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A beautifull love story -shivika episode 14

Hii gyez i think you all not like my this twist so i thought to stop this ff because i am getting so low response from u and i think i should stop this after 2,3 episode if you want than tell me through comment i change track ya i come with something new

Episode 15
Tia : Anika you donot do right i will not leave you i will kill you Anika


Anika : Donot dare to speak a word i am not like 6 year ago Anika Now i am Naina malhotra singh oberoi and donot you dare to do anything

Tia : So Naina malhotra singh oberoi donot think i am going to leave you No way i kill you

Shivaay take tia with him in room and Anika also go behind him … shivaay and tia doesn’t notice this

Shivaay and tia in room and anika start hearing their conversation through window

Tia :Shivaay baby anika do wrong with me why you donot say anything to her …. she come in place of me as bride she marry with you without your knowledge … she is cheap girl .. if someone become rich but that doesnot mean their thinking also change anika is low middle class girl … she is cheap

Shivaay fume in anger and also Anika see shivaay from outside ( shivaay and tia donot know anika hearing their conversation)

Shivaay : shut up tia donot you dare to speak anything againest Anika i love her she is my life and i love her soo much you donot know her heart because you hav not any heart i know First Anika belong to middle class faimly but she is pure .her heart is pure not like you

Anika hear this and she is emotional and tear come from her eyes she. Cant understand why he say this to tia because noone see him and then recall his confession in video that he married to Anika for a revange but she cant understand why he is saying this now because she thought that he donot love her

Tia :shivaay baby what are you saying

Shivaay ; I am saying right i donot what happen that night between us i donot recall anything but i know one thing that i love Anika and i love her so much Noone can take her place in my life and Not you

Shivaay left room in Anger and anika hide behind piller than see Tia

Tia :No shivaay baby i cant let that happen you are mine your money mine i cant let Anika snatch my everything … I do six year ago i will do now

Anika : what she do six year ago i have to find this . All planning is her to trap me

Anika shivaay and all faimly member in hall and then anshi and vihaan also enter .. shivaay get emotional to see Anshi And tear come from his eyes he is a helpless father who doesnot even know that he is a father of a child … He see Anshi eyes is like ahivaay eyes kanji eyes

Shivaay ;: Dadi her eyes Like me

Anika : Shi is also like his father kanji Aankho vali bagad billi

Anshi : Donot call me that and show upset face to her

Anika : aww my baby is upst with me Now you know i meet you someone you used to ask me where is your dad … Now i will make you to meet your dad …

Anika point finger toward shivaay

Anshi : He is my dad

Shivaay: Yes come my baby
Anshi : You know what i miss you so much my frends tease me that i have no father the laugh on me why you not live with us …. why you left us alone every child have father but why my father stay away from me

Shivaay : You know baby sometime some things are not in our hand and we cant control on them but your dad love you so much baby i love you i cant tell how much happy i am today

Shivaay hug anshi shivaay sign to Anika come to hug

Then Anika also hug him and Anshi they have faimly moment

Anika to herself : Billuji truly love me but what about that confession in video he marry me to for revange i have to sole this mystery and that time i have to stay away from him

Amd than she got emotional

Pinky : My kanji aankho vali Grand daughter and hug her
Pinky : i am your dadi
Anshi : No dadi its Granny

Pinky : Okk bilkul shivaay pa gayi hai
Anika ;Yes mom itni tadi dikhati hai na yeh ladki aap pucho mat
Anshi and shivaay : Watch your language

And shivaay is surpries that her daughter also donot like her mom words and he hug her daughter

Rudre :Now Rudy got her little princess now chAchu take you to garden
Anshi : Yes chachu

Omkara : yu want to eat choclate
Anshi: Yes i love this bade baal vale chachu

Anika shivaay in room and anika spy on tia

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