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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 41

Reader’s warning: The following update may not be up to your expectation as it is written in the mindset of extreme exhaustion and apprehension.
Mysteries at Mehra mansion with Masti……
Quick recap
The last episode ended with Abhi witnessing pools of blood in his room and also his guitar drenched with blood. But he somehow managed to hide it from Pragya and brought her from there…..

Abhi, What was that? Is it someone’s prank? If it was a prank I will not leave the person responsible for this! How can someone do like that? What if Fuggi saw that? She would have been stressed especially at this period when she is pregnant! But it was really like blood and not some red paint…I should call the police and inform about this….
Just then Policemen entered Mehra mansion. Abhi and Pragya were still in the dining area and they saw Police entering in. Abhi ” Sir! What’s the matter?” Police officer, Manoj ” There is a murder happened in your house!” Abhi in shock ” What? What are u telling?” Pragya too found it unbelievable and held Abhi’s hand firmly.
Manoj ” The murder happened in your house…in your studio….that’s all we know! But who did it? How it happened? All that we don’t know….” Abhi ” I was about to call u too! My studio is also filled with blood but i thought it was someone’s prank…” Manoj ” By right we have to arrest u as it happened in your house but….” Pragya ” What? Arrest him? He wouldn’t have done the murder!” Manoj ” Yes mam I know that and that’s why we are here!” Abhi ” So what are u planning to do?” Manoj ” House arrest until our investigations comes to an end to find the culprit!” Abhi in a low tone” Ok I agree!” Pragya ” But he never did anything!” Manoj ” Actually its house arrest for all of u as we don’t know who in your family had helped the murderer or even your family member could be the murderer!” Abhi ” What are u saying?” Manoj ” This is what I can reveal to u now and the rest is all confidential!”
Abhigya were both left in shock and didn’t know what to do next……


In Abhigya’s room…..
Pragya looked at Abhi and told “I trust u and u no need to worry!” Abhi “I know u will trust me but how about the others?” Pragya “Does it matter? If u trust yourself strongly then others will also slowly start to trust u!”
Abhi, What is this now? Fuggi will definitely be worried for me and I don’t want her to be worried like this and especially at this time.
Pragya, I will not get worried as long he doesn’t get worried too much. But who is this now trying to spoil his reputation? Why did the police officer said it could be one of our family member? Who could do like this?
Pragya “Suniye! You don’t think too much and make me worried! I am trusting u and we will solve this issue together!” Abhi “Fuggi! I will deal with this and u don’t strain yourself by helping me. It makes me even more worried!” Pragya ”Three brain works better than One brain!” Abhi “Three?” Pragya “ Haan Both our brain and our baby’s brain too!” Abhi “ What will the baby do?” Pragya “I heard that pregnant ladies think more smartly so that’s why I said that our son will also help in this matter!” Abhi “Son? It’s daughter! Not a boy!” Pragya “No! It’s a boy just like u!” Abhi “No it’s a girl like u!” They were keep on arguing until they heard someone knocking the door.

The scene shifts to the studio. There are some pieces of paper with Abhi’s forged signature that were lying on the floor. What is the paper and how will it be involved in this issue?

Abhi went to open the door and saw Dadi. Abhi “ Dadi! U all returned from the trip?” Dadi “ Haan beta and why there are so many policemen in our house and now Aaliya is talking to them. What is the matter?” Abhi was tensed now as in how to tell Dadi that all of them are under house arrest? Pragya realized that and came forward to explain to Dadi. Pragya made Dadi to sit down on the couch and explained to her everything. Dadi was shocked and was feeling very worried. Dadi “Why like this should happen to us now? Why? Who is doing like this to spoil our peace?” Pragya “Dadi! Just calm down we will solve this as long u don’t get worried! Please Dadi!” Dadi was still feeling very worried and left to her room.
Pragya still couldn’t believe that a murder happened in the house and that too in Abhi’s studio. She was now only feeling that by all means they should catch the culprit. Pragya ” Suniye! U never used the studio for past few days. U were just spending time with me that means u never lock the room! If not it is impossible for someone to enter there as u always lock it and the keys are also only with u!” Abhi in fear ” What if the ghost Lekha did this?” Pragya ” What are u saying when i am telling u something else” He hugged Pragya and she said ” Gently! U are just squeezing me and our child!” Abhi ” Oh sorry!” He now moved back and said in worried tone ” Fuggie! Yes i didn’t lock the room few days back as that time u called me for help! And after that i totally forgot to lock it!” Pragya ” So it means someone had known that the studio was not locked….” Abhi ” Lekha ah?” Pragya ” No! There is no such person like that! I just told about the ghost thing to divert your mind from the plan!” Abhi with a confused look “What plan?” Pragya, Oh god! Now he is asking about that! Pragya with hesitation “ You asked me to do something to make Ma talk to me and I didn’t want to do….” Abhi “So u came up with the ghost story to scare me! How evil are u Fuggi? U are so selfish!” Pragya “No! I just didn’t want to do what u told and I had no choice at that time!” Abhi got angry and walked out to the room and then realised he can’t go to the studio room so he just returned back. Pragya “ Suniye! Just listen to me once….I never really want to scare u! It was just to divert your mind!” Abhi never spoke to her anything and went to the balcony. Pragya, Why is he behaving like this now when there is bigger problem to solve! Always behaving like a child!
Pragya walked to the balcony. He was looking at the sky and he realised Pragya’s touch on his shoulder. Abhi remained in the same position he was standing and never turned back. Pragya “ Sorry! What u want me to do now to get your apology?” Abhi still remained silent which made Pragya very sad. Pragya “ So u are angry for such a small issue when we have a bigger issue to be solved right? Ok then u remain angry and both of us will not talk to u!” Abhi turned back and said “I am sorry!” Pragya was surprised as he was saying sorry. Abhi “ I always asked u to do so many things even when u are not interested in doing that! I never really pay attention to your wish! I am such a selfish person!” Pragya cupped his face and said “ Why are u talking like this? Whatever you ask me to do is only for me to be good! In that way u are not selfish! You always think about me but you just overthink that is the issue here!” Abhi “Really Fuggi? I am overthinking ah?” Pragya nodded her head with a smile. Abhi “Ok from now onwards I will think but will discuss with you so that I don’t overthink!” Pragya kissed his cheek and said “ You are always like a child with cute anger!” Abhi “I am not a child! I am going to have a child Fuggi!” Pragya with a smirk “I am glad that u are still aware of that! You have to grow up!” Abhi gave a pout and carried her in his arms. Pragya “What are you doing? Leave me!” Abhi “ I want to show u that a child can’t carry a pregnant woman!” Pragya chuckled and was feeling safe in his arms as always.
Even though they shared light moments, Abhigya knew there is a very big problem in front of them to be solved. They have to co-operate with the police to find who was the culprit.

Abhi looked at one of the policemen and asked “ How long are u in this job?” Policeman “2 months!” Abhi “Just 2 months! Then how are you going to catch the culprit! You are so inexperienced! Even when I was with 2 months of experience as a rockstar I can’t even catch any of my fans’ attention!” Pragya saw that and thought, Huh? Like seriously! Why is he making comparison himself with a police officer

So how is this? Shall I continue? I will only continue seeing all your response as I still don’t have the confidence to continue! If u all are thinking it’s ridiculous please do tell me and I will drop this idea! Thank u for reading this despite the reader’s warning given.

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