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3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-9)

Hey guys moni is here. I am so sorry i know u people are angry on me but i cannot upload the ff because i lost my grandma. I love her a lot & i am missing her. I know it is awkward but i want come out from that tragedy so in order to make up my mind today finally i am continuing my ff. So shall we start now.

I hope u guys will understand & support me. Thanks for your valuable comments.


Recap in short

Ragsan’s engagement, swara’s kidnap , her escape from there.

Flashback is going on. All are waiting at ragini’s house for house. But sanskaar’s parents are not seen. Ragini & aaru are tensed about swara. Police also will be seen waiting for her.

Then after sometime swara came to home. She is in such a poor state with pale face, improper hair. She is so dull but with full of anger in her eyes. By seeing her rags & aaru will come to her & hugs her tight. Swara also hugs them & cries hard.

Sanskaar is happy seeing her. He come to her to talk to her but she stops him by showing hand.

Swara: No sanskaar maheshwari don’t u dare come to me.

Sanskaar, ragini & aaru are hell shocked.

Ragini: Swara what happened to you? Why are you talking with sanskaar like that?

Swara: Because he deserves it di. First tell him to get lost from here.

Aaru : Di please tell us what happened? Y are u like this? Who kidnapped u? And y are u saying jiju to leave.

Swara : Aaru u don’t know anything. He is the reason for today what we are. Just ask him to leave.

Ragini: But swara…

Swara gets angry & she holds his collar & pushes him out of the house. She says ” never ever meet my di & us in my life go to hell.” She closes the door.

Flash back ends.

Sanskaar stops saying & both laksh & aryan are shocked listening this.

Laksh was confused about whole story & thinks what happened that day which leads swara hates sanskaar a lot.

Aryan: Bhai what happened after that. Who kidnapped swara?

Sanskaar : Don’t know aryan i tried so many times to talk to ragini & aaru but they never said anything & ragini is not even talking to me.

Laksh : But bhai we can see that ragini bhabi is still loving u.

Sanskaar : I know lucky she loves me more than me. But y swara told that i am a murderer i have to know about it.

Laksh: Don’t know how she is now.

Sanskaar & aryan are shocked by his word.

Aryan: Lucky bhai do u know her before?

Lucky: No but i just met her today.

Aryan: Bhai i promise me & lucky bhai will surely try to know the reason behind swara’s hatred towards u. There is one person who will tell us the truth.

Lucky: Who is it aryan ?

Aryan: Is there one. But very tough to handle. They will have a trio hug.

Here ragini’s house.

Swara is still in unconscious state. Ragini will take aaru out of her room.

Ragini: Aaru i am warning u for the last time. Next time ever u won’t talk rudely to swara. See her state. U know if she get tensed she can go to truama.

Aaru: I am sorry di but today today fault is swara di’s. She is not even trying to understand ur situation. It is wrong with u right.

Ragini : No aaru for me my life is not important. The thing which hurt my sis is not mine forever. Even if it is sanskaar.

Aaru: Stop this nonsense di. I love u both. U can’t sacrifice ur happiness for us. I will never let u do this. No matter what swara di have to face the truth that u love jiju.

Ragini: Enough aaru i will not spare u if any thing happened to swara. Be careful.

She leaves from there. Aaru is hurt but she calms down. She then thinks ” sorry di. But i want to see ur happiness. I promise i will never hurt swara di but also u. I will set everything. But it is difficult to handle. ”

Screen ends on showing decided faces of both aara.


Two cars will be seen coming & stops in an isolated area in opposite directions. From one car one boy will be seen getting down wearing cool glasses & in another car one girl will be seen getting down wearing cool suit.

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