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YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 9

Dear lucky, vidhusi (lisa dear so happy to read ur comment), gayu, kumud, jasmine, Nivedha, sowmy, shalu, radhikaji n my silent readers thanks a tonne

Recap-Mehendi n sangeet ceremony r shown, Bond between mihika n ishita has become strong Raman takes Ishita to Iyer house


Abhi is standing near window he sees ishra coming on bike he panics
he rushes downstairs
Abhi (panicked tone)-Raman, Di is everything fine u here at this time
Raman-I have come to return ur sis.
Abhi is dumbstruck
Raman-For ur marriage Abhi
Abhi smiles he hugs Ishita
Raman-so I will take leave Abhi sleep soon mihika is waiting for bharaat
Abhi smiles n gestures thanks to Raman

Abhi n Ishita r shown talking.
Ishita (smiles)-Abhi Raman is so understanding without me saying a single word he got me here n u know that when I was upset he gave me flowers n u know. … ..

she goes on n on
Abhi listens with broad smile on face

Sunrise is shown Its morning
Toshi-Where is Ishita
Raman-I dropped her at Amma’s place yesterday
Toshi-Y she is daughter in law of this house its her sis in law’s marriage she …..
Raman-Dnt forget its her bros marriage too n atleast for sometime she will be spared from masi n her taunts

pammi overhears n smirks
Haldi ceremony is shown
Toshi, pammi, simmi, Raman apply haldi to Mihika
n Ishita, mrs iyer apply to Abhi

Mihika blushes reading a msg
its Abhi’s sms
”Mihika dnt apply more haldi u already glow alot”

Abhi is ready as a groom in shervani n he looks so so handsome
Ishita comes there
Ishita (emotionally)-Abhi u know for first time am feeling so bad that I cannot see I know u might be looking so handsome but I ….
Abhi hugs her
tears drop Ishita n Abhi’s eyes
Abhi-Di I look handsome only when I smile n I can smile only when u smile so smile

Ishita smiles tear eyed n so do Abhi Amma appa look adoringly

Raman looks at mihika who is dressed in bridal attire lovingly
Raman gifts her something
mihika opens it n is glad to see chain Having heart shaped locket with Mihika n Abhi’s pic engraved
Mihika-Bhai its beautiful
Raman-Ishita gave me this idea
Mihika-Bhabhi is awesome
Mihika n Raman hug eachother

Abhi sits on horse
Amma, Appa , Some guest dance amma makes Ishita dance

Bhallas welcome iyers
Abhi n mihika have intense eye contact
Jaimala followed by pheras n other rituals is shown
Tare hain bhaarati chandni hain yeh bharaat plays
Ishita smiles Raman stands besides her
Abhika take elders blessings
Mihika hugs everybody n cries
Raman hugs her
His eyes are filled with tears
Raman-Abhi take care of her she is my princess

Abhi nods
Abhika leave

Iyers welcome Mihika her gharpravesh is shown
Abhi lifts her
mihika is embarrassed
Abhi-Amma I would like to welcome my bride in most espl way I hope thats ok
Amma smiles
Mihika is in Abhi’s arms.He makes her sit Mihika blushes .Other rituals r shown .Abhika have to find ring from a bowl filled with milk n rose petals, while finding Abhi holds her hand n makes her wear the ring

Abhika’s room
Abhi enters Mihika is sitting on bed
Abhi eyes her lovingly
Abhi-mihika u look so gorgeous only one thing missing
Mihika touches her face
Mihika (puzzled )-what??
Abhi kisses her on cheeks
Mihika blushes
Abhi-junior mrs Iyer now u cannot stop me
He hugs her tightly she blushes
He makes her lay down n gently removes her jewelry n kisses her on forehead n lights go offf……

Raman is sitting in mihika’s room holding a soft toy Ishita comes there
She feels bed n sits next to him she softly places her hand over his
Raman (emotionally)-Y is this ritual made y does a girl have to leave her family n go y y
this house is so dull without mihika she is jaan of this house
Ishita (softly)-Raman she has to had jaan to other house actually god has bestowed us ladies with spl blessing we make two homes complete our sasuraal n mayka

Raman hugs her Ishita is confused
Raman-I can understand know how much u might be missing ur house
Ishita-Raman yes I miss them but now this is my house n family
Raman looks on with smile

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