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Hey guys! This is Anshita here with an OS! This might be boring or not up to the mark since I’ve just gotten 15 minutes to complete it, which might disable me to writing a lot. I won’t waste much time and start soon.
So here we go….

A young girl in her twenties is shown. She is wearing a blue kurta and black jeggings along with it. Her hands are filled with plastic bags carrying vegetables and fruits. The bags in her right hand has fruits, vegetables and a few other groceries while the bag in her left hand is full of flour. However, she didn’t really seem to be noticing the weight since she was busy speaking to her friend over the phone, which was tucked in between her right shoulder and right ear.


‘Achcha haan haan…suna to tha…are vo to vakaiy dekhne layak thi…yaar, it was awesome…achcha theek hai…main usse baat karoongi…haan baba, haan…’
From the other side, came a young, high-class looking man in his twenties busy texting on the phone. He wore a tight-fitting black suit with his wavy hair covered a bit of his forehead. He looked extremely handsome. His face was all serious which made it seem as if he was having an important conversation, definitely not with his girlfriend.

Both the girl and boy were busy on their phones and had been taking no notice of each other just when, ‘Aaaaaah!!!’ the two yelled out.

‘Āpani! Āmi āpani rēhā’i dēba nā!’ yelled the girl.
‘Oh hello! Which world are you in? The universal language has now become English and you’re stuck here doing your ami-ami! Learn to upgrade with time Miss!’
‘Tummi ekdum impossible!’
‘What tumi-tumi, huh? I hope you heard me just say ‘learn to upgrade with time’, didn’t you?’

‘Ahhhh!’ she let put a heavy sigh in frustration and continued, ‘ People like you just look gentle from the outside but are real devils from the inside! Couldn’t you have been a bit more careful? Busy texting your girlfriend, huh? I feel so bad for her…’
‘Excuse me! First of all, it was you who put flour on my coat and secondly, I don’t not have any girlfriend, and I’m glad I don’t. But it seems like you were busy talking to your boyfriend over the phone, weren’t you?

‘No, of course not! I do not have any boyfriend. But you..’
‘Hold on! Just look at yourself! You don’t even seem to be able to hold those bags properly and you’re nicely talking on the phone. Besides, you’re the one who’s put flour all over my coat and you’re blaming me? Wow! That’s why women shouldn’t ever drive. Jab chalne mein yeh haalat hai to gaadi mein kya hoga? (If this is the condition while walking, no wonder what’ll happen while driving)

‘How dare you say that, huh? Think you’re a hero? Well, then let me tell you that you absolutely aren’t one. Look at the manner you speak to women! I bet if there’d been any gentleman in your place, he’d have immediately apologised and help pick my stuff for me. But you, USELESS!!!’
‘Ahh! Seems like you don’t know me. I’m Mr.Dev Dixit.’

‘And I’m Ms.Sonakshi Bose. Besides, bad to meet you!’
Yes, this was our majestic couple fighting on the road like little spoiled brats admist the crowd. Thankfully, nobody was careful enough to take notice of them!
‘I HATE YOU MR.AUBODHRO!!!!’ said our dear Sonakshi in great rage and fury.
‘SAME TO YOU MS.KHARGOSH!!!!’ what the only thing our dear Dev could think of.
‘AHHHHHH!!!’ said the two as the went in the opposite directions.

But who knew that both the people will come together at the end despite choosing different routes?????

It has been 2 years since our dear Dev and Sonakshi have become best friends. This all had happened when both Dev and Sonakshi yet met again at a wedding of a close mutual friend of theirs. During the marriage functions, the two had grown very close and by the end, they were well known for sharing an amazing and deep bond. A bond more important and deeper than love, a bond of true friendship.
Rumour often spread out saying that the two were committed. However, the two always denied the fact and everyone knew the reality, that they were nothing but great friends. That’s it. The two would do everything together. They had friendly dates and outings and this and that and whatnots!

However, under such circumstances, the two grew as close as ever during a trip along with 4 friends. It was late in the night that day and the group had decided to set a tent close to the river for the night. Everyone got busy in work. Dev and Sonakshi had gone into the woods together to collect a few logs and sticks for the campfire. It was pitch dark and the only source of light was the shiny, sparkling, fair moon. Suddenly, Sonakshi heard a weird sound. This made her get highly frightened and she ran towards Dev and hugged him tight. This time, Dev couldn’t resist and did what he’d been wanting to do since a long time. They were behind a thick tree and were completely hidden. He got his face closer to hers and they looked into each other’s eyes not in a friendly manner but lovingly for the first time. He got their noses to touch which made Sonakshi blush. His lips got closer to hers and they did it.

Yes, finally, they did it. They couldn’t count that in friendly terms,could they??? Nope, not this time. Sonakshi reciprocated passionately and it seemed as if this was all they’d ever wanted. Soon, still behind the tree, the two let go of each other and looked at the moon.

Dev: You know what Sonakshi, people say that they’ll get the moon for their loved ones. But I’ll take you there. (looks into her eyes and says) I’ve been wanting to say this to you since quite some time but just couldn’t gather up enough courage to say it out. I was afraid. Afraid that if you’d get mad at me and leave me, what’d I do of my life! How would I live?

Sonakshi: Dev! (puts her finger on his lips) Never even think of leaving me! What’d I do without you? I’d only be half of the Sonakshi who’s standing infront of you today. You make me complete. Even if you try to leave me, I won’t let you go (as thick tears start flowing from her eyes).
Dev: Sonaskhi, promise I’ll never leave you. Even if you leave me, I won’t (wipes her tears).

Sonakshi: And you think I’ll ever leave you? The thought of it makes me want to…..(and kisses him on the lips very intensely and passionately while he reciprocates in the same manner)

Dev: (lets go and sits on his knees) Sonakshi, I used to have good days before we met, but they became even better after meeting you. Everyone has an addiction and mine just happens to be you. I don’t want us to say goodbye but only goodnight. I fell for you. I fell for your smile, eyes, laugh, voice and everything’s that related to you. And I still fall for you everyday. Not just everyday but every moment. Our story sure seems messy with all our arguments and especially our first meet, but it’s the story that got us here. When I’m with you, hours feel like seconds but when we’re apart, days feel like years. I still get butterflies even though I’ve seen you a thousand times. There’s something in your smile which I find more beautiful than the stars. Even when we have a fight and I put up a wall, I want you to climb up that wall and show that you care. Anyone can make you smile but it takes someone really special to make you happy and you’re one who always makes me happy. We might not have the best of everything, but together, we can make the best of everything. Even in a sea of people, you’ll be the one one I’ll be looking for and my eyes will be fixed on you.

Sonakshi: (with tears in her eyes) Dev..
Dev: (interrupts) Not yet. So Miss Sonakshi Bose, are you ready to become the first and last Mrs.Dev Dixit???

Sonaskhi: (hugs him) Yes, of course! I wish I’d been able to confess earlier Dev but I was afraid, just the way you were (looks at the ground).
Dev: (lifts her up in joys and puts her back on ground) Seeeeee! You were scared, huh? (smirks)
Sonakshi: Dev!!!
Dev: Achcha baba! Joking! Vaise Sonakshi, are you sure with your decision? Life won’t be easy with me.
Sonakshi: (looks into his eyes and smile) But we can make the best out of everything, can’t we?

And hearing this, Dev lifts her up and makes her go in rounds. ‘This is the best day of my life!’ Said the two at once and laughed. This truly was the best day of their lives. Today, they were one forever. Rituals and marriage didn’t matter since they were connected by the heart now. And today, Devakshi was formed??

So how was it??? Hope you enjoyed it!
Do drop in your suggestions and please do comment!
Looking forward to seeing the comment box overflowing with comments!?????

With love,
Anshita ????????

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