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5th Page Coming Soon – 001 (KRPKAB)

…The Jingle Cartoon…

Sona:” Anu..??U made Teddie a bad child”(seeing Teddie(Dev) with Fake angry)..
Anu’s fingers in her lips(Seeing Sona with her big eyes)…

Characters:Anu-DevShi’s child,DevShi,Mio-Cat n The Crow..

Anu-Cute Child of DevShi…
Anu-PinkTSh,JeanShorts,LightGreen Bangles,A small curved black moon between her eyebrows like her Mamma,Sona…

In Anu’s EyeLight,…
Sona-Like Anu,The Same Cute black moon n WhiteTSh,Pinkish Frock,Mixture of Yellow n Pinkish Bangles with Painting Brush…on right hand..

Anu:”Mamma..Shh..”(showing her little finger on lips)…
Anu:”My friend goes to home if U speak loud,Mamma”..
Sona turns n see Dev…
Starting music of “Guzarish”-Ghajini on BG..
Dev-RedTSh,JeanShorts,LongHair,French Beard…
With Anu’s Frnd,Mio(cat)..
Dev n Mio on Sofa…

In TV,The Lion Opens his mouth(TradeMark Tom n Jerry OpenSecond)…
Dev(without seeing Back):” Angel..R U coming to See Tom n Jerry with Mio or not”….Mio(cat)(turns n see Anu):”Meow” n starts watching TV..
Dev starts watching Tom n Jerry Seriously…(Its Smileyy)
Anu sees Sona n Dev…
Anu:(slow voice):”Teddie!!Mamma..”

Sona:”Dev??”(big eyes)
Mio sees Sona n runs towards Anu n hides behind her..
Dev turns n see Sona n Anu…

Dev(thinks):”Y Anu looks like She is in Fear?”..
N see Sona…like a child..Sona sees Dev(big Eyes)

In TV,Jerry make Attack on Tom’s face….
Dev’s fingers r automatically trying to Switch off TV…
BT Channel changes..
Anu starts laughing..
Sona sees her..Anu again put her fingers on little lips..

Sona:”Dev..Why U r sitting on the compound wall..?”(her face seems Caring with FakeAngry)…(see the LongHeightWall)
Dev:”For meeting Anu’s Frnd,Senorita”…(smile)..
Sona:”Tat crow”(show the Crow near Door..The Crow is eating food)..
Sona:”U r not 5 like Anu,Dev..U r my..”

Dev:”I m Ur…”…(smile)
Sona:”Crow”(changing talk n smile)..
(Again):”U r not Anu,Dev..”(smile)…..

Dev(reminsc. Sona’s saying):”U r not Anu,Dev..”

Dev:”Yurekaa..I m now Archimedes”(smiles)..
Taking 4papers from a locket..
Anu comes towards n see Dev…

Dev(thinks):”I hav 4 pages now..”..
Seeing 4th page….
In the page word “TheSuspense” is seen…
“The Surprise ll come Today”..
Anu:” Teddie!!”
Dev holds,Anu’s little fingers n said”Dance with Me,Nilave(Moon)” n make Anu spin..Anu smiles..
Mio(cat) too circles Anu..
In Dev’s eyes,The wall clock time Shows….

Dev:” Cutie..When Ur Frndzz r coming?”…
Dev(thinks):”5th page is coming as a Surprise to me..Welcome”……

To be Continued…..

(On next..)
What secret about these pages,The news of the Pages,Is tiz Dev’s surprise…?All r on Soon in the next..
A small boy gives a paper to Dev..
Dev thinks “Is it 5th page?”….
Sona kisses the Left Thumb finger of Dev..n smiles..
Dev sees Sona with smile of him n pink paint on nose too…

Hope U like Tiz frndzz..n I think the Epi is Simple..Kindly write ur thoughts after readingg frndzz..If U feel the Epi is complex,Feel free to Say..Tanqq Frndzz..

Don’t miss the previous intro.. Anu,Dev with Jump,Sona with painting….

Take Care Frndzz…

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