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5th Page Coming Soon – 002 (KRPKAB)

Tanqq Frndzz…LuvDevShi,Little Anu n CuteCat Mio welcomes U to #002..
#002-Intro:Anu:”Teddie..How is Mio now?”(claps with a smile)..
Dev(sees Mio):”More Cute than Us”(smile)…
….What Dev is seeing?!….Epi2

Pre:Sona makes counter attack of fake angry towards the luvly criminal childs Dev,Anu n Anu’s Frnd Crow too…Dev strts waiting for 5th page n for 5pm too..To get a Surprise…


Dev see the 4pages from the Locket..In 4th page, the word”Ur Suspense” is seen..n See the Clock…

Dev(thinks):”Still 3.30 hrs Remaining for getting 5th page”..
Anu:”Teddie..” Sits on Dev’s laps..
Mio climbs on Sofa…n sits on it..
Anu touches Mio’s head softly..Mio cutely close its eyes a sec n open..

Sona comes to The Hall….n see Dev,Anu n Mio watching Tom n Jerry..

Sona:”How I manage tiz 3 Idiots?”(smile)
N switch off the fan..
The crow flies towards Dev n sits on His hands…
Dev:”Welcome,Anu’s Frnd”..
Anu show Chocolate to The Crow..”Kaka..”
Dev turns n see Anu..
Dev:”Anu,He Eats more now..So” takes the chocolate from Anu’s hands n put in mouth…
Anu:”Teddie…”.. punches Dev..
Dev(big eyes) smiles n holds Anu on hands….

Sona sees this too from behind of Dev n Anu..
Sona(smiles)(thinks):”U r So much Spl to Anu,Teddie”..

N She enters the Kitchen Again..
In Hall,
Anu (sees Dev…):”Teddie”..
In TV,Tom hugs Jerry…
Dev:”Operation Mamma strts”..
Anu keeps her fingers on cheek n see Dev(big Eyes)..
Dev:”U”(sees the Crow)..”Me n Angel r Workers”..( seeing Anu)
Anu:”Teddieee..U miss Mio”..
Mio sees Dev like Sad,Depressed one…

Dev:”He is our boss”(seeing Mio)..
Mio(‘s ears slowly makes moves):”Meow”..

At the Same time,In TV,Tom catches Jerry…
Anu acts like She give respect to Mio n smile…

Dev:”Let’s go”…
Dev n The Team enters Dev’s room..
Anu takes a small cap(Its Chef’s!!!) n put on Mio’s head..by putting his ears inside…
Anu:”Teddie.How is Mio now”…
Dev put another chef cap on Anu’s head n himself Too n says”More Cute than Us”..

The Team is walking towards the Kitchen..Mio is running in front..
Sona didn’t see them..Dev takes a Spoon n touch Sona ..
Sona shock n turns..

Lost her steady..Dev holds Sona in hands…
Dev n Sona sees each other….
“Na na nan Nana” (Matargasthi-Tamasha) on BG…
Anu (touches Dev n Sona):”Boss is here”…
Dev n Sona(big eyes seeing Mio,the Crow n touch Ears by Fingers):”Sorry Boss”..

Sona kiss Dev on his left hand’s thumb finger..(Dev’s left hand holds Sona)….

Dev sees the Kiss n smiles..
N kiss on Sona’s hands…

Dev(reminsc.) Sona’s kissing…
Dev(thinks):”Thumb ..5th finger..”..n sees Sona..
Sona(see with LuvlySmile):”What,Dev?”..

Dev:”We r….(Whistles) Cookers now”…
In Sona’s big eyes,
The Chef Team-Dev with Spoon,Anu with Fork,Mio on Front,Crow on Dev’s shoulder….

In Dev’s mind..”Where r U,Fifth Page?”….
In Sona’s mind..”OMG…”

To be Continued…

-DevShi,Anu,Mio,Crow n HarSHaN..

On next..
The Special Cook..
5.00 pm
The Childrens come..A small boy gives a paper to Dev..
Dev(thinks):”Is tiz 5th page?”..
In 5th page The word “Urs …” is seen..
Hi Frndzz,The 5th page meets Us on next..What secret it has?Is Dev catch the Secret?…(Still itz not created,Bt Dev ll get tat first before Us)..

Tanqq frndzz for readingg..n Supporting…Hope U like the DevShi’s family..Kindly write ur thoughts after readingg frndzz..Tanqq Frndzz..Take Care…

#001- http://www.tellyupdates.com/5th-page-coming-soon-001-krpkab/

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