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Yrkkh ff- my take on current track

Guys I’m writing for the 1st time hope ull like it
I will be writing from where Karthik proposed Naira and she accepted it

K-I L❤️Ve u Naira I just love u
N- I love u 2 i have always loved u but was scared to tell
K-I was waiting for the right time to tell u and I thought this was the perfect 1 .
I want to ask u if u want to tell the family or not ??,
N- I think let us not tell it will be nice to surprise them !
K – ya ur right

After a while gayu calls them they hug each other and then leave
It’s night time they were very tired all had dinner and then went to their rooms .
Kaira were not getting sleep and that’s y Naira was in Karthiks room .
(Chill guys nothing like …)
Naira was sitting wid her legs crossed and Karthiks head was on her legs they were holding hands and talking .

K-u know Naira when I saw u I thought u were irritating but then slowly slowly I started to develop feelings and then always thought of u !
N- ik Karthik , but I’m worried how will the family react . I don’t want to tell them now I want to give time to u and me
K- chill baby everything will be perfect don’t worry . Let’s go to sleep its late
N- ya challo I’m going they hugged each other and went to sleep and thought of each other only ..

Guys how was it !
Feel free to tell me and pls tell if I should continue or not
Now days I’m free so if u what I can post it regularly .. Pls tell
Waiting for comments

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