in london ok u left the place morever u left ur bestie ‘me’ so u hv no rite to show attitude ok”

”yeah and what about that i,m calling u from last night as soon as i reached here” she replied with a pout….

“awww” vihaan uttered and pulled her towards himself to share a friendly hug…

And that hug was all that shanaya saw and leaves without meeting him…

Shanaya,s pov

i entered my room with a bang at door..there are strange emotions emerging inside me..and tears are flowing from my eyes though i continuosly wipe those… Y i,m feeling so disturb by this i know very well that vihaan is like that only then why i,m feeling so insecure seeing him close to someone????
Is this love???? Ahhhh!!! No shanaya u cant fall for a guy who hold a new hand everyday.. He is the best freind one can hv but as a life patner.. No!!!!
Ahhhhh i dont know whats happening some times its too hard to know my feelings…i just cant understand myself!!!!!
I sat at a bed with a thud and huged my teddy being my best frnd my great teddy hear everything quitely…
And now these flashes ahhh! Every moment that i hv spent with vihaan is flashing before my eyes…our first meet/his innocent smile/his eyes and this smile that has appeared on my face remembering him…. Is this the sign of love??????
Yeah i do…. I do love him but does he alsoo????
No it doesnt seem so……
I hugged my teddy tightly and place my chin over its soft head as i put pause on the flow of thoughts in my mind….
Pov ends

sharvan rushed out of the room into kitchen and suman followed him…
Smoke appears to come from oven..and in hurry sharvan tried to take out that hot bowl and his hand got burnt.and as his scream echos suman rushed to him ‘r u mad??’ as she finally got a chance to respond to situation coz before she was trying to make out what sharvan is doing…..
She take sharvan at a side and turned the switch off and then pulled him towards the fridge and put ice pack on his hand ”ahhhh” again his scream shook her and she feels sad seeing him in pain..”sharvan stop screaming like a child and hold this ice pack i,ll bring ointment from room” she went and came in a second.. And starts applying ointment by the time sharvan was feeling less pain this may be coz of ointment or coz of the veiw in front of him..his sumo at whom he wana look whole life…
Sharvan,s pov

every single moment its u who dewll in my heart..the sweetness that is in my life its just coz of u…every day of mine starts with ur face though not in reality but if it is in dreams thats enough yet… And like that my every night is full of ur memories.. i dont know i just dont when i filled u in myself like that but now ur fragnance is what i smell around me…plzzzz be with me sumo..just be infront of my eyes for the rest of life…….
His pov was interupt by suman when she notice him while applying ointment that sharvan is staring at him
”stop staring at me sharvan” she said and finished her work…
“i was not staring at u anyway ” ” but thanku for this” he said looking at his hand…
“yeah now tell me what was need to put steel bowl in oven!!! Mr rockstar u dont hv sense at all” she said naughtly…
“listen u should thank me i was trying to make something for u and u!!”
he pouts….
“ahahah!!! Yeah i should thanku for all this” she replied looking around at kitchen…
“actually this is good for u clean this mess i,m leaving” he winks
”hey wait!! Will u manage to drive or should i drop u??”
she asked with concern
‘no i,ll manage its much better’ replied sharvan looking at hand and then smiles…
“ok then will see u”
and he take a leave from there….
sharvan knock at shanaya,s door but found her lost so he quitely sits behind her but still he is unnoticed by her..
“shanaya???” he called her and she came out of his thoughts ”ahhhh bhai when u came??”
”when u was lost somewhere all good?”
‘yeah’ she replies avoiding eye contact with his bro..
”Then y r u avoiding to look in my eyes?? Common tell me remember our deal that we will share every thing with eachother!!” sharvan insisted but still shanaya hesitates…..
Sharvan holds her hand”ok dont think that u r sharing with ur brother think me as ur frnd and then let out everything” he said with smile….
“bhai i think i,m in love…” sharvan get bit tensed coz he didnot want his sister to take any wrong step that in end hurts her coz till now he has protected her from every sorrow and pain but still with much patience he tried to listen her without interuption..
Shanaya continues ”u remember vihaan??? I just dont know how??? But i really love him”
listening the name vihaan sharvan was more tensed coz vihaan have never the impression of responsible guy in his veiw..
Yet calmly ”ok so does he also loves u???” he asked
” i dont know bhai i just dont” and she burst out crying nd now an strange fear has filled sharvan..
And he hugs shanaya placing his hand over her head ”shhhhh!!!! Stop crying u know i cant see u crying”he relase her from hug, wipes her tear and cups her face and then shanya told him what she saw in hospital…..
“she might be his frnd shanaya!!! U know him more than me he is ur frnd…he is like that only” he tries to console her but somewhere he was not satisfied with his sisters choice
”yeah may be” shanaya said
”okk now hv some rest we will talk about it further later” he placed the hand over head and aheads to leave…..
When shanaya hold his hand ”bhai how this happend”
”ahhhh its nothing i,m fine” he said with bit smile as he remembers sumo
‘bhai remember our deal?’ she said..
“ok baba” he sits back ”actually i was at suman,s place so this happen” and he told her everything..
“ok but what u was doing at doctor sumans place?”
she asked confusingly
”shanaya!! She is sumo only” he replied
and she gets really happy that finally his sumo is with him coz she knew their whole story and is also aware of what importance she hv in sharvans heart..
“awwww finally my bhabi is here” she exclaimed with joy
and that word bhabi makes sharvan blushed bit ”awww bhai look at u” she hugged him happily…….
Sharvan hugged her back with smile but soon it faded when he recall vihaan-shanaya thing..

Epi ends….
Soo how was it???? Bit boring??? But next one is going to be blast i assure u that and Would love to hv ur reviews over this sooo let me know plZzzzz….
And avoid typing or grammatical mistake coz i hv not done proofreading…..

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