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3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-10)

Hello guys i am back with ur fav ff. Thank u all for your response guys. U all have supported me very much guys thanks again for understanding my situation. So lets start now.



Half reveal of flash back. Aaru & aryan decides to help ragini & Sanskaar to get them together.

Today’s episode

Screen starts with showing aryan & laksh playing tennis in their garden.

Laksh: Aryan have u seen bhai?

Aryan: Ha bhai i saw him leaving early today to office.

Laksh: Don’t know when bhai will get fine. I am worried for him.

Aryan: Don’t worry bhai we are there na. I have a plan from that way we can get some clue regarding past.

Laksh: What was that?

Aryan : No bhai until it gets successful i cannot tell u.

Here again shows ragini in her house getting ready to go office. She thinks ” y god y r u doing this to me? I can’t lose either swara or sanskaar. I have to know what happened exactly on that day but for that i cannot ask swara because her health condition is not such good. How can i solve this alone?

Then one person enters her room & says “u are not alone i am with u”.

She turns back to see who is he. He is aryan.

Ragz : Aryan….

Aryan : Ha bhabi your devar aryan will be with u to solve this problem.

Then aaru enters.

Aaru: Not only aryan i am also with u di.

Aryan: Yes our 2 feet dinosaur also will be with us.

Aaru: Shut up u duffer.

Ragz : Aaru what is this?

Aaru: Sorry for our fight di. But we have decided to find true.

Then fb shows.

Aryan & aaru meets each other at a place.

Aryan : i need to talk to u.

Aaru : of course me too.

Aryan : i want to know truth for my brother & prove him innocent.

Aaru: I want to know truth to find real culprits of my parents death.

Aryan: For this we have to be together.

Aaru: But only for few days.

Then they both together says “this is only for love”

They stops & shares an eyelock. A soft music plays in bg.

Aaru: I mean for di & jiju’s love.

Aryan: Yes i meant same.

They both shakes hand.

Fb ends.

Ragini: but how?

Aryan : dnt know bhabi but for that once we should talk to swara.

Ragini : no its risky i will not allow this.

Aaru: please di just we will try once if we fails we will stop this. Atleast for jiju.

Ragz : ok fine i will try.

They all goes to swara’s room. There swara will be seen sitting near window holding a photo frame of swara, ragini & aaru. She is looking deeply into it.

Ragini goes in & aara will stops out.

Ragini: Shona…

Swara: ha di please come.

Ragini: are u okay? She hugs her.

Swara: ha di i am fine. And i am sorry for the last night. Every thing is spoiled because of me.

Ragini : no shona nothing is important to me than u….

Swara: is sanskaar also not important to u?

Ragini stops saying & got tears from her eyes.

Swara: I am sorry di. I don’t want to see you hurt. I don’t know that u r still loving him.

Ragini stands in silent.

Swara: i know i did mistake by slapping him. But what to do di after all he is the reason for our parents death. So i cannot control my anger. Aaru is right i am getting selfish.

Ragini : No swara dnt say that. Aaru loves u a lot she is a kid. Don’t take her words seriously.

Here aaru cries by hearing swara.

Aaru: di i love u too. Sorry to hurt u by my words.

Aryan holds her hand & says ” dnt cry every thing will be fine”.

Swara: i love her too di. But just i don’twant to see him again.

Ragini : Swara can i ask u something?

Swara : Ha di please tell me.

Ragini : What happened on that day that u hate sanskaar this much?

Swara: I will say di but promise me after knowing truth u will support me.

Ragini : u are my sister shona i will be with u at anytime.

Swara: Di when we got news that our parents are kidnapped i got very tensed. Suddenly one day i got a call from sanskaar’s number.

Swara : Hello jiju did u got any info about my parents?

Caller: Swara i got a clue at the seaport please come urgent i have informed ragini also come soon.

Swara: ok jiju i will be there.

At that time u & aaru are not at home so i thought u two are already left. So i left from there & went to seaport.

After going there i have seen sanskaar standing facing backward. I thought to go to him but suddenly two persons came to me & covered my face & kidnapped me.

The trio ragini, aaru & aryan are shocked.

Swara continues.

They took me to an isolated place fully dark. Then one person enters & sits beside swara. Her face is covered & only she can hear.

Person : Poor swara u have trapped in our plan. The first step is succeeded.

Swara: jiju is that u.

Person: brilliant swara u have remembered me just by my voice. Well done.

Swara: jiju what happened to u? Y u kidnapped me? And where are my parents?

Then one girl enters.

Girl: Your parents are in next room swara.

Swara: Who are u again?

Girl: I am sanskaar’s would be wife.

Swara get shocked by hearing that. Two evil smiles will be heard.

Screen ends on shocked faces of ragini, aaru & aryan.

So guys how is it? Interesting right. I hope u all like it. Please like & comment. Love u all & today’s topic is FRIEND. Who is your closest friend in your life that u can share your every secret without any hesitation. Please dnt forget to share your feelings.

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