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You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 7)

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Chapter 7
Because if you want to keep me, you have got to love me harder !!
Sanskar’s pov
Today was just not the best day for me. First I had to get up early in the morning, then I had this whole fight with swara and then being the idiot that I am, I fell asleep. swara had come looking for me and she had seen me sleeping. Since then she has not been talking to me. All the while when we were at the site she was either with her new friends that she has made or with sahil. He didn’t even glance at me for a second. She didn’t talk. She didn’t respond. She didn’t glance. It was as if she didn’t know me.
On our journey back to Bombay she had preferred sitting with her girl friends. They were gossiping about all most everything and it became impossible to sit there and so I got off. I need to do something to please this girl.
Think something, you a*s.
As I was thinking about all the possible ways to make her mood alright, I got an idea. I searches my pockets for my cell phone and called laksh.


Ragini’s Pov.

It was not as if I was coming to sanskar’s appartment for the first time but there was this awkwardness in the air that troubled me. laksh had suggested that we watch the footballl match that was going on and I had agreed to him. he asked me to sit on the couch while he got us something to eat. as I was searching for the sports section, I found that there was a lawn tennis match going on as well.
I was so engrossed in watching tv that I didn’t notice laksh had already joined me on the couch and he had brought a bowl of popcorn as well.
Laksh : I thought we were going to watch football.
Ragini : well I like tennis more. do you mind ?!!
Laksh : nope. I would be more than happy watching women play in short skirts.
with that he smirked a little. I don’t know why I felt a tinge in my heart. I know that I am attracted to him but you are not supposed to be jealous when its just attraction that you feel.
and then I got an idea. I flipped the channel to where the football match was going on.
Ragini : I think I would also like to watch boys play wearing shorts and showing off their strong and waxed legs.
As soon as I said that, all the colour on his face had gone pale. hahaha, and I did a happy dance in my mind.
Laksh : no we would rather watch tennis.
Ragini : but I want to watch football.
He gave me a determined look and leaned towards me to get the remote from my hand. If a game is what he wants, then that’s exactly what he gets !!
He tried to grab the remote from my hand but I put it over an above my head. He came more closer to me and almost reached the remote but I put it in my shorts pocket and pushed hard at his shoulder as a defensive move. He seem to not expect such a move from me , as he fell down on the couch with a thud. I tried to get up from the couch and run but he caught my hand and pulled hard. I lost my foot balance and fell along with him and smashed on top of his body. My hands were on his chest while my legs were surrounded on either side of his waist.
I started at him and his eyes turned smooth. I could see softness and commitment in them. but were those feelings for me ?!!
Before drifting off in that direction I realised that we were in an awkward position. what is it with him and me getting all intimate always. I got up and forwarded my hand to help him up. as soon as we were on out feet. his cell phone rang.

Swara’s Pov.
Sanskar and me were walking towards his car. I was way too much angry with him but I had no other choice. it was almost midnight and I wouldn’t get a cab at this hour. I had been calling ragini since we reached mumbai but she was just not answering my calls. what is wrong with her ?!!
just as we reached the car. sanskar opened the passenger door for me. I sat in the car and turned back so as to keep my handbag on the backseat.
and I was shocked to see……
on the back seat were hundreds of yellow and red petals strewn all accross,covering every inch of it and a huge card in pink with bold red letters screaming.
Love you, swara.
I knew that his experince with gifts and surprises was minimal but when he put this extra effort to make me feel special. I adored him. cards and flowers were cliche but then he really had thought a lot about it to make me happy and that’s what mattered.
My eyes welled up. I read the card, on which he had written everything he felt about me and I just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.
I lunged out of the car and hugged him.
Swara : Love you sanskar. I just love you so much. this is the sweetest thing you have ever done for me.
Sanskar : so I am forgiven, right ?!!
Swara : yup. anyways how did you do all this ?!!
as soon as I asked this question. I hear two people coughing from the back of the car. I went towards the sound and found ragini and laksh laughing. ohh, so they are the actual masterminds. no wonder she was not answering my calls.
Ragini : So sanskar since we did all this, we deserve a treat.
sanskar : your wish is my command babe. just say what you want.
Laksh : let’s go out.
swara : yeah, that’s a great idea.
Precap : All of them going to pub. sensous dance between swasan. Raglak getting closer to each other.

One more thing, I won’t be uploading on Saturday and Sunday as its diwali and I have family functions to attend. so see you all on Monday. keep smiling and happy diwali to all of you.

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