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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 42

Abhi was keep on lost in thoughts and Pragya realised that. Pragya “ How long are we going to stay inside the room?” Abhi “Until they find who is the murderer….” Pragya “ Huh? Then you don’t want to try anything?” Abhi “ Fuggi! What can we do? There are forensic experts and police surrounded in the studio! How can we even go and check?” Pragya “ Is this the rockstar who always distract others saying like this?” Abhi “I am a rockstar to attract others and not distract others!” Pragya “Really?” Abhi with a smirk “Haan just like how I attract you…” Pragya “Okok! Enough of your self praises!”

Abhi was annoyed by that went out from the room. Pragya, Does he even care about the problem that is going on? He always argues with me for something else from what I am trying to tell him! Always annoying me!
Abhi, I know you are annoyed and as u said Yes! I always distract others just like how I distracted you now from thinking about the problem! Now u are annoyed with me and that’s what I want so that I can do something……


Pragya also left the room to see where he went and saw him walking down the steps. At the same time, a policeman was also walking up the steps. Abhi stopped him and looked at him from top to bottom. Policeman “Why are u looking like this sir?” Abhi asked “ You don’t work out ah?” Policeman “Not really! There is not enough time to eat itself!” Abhi “ No wonder u look so thin with no muscles at all! Don’t worry I will ask my cook to give you meals with more meat!” Pragya from a distance was hearing their conversation too. Abhi “ How long are u in this job?” Policeman “2 months!” Abhi “Just 2 months! Then how are you going to catch the culprit?? You are so inexperienced! Even when I was with 2 months of experience as a rockstar I can’t even catch any of my fans’ attention!” Pragya saw that and thought, Huh? Like seriously! Why is he making comparison himself with a police officer?
Policeman by trying to control his laughter said “ That’s different sir!” Abhi was about say something but before that Pragya called him. Abhi looked back and saw her. Pragya by then signalled to the policeman to carry on with his work. Abhi walked back and asked Pragya “ What now Fuggi? I was talking about an important issue! And u stopped me!” Pragya “ Important issue? About food and your 2 months experience as rockstar!” Abhi in a childish tone “It’s also important Fuggi!” Pragya “ Why are u like this? I really can’t understand u now!” Abhi “ I am always like this Fuggi! You are pregnant now na….I heard about it that in this times u tend to get frustrated more often!” Pragya “ I also know that but now u are frustrating me!” Abhi “ Ok I am sorry! Just come with me down and we will eat your favourite gulab jamun!” Pragya “ Do u think I have the mood to eat now?” Abhi “ I know but if u eat it then u would feel better!” Pragya “Ok u walk in front first….” Abhi “ What? How can I walk in front?” Pragya still with irritation “ Then I will walk in front!” Abhi “ No!” Pragya “ Why no?” Abhi “Because…Look up there is a Fuggi bird!” Pragya looked up and saw nothing. By then he carried her in his arms. Pragya “ What are u doing? There are so many people around and u are carrying me like this?” Abhi “So what? You are still my wife when others are around!” Pragya “ I am heavy now and are u going to carry me all the way to the kitchen?” Abhi “ Come on Fuggi! I work out every day and do weightlifting! And u no need to worry about me now! I am not that thin as the police officer too!” Pragya frowned at him and said “ Always stubborn!” Abhi “Thank u!”

With that he carried her all the way to the kitchen and Pragya was lost in whether to be happy for his cute antics or get worried that he is not paying attention to the problem that they are facing.

Abhi slowly let her stand and told her “Fuggi! I know u are worried but just let me sort out certain issues first and after that I will ask your opinion too! Ok?” Pragya “ U mean u will sort out regarding this issue that we are facing?” Abhi “ Yes Fuggi! Just give me some time and I am also talking with Manoj about this…” Pragya “When did u talk? I never see u talking to anyone!” Abhi “ When u were sleeping, I was talking to him!” Pragya “ Oh! Ok then feed me the gulab jamun now!” Abhi “I am going to but assure me that u won’t overthink about this issue!” Pragya looking at the bowl of gulab jamun told him “ Acha baba I won’t overthink and just feed me my gulab jamun! I can’t wait!” Abhi “Your gulab jamun? Are u sure?” Pragya “ Why are u keep on asking questions? Can u just feed me? Please!” Abhi laughed at her and knew that she is getting impatient so he fed her.
Abhi while feeding her was thinking, As much as possible I should make Fuggi distracted from worries and for that I should annoy her if not attract her with her favorite items! Damn this house arrest is the most irritating thing! What shall I do? I have something in my mind…. I know it’s risky but this is the only way………

Pragya enjoying his feeding to him thought, I know that whatever you are doing is just to distract me and I don’t know whether I am really distracted or not. But I am surely attracted to your concern in this way. If u want me to get distracted through this way then my attraction towards you will now show the distraction that you expect from me…….
Their attraction towards each other will never let them distracted from each other. But what if distraction becomes the attention to something that is beyond their expectation?

Dadi “Real things may not be as real you are thinking…. sometimes unreal things can be real too….” Abhigya were confused hearing that!

Thank u everyone for reading the previous update and also for remembering this ff! It really means a lot to me. As much as possible I will try to be regular but from today onwards it will be late night updates as I have a lot of works. Hope u all can wait and read. Sorry for the inconvenience. I guess it will be either uploaded in the mornings by TU but ya I really can’t find the time to update in daytime. I am really sorry for this short update which is like so ………I won’t tell as I don’t want to hurt u all by my self- criticism!

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