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A beautifull love story -shivika episode 9

Hii gyez i am soory i am late because some work please comment on my ff and thanks to all who supported me and i request you please all silent reader please comment

Episode 9

Ishana come to omkara room

Ishana : Om om where are you

Om come from bathroom he is in only towel

Ishana shout om and turn other side

Om : Ishana what are you doing here

Ishana : I jus ask you something

Om : What something

Ishana : Vo what i come to ask you

Om : How can i know you come to ask me

Ishana : Om can i turn

Om : Yeah you can

Ishana turn just omkara stand to her she afraid and lost her balance she is fell but she hold omkara shirt and om also fell on her top they have an eyelock ishana broke eyelock And om stand and ishana go from there and blush om also smile

Secne 2

Dadi : Tommorrow is karwa chauth and all ladies of house keep fast … Anika if you want you can also do

Anika : Dadi offcourse i do i am married and i also want my husband live long

Everyone look at her with Like how expression on her face then anika realise what she said

Anika : I mean dadi i also do fast

Pinky : oh my mata my bahu is very inteligent she is like me

Everyone smile shivaay also

In night shivika room

Shivaay : So you keep fast for me

Anika (teasingly) : who said i keep fast for you

Shivaay come close to her

Shivay : now tell you keep fast for me

Anika : No

Shivaay come more closer and repeat his line and anika melt and unknowingly say yes i keep fast for you

Shivaay : Now my beautifull wife accpect this i love you

Anika smile and shy leave from there

In Early morning

Shivaay get up and make sargi for everyone and give to everyone who keep fast

Shivaay give to Anika two

Anika : Why two and one men

Shivay its for me if you keep fast how can i eat

Anika emotionally hug him shivaay also hug her

Karwa chauth

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