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You are just mine only swasan (episode 42)

Hello guys. I’m sorry for making you all get bored with short update. Don’t worry. Tody its a pretty long chapter plz enjoy!

Next morning. Sanky wakes up and sees swara sleeping. He pecks her forehead and makes her lie on the bed and goes a from there. Sumi watches him going out from the room and thinks to execute the plan.



At the Kali temple. Sumi and swara are praying. After the prayers sumi talks swara.
“rani i want something from you. Will you give to me? ”

“ma wht’s this? U don’t need to ask. I’ll be glad to give u wht u want. ”

“actually its about laddoo”

“ragini…wht happened to her? ”

“nothing. She loves someone. ”

“ma! Really who is that lucky guy. ”

“rani….. That’s he is very familiar to you. ”

Swara gets confused. And gives her a questioned look.

Sumi sighs “you knw wht? From childhood its self she got whatever she wanted. You used to give up her everything she asked for. Now also she’s asking something from you. Its sanskar…..

Swara gets the worst moment of her life. She stands there stunned.

Sumi continues ” i know you love sanky. But, you very well know love is all about sacrifice. If you sacrifice your love then you’ll get even better life. Then if ragsan get married their lives will fill with love.”

Swara don’t know what to do. She isn’t understanding anything. Tears make their way through her cheeks.

“and me.. I’m your mother. I know what is best for you. I’ll give you whatever you wanted. Wht r you saying.? Shell i speak with him regarding this metter.? ”

Sumi careses her hair. Swara looks at her mother. And recalls her past one week hiw she spent with her. She nodes and hugs sumi.

At the college

Swara enters like a lifeless body. She walks aimlessly and suddenly stops hearing sanky’s scream.

“ha ragini! Its me who didn’t let my sona rwach her parents. Bcz i i know if she goes to them she won’t return to me. Don’t think by staying with you all for 3months she will get remember her memory. I won’t let it happen at any cost. ”

Swara gets another shock of her life and feeezes. At that time someone pats her shoulder and she turns…..

………….ARJUN …….

Precap : “swara you know wht your sanky has done? He has blocked my number in your mobile. Coz, of jealousy “

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