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You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 4)

Hello everyone.

Chapter 4
Love changes u as a person. It either makes u sweet or bitter !!


Laksh’s Pov

It had been 6 hrs and 45 mins since I meet her and I was just not able to keep her out of my mind. Everything about her just drew me towards her, more and more closer. She really was beautiful but what had me captured was the aura that surrounded her. She never did once let me in, which was not the way usually girls treated me !!
I needed to know about her. She was very curt about her replies when I had asked her about her life. There was something in this girl that I just couldn’t let her goo….. Many people would say that she had a witty sense of humor but I could see that she was trying to hide something behind every one of her smiles. So I went to the source that could tell me everything.

Laksh : Bro, since how much time do u know swara and ragini ?!!
Sanskar : I know them since five years. Swara and I used to study in same class so we became friendz and ragini was swara’s better half so I got her as a complementary gift.
Laksh : ohh…why is ragini soo much introvert ?!!
Sanskar : I too don’t know the actual reason. I just know that there was this guy in her life and he broke her heart. Since then she is all rude, arrogant and full of attitude. Even though we share almost all the things, she always goes quite whenever I ask her about that guy. She really is talented and very famous in her college. She is also the college diva but somewhere something is holding her back !!
Laksh : ohkay. Thankx bro for the help.
Sanskar : Listen laksh. I know she is exactly the type of girl you would fall for but just don’t try to hit on her. Since that guy happened, swara has been keeping a close look on the guys in ragini’s life. She has kicked, slapped, punched and done a lott of things with the guys who asked rags out. soo just be careful !! I would rather suggest you become friends with her first.
Laksh : Well I don’t guess swara would do anything like that with me and I would consider the friends part.
Sanskar : good. Any ways I am sleeping now. Have office tomorrow and all the best for your first day at symboisis
Laksh : Thanks. gunnite bro.

Sanskar’s Pov

8:00 am. I will not bathe. What are deodorants for.Snooze.
8:10 am. I will not shave. Doesn’t really matter as they have already hired me. Snooze.
8:20 am. I will drive faster. Will take max 20 mins to reach. Snooze.
8:30 am. WTF ?!! Annoying. Turns off alarm.
9:30 am.
Great. Up before the alarm. Not bad for the first day. I told myself and reached for my cell phone on the side desk. I wondered why my phone had 10 missed calls form swara. Then I saw what time it was !!
9:40 ?!!
How is this possible ?!! the alarm didn’t ring. I was sure about it. Otherwise I would have woken up. I got up in a flash cursing the phone. Swara was gonna slaughter mer for gods sake !! the reporting time was 9:00 am and I was late by an hour on the first day itself.
I skipped the bath and shaving and sprayed a whole can of deodorant instead and put on my white shirt and blue trousers. I searched for the tie gifted by swara in the wardrobe frantically. At last I found it !! I checked The tie for the last time and ran towards laksh’s room to wake him up.
Sanskar : laksh get up.
Laksh : what are you doing in my room at the middle of the night ?!! go and sleep bro you have office in the morning tomorrow.
Ughh…..I knew laksh wouldn’t get up for sure and well I was way late. I went in the washroom and brought a bucket full of water, and threw it on laksh. I immediately fell sorry for doing this to my little brother but I had no other option left. This was totally a professional call and nothing personal. I kept repeating it to feel less guilty.
Laksh : what the hell is wrong with you bhai ?!!
Sanskar : well alteast now you don’t have to waste you time in bathing. Gotta go I am getting late. See you in the evening. Do well at college and don’t get into unnecessary trouble.
Laksh : yes mom. Bye. Do well and say hi to swara from my side.
With that I rushed out of his house. I got into the car and speed on the road. I reached the office in 15 minutes and well I was really was proud of my driving skills. Nobody could have made that without bumping into some other car. I really am a great driver. my proud bubble was busted when I looked at the watch.
10:30 am
I was late by one and a half hour on the first day itself. More than being afraid of getting fired on the first day I was scared by the anger level of swara. Not a great start dude. I cursed myself and my phone. I ran towards the lift.
“Hey !” I waved my hand from the lift itself. She looked and ignored my frantic hand movements and turned back to her computer screen. I walked slowly through the cubicles on both sides and smiled at the people who knew me. Most of them knew where I was heading to.

Sanskar : Good morning sunshine.
As I went near her, her perfume hit my nostrils. The perfume was my anniversary gift to her and she had vowed to wear it every single day. She had made the fragrance as her own. I also saw the watch on her wrist which I gifted her yesterday. She said she would wear it every single day. Well I was happy she had stuck to her words.
Swara : Where the hell were you and what the hell were u doing there ?!!
She asked angrily as she looked at me. With her frowning eyebrows and wide open eyes she looked nothing less than a cute puppy. An angry cute little puppy. She also used the word hell two times in her sentence. Boy was she angry !!
Sanskar : for the record I had set the alarm but it didn’t ring and I was just excited to see you so I waved but you just ignored me.
Swara : you don’t have to show the entire floor that u were excited !!
Sanskar : What ?!! Everyone knows that we are together.
Swara : Not the bosses. They don’t know about us.
Sanskar : So what ?!! what if they know ?!!
Swara : They are old people sanskar. They don’t understand all this.
Sanskar : What all this ?!!
Swara : That I am seeing you and we are in love !!
Sanskar : so what if they know ?!!
Swara : they would just think that we are not serious about this job. That we are just fooling around and they wont take us seriously. Lets try to keep our personal and professional lives separate. We love each other. I know that. You know that. Why tell the world ?!! lets keep it to ourselves atleast while we are at work.
And here we goo again. This had been the reason for all our fights in the last one month. Swara and her professionalism. I didn’t understand what was the problem in telling the world that we are in love. It was a good thing that we had found our soulmates, wasn’t it ?!! I didn’t like hiding the fact that she was mine. I wanted to shout it to the world and tell everyone how happy we made each other feel. Since this internship thing had started swara had gone all professional and matured. I missed the old bubbly and full of faults swara. Who didn’t care what other people thought, who was as carefree as wind. On top of that She had given me a list of things that I should do and I shouldn’t . like really ?!! She was a God dam professional and career oriented woman.
But she was my women and I loved her to the core. Hope that we survive through this phase and I get my childish swara back.
So here was chapter 4.
Recap : laksh’s first day at college. Ragging. Ragini saving laksh from getting into trouble !! Swara and sanskar’s office walla romance.

Did u like swara and sanskar’s first day at offie ?!!
Sorry I couldn’t write laksh’s first day at college. Will write about it in the next chapter. Do let me know and any suggestions are welcomed!! I write what I love so please do tell me about your expectations so that you would also get to read what you would love to read. Thankx and love you all !!

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