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Yrkkh ff- my take on current track (P6)

Hi guys
Sorry last time the ff came wid a lil different name .
Hope ull liked the previous part
Here goes the next 1-

So the next morning Karthik got up and was remembering his love Naira . He got up and got ready , left for office .
In Singhania mansion gayu was sleeping till late as she came late in the night …
Every 1else was awake and 2day Naira got up early .
Naitik-gm Naira beta
N-gm papa
Nai-beta today gayu must be tired can u come to office with me ?
N-but papa what will I do there ?
Nai-beta I thought u would learn something or atleast spend some time with me .
Naira remembered Karthik
N-yes papa I will come , I will get ready in 5mins and then leave .
She went to get ready
Naira in mind -aaj itna accha mauka miss kar deti Karthik se Milne ka
She messaged Karthik -I have a surprise for u….
Karthik saw the message and smiled .
Naira got ready and left with naitik .
They reached office and Naira came with naitik to his Cabin , and there Karthik was in his cabin .(guys I’m not sure if Karthik jas his own cabin but I am adding it in the story )
Nai-Naira just go and get this file from Karthik na , it’s very important
N-yes papa

While exiting she smiled , knocked and entered his cabin .
Karthik thought he was dreaming and turned and saw it was really Naira .
K-Naira u here ? U came chupke Se or what
N-oh hello mister this is my office only and are u not happy to c me or what ?🙄
K-sorry na I thought it was my dream 😴
N- accha it’s ok and btw 2day gayu Di is not Coming so I have come instead of her
K-u shld come everyday yaar…
N-shut up finish ur work and then we will talk .
K-arre yaar I have to ask for holiday on Saturday also .
They were finishing their work
K-arre wah Naira u r tho very fast in work ha .
N-what u thought ha I don’t only do tp
K-accha come let’s tell sir .
They went
K-sir we have finished the work I wanted to ask u something ..
Nai-ha ha Karthik say na
K-sir actually coming back after Switzerland I’m lil tired can I take an off this weekend that is 2m
Nai-ya Karthik even i was thinking of that only u should take an off .
Kaira were happy !!
N-papa I have finished all the work what do i do now ??
Nai-Karthik have u completed ur work??
K-no sir lil is yet left ..
Nai-accha once u are done u can go home or u both can go for lunch .
Kaira we’re delighted
They went back to Karthiks cabin .
K-come lets go fit lunch once I finish
N-ya I am waiting
After a while Karthik finished his work , they told naitik and left .
They reached the restoraunt

Guys that’s it for today ..
Sorry but will give another part 2day
Hope ull liked it

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