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YHM Dil Ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 4

Hiiiiiiiiiii lovely ppl
Am so glad to receive ur positive reaction for twist
Jasmine Dear thanks alot,
lisa thanks so much dear I can never forget u sweety,
Sowmy dear I will try to make it a journey of ups n downs, this ff isn’t only about love between a couple but also between bro n sis I hope u will like it
kv thanks alot dear
kumud tysm dear
shalu thanks alot dear
Nivedha thanks alot dear will not make u wait more

Recap-We came to know Ishita is blind, Amma is glad to know that Raman wants to marry Ishita she thanks him Raman insist on getting married before mihika n abhi


Epi starts with Raman’s phone ringing
Abhi calling
Raman-Hello Yes Abhi
Abhi-Raman I n mihika r going for marriage shopping I will get Di along u too please come along with mihika

Raman n mihika get down from car
mihika hugs abhi happily
Ishita is blushing
Raman-Hii Ishita
Mihika hugs Ishita
Mihika-Bhabhi ur looking so beautiful
Ishita smiles
Mihika-Bhai u please go with Bhabhi in this mall n I will go with Abhi to that shop
Raman-so even I n Ishita will come there
she winks
she whispers
please bhai let us spend time together n u also spend with bhabhi

Raman nods half heartedly
Abhi-Please Take care of her
Abhi n mihika walk away hand in hand
Ishita is walking with stick
Abhi signals Raman to hold her hand
Raman gently touches her hand
Ishita shivers

Raman n Ishita enter a clothes shop
Ppl look at them
Raman is lil embarrassed
Raman to sales person-please show madam some bridal saris
sales person-For whom?
Raman-Ofcourse for her
sales person is amused
owner smiles cunningly
sales person-madam what is ur favorite color
Ishita-Raman what is ur favorite color?
Raman (arrogantly )-Nothing specific
Ishita gets upset
Raman looks out n see mihika n abhi walking hand in hand
He looks at upset Ishita n feels guilty
Raman-sorry actually I was thinking about some work related issue sorry
I like blue
Ishita-please show me something in blue
Raman-Ishita brides dnt wear blue please show something in red or pink
Ishita-But we r getting married so I guess I should wear what u like
Raman smiles
Raman-Thats tradition n I like red also so please show red
Owner-But sir jii how will madam see?
All laugh
Ishita gets tear eyed
Raman sees her he folds his wist n tries to control his anger
Owner-Sir jii btw its good idea to marry blind after all u can have affair infront of her u hold somebody else’s hand n she

Raman gets up holds his collar n slaps him
Raman-How dare u

Ishita panics
Shop staff intervenes
Ishita holds Raman’s arm
Ishita-Lets go Raman leave him
Raman-Mr I pity ur wife who has such cheap husband whose thoughts r so cheap n I will make sure ur shop shuts down soon

Abhi purchases icecream
mihika enjoys icecream some kids pass by n push her little so her icecream falls
Abhi asks her to take bite from his icecream
they eat icecream together
n their lips touch eachother
mihika turns her face n blushes
Abhi-Miss Bhalla once when u turn Mrs Iyer I will not spare u
( they laugh)
Mihika Abhi r walking hand in hand suddenly mihika’s ankle twists
Abhi holds her firmly
He makes her sit
He takes her feet on his hand n caresses it
Abhi-Mihika r u ok?is it paining should I take u to hospital mihika u had got hurt here itself
Mihika-Relax am fine

Mihika is resting her head on his shoulder
mihika-Abhi if u love me so much n cannot see me in pain then y did u behave like this that day

Mihika (shouts)-Bhai lets go soon y r u taking so much time to get ready we r going to talk about my alliance not urs
Raman (smiles)-Y so much hurry
mihika-I cannot wait anylonger to become Mrs Iyer


Abhi (Arrogantly)-Raman I cannot marry Mihika please please dnt repeat again n again I cannot marry her thats it
Mihika holds Abhi’s hand (emotionally)-Abhi dnt u love me?
Abhi releases his hand n walks away
Raman goes behind him

Tears well up in Mihika’s eyes
she sits in car
she drives rashly
her eyes r red
A truck comes in front of car n
****************Fb ends **********
Abhi holds her hand
Abhi (guilty tone)-Mihika I love u but I love my Di most Actually Mihika she has always sacrificed for me that day Raman spoke about our marriage suddenly I wasnt prepared n I had decided I will never marry before Di
After u left
Raman told me he likes Di n wants to marry her I instantly agreed for our marriage but by then it was too late

Tear drops from his eyes
Mihika hugs him

Mihika-Its ok Abhi i understand I too love bhai alot

ishra r in car
Ishita is upset
Raman-Am sorry
Ishita-Y r u saying sorry Raman please think once more u can still refuse what happened today will happen whole life
Raman-I dnt care Ishita my decision is final its my life nobody has right to interfere n question

Ishita smiles

Dil kabhie rukta chalta hi jaye dil ki to sun le tu bhi kabhi pal pal badegi yeh hain mohabatien

Raman-Lets go to buy some bangles it will make u feel better

Abhi makes mihika wear necklace n Raman makes Ishita wear bangles Ishita makes noise with bangles she hears it n smiles Raman looks on.

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