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YHM Dil ki Nazar Se Dekho epi 11

Hiii lovely ppl
Anu am 22 years old
Radhikaji u r right one they unite I cannot pro long more so yes it will end dr
lucky, Nivedha, shalu, sowmy thanks alot

Recap-Ishra n Abhika go to Switzerland for honey moon


Ishra room
There is a knock
Ishita opens
Mihika-sorry to disturb u bhabhi how r u now?
Ishita-perfect come na I was getting bored
Mihika (puzzled)-where is bhai
Ishita-I slept when I woke up he wasnt there maybe gone out
mihika-hmmmm bhabhi when bhai comes u both get ready n call us we all will go to church
this church is on mountain n its said if a couple lights candle together their love never fades.
Ishita nods

Abhika’s room
Mihika is in deep thoughts
Abhi holds her from behind n kisses on her neck
Abhi-What happened jaan?
Mihika-Abhi I dnt understand one thing bhai said he likes bhabhi but u feel they are not ……
Abhi-Actually prob is both r shy
we will have to help them
Mihika (teasing)-I guess u shd become love guru n train bhai
They laugh

Ishra n Abhika reach near church huge mountain is shown
Raman (tensed)-Do we need to climb this?
Mihika-yes bhai
Ishita (worried)-How will I manage
Abhi-Raman will leave u Di lets go
Abhi holds Mihika’s hand n they both start climbing
Ishita tries with stick but cannot manage Raman holds hand n helps her
they climb
lots of stones r there
Ishita is about to trip Raman holds her she is in his arms
Raman holds her by waist n helps her climb
Ishita gets tired n sits on one stone
Raman (concerned)-R u ok
Ishita-yes lil tired
Raman offers her water
n old couple looks at them adoringly
old man-in this country of love couples like u are epitome of true love no hurdle nothing could come between ur love god bless u,
Old woman keeps her hand on Ishita’ s head
old woman-Jesus bless u with eyesight soon
Ishita smiles Raman is left confused

ishra n Abhika light candles
Ishita to Jesus-Am fortunate to be blessed with husband like Raman bless me may I be able to make him smile always
Raman to jesus-please keep Mihika n Abhi happy together always
Mihika to jesus-May abhi n my love grow with every passing day
n always please fill Bhai n Bhabhi’s life with lots of love
Abhi to Jesus-bless me n mihika n also Di n Raman

Abhi n Mihika give good poses n Raman takes their snaps
Mihika-u n bhabhi should also have such snaps
I will click

Bhai u sit down here on grass bhabhi u sit on his lap
Ishita blushes Abhi makes her sit
Raman smiles faintly
Mihika clicks
Mihika-Bhabhi stand slanting bhai hold her from behind
Raman hesitates
Abhi makes him do
N **********Click*******

Abhi-Mihika lets have that
Mihika-whats it?
Abhi-Its love candy floss its said that a couple should eat it together it increases love
Abhi gets two he gives one to Raman, he takes it halfhearted
Abhi n Mihika start eating
so does ishra
Abhi Mihika take bigger bites n ishra small bites
Abhika’s floss gets over n they lip lock Mihika blushes
Raman notices a thin layer of floss remaining he gives it to Ishita
Mihika smirks

Mihika-What should we do Abhi to end their shyness
Abhi points at alcohol bottle
Mihika winks
Abhi gets glasses
Abhi-Raman have this u might be tired, espl juice of Switzerland
Raman drinks in one sip, Abhi gives him another
Mihika looks on in excitement

Abhi-Lets go to room n rest

ishra room
Ishita changes n comes in night gown its red color Raman looks at her adoringly
he sees shagun in her
Raman (romantically)-u r so so beautiful
Ishita smiles
Raman goes close to her he hugs her
Ishita shivers
Ishita releases herself
Raman goes behind her
he kisses her on back
He lifts in arms n places her on bed
He sleeps next to her n hugs her he falls asleep
Ishita smiles

Sun rises
Raman is holding Ishita n sleeping he wakes n is shocked to see himself sleeping so close to Ishita
Ishita is blushing
Raman rushes to washroom
He spills water on his tensed face
Abhika n ishra r eating
Mihika-Abhi I guess plan worked look at bhabhi’s glow
Abhi smilingly nods

Abhika n ishra sit on ropeway
Ishita is recollecting all that happened n smiling

Raman receives voice mail
its of shagun he plays it

”Baby guess what am coming back to Mumbai yes yes u heard me right am coming n am getting lots of gifts for u my love n done lots of shopping from London for our marriage”

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