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Yehi Hai Ishq (Episode 42)


Hello guys.. Finally I posted naa..sorry for making you all wait..but actually I have a good news…actually I have again became an elder sis..My maternal aunt(masi) has borne a cute sa baby boy on 5th of October.. I am here at Gorakhpur with him..yaar post Karna tha but uske saath itna busy ho gyi ki bhool gyi..sorry..
Acha will you all suggest a cute name for him?..just want you all to be a part of my happiness…
Chalo I am not going to do loads of bak bak..here’s the epi…


Recap- Flashback continued… Twinkle gets shocked when Kunj told her that they’ll kart..
Yehi hai Ishq: When LOVE enters (Episode 42)
“Wh..what!n..Kunj …but I don’t know how to kart!!…really ..how will I??”.. Twinkle said in a lade voice.
“..Its not so difficult… You know to drive naa..”.. Kunj said when Twinkle nodded in  agreement..” So its the same..just you’ll feel a bit nearer to the ground and use brakes and accelerator.. Not much to do..chal be ready ..main jaa raha hoon..wish me lucks.. ” Kunj continued.
“..okay then..main darpok nahi bacchu…
And yes jeet kar aana kahin aisa naa ho ki 2nd round main jiska partner jeeta partner jaise taise finish line tak pahuncha…good luck..”.. Twinkle said full of Tashan..

Kunj smiled and went for the race…Twinkle stood on the front of the crews and was cheering hard for Kunj in the huge crowd..

And then
All the karters started racing…
..Kunj maintained his speed and Won!..

And then came Twinkle’s chance ..
While she was getting ready..she was about to wear the helmet..
” Twinkle.. “.Kunj called out.
“.. Hmm..”.. Twinkle Hummed.
“.. Take care..dhyaan se chalana..”.. Expatiated Kunj with a voice full of care for her..

” Don’t worry Bunny..main Punjabi pataka hoon..Amritsar di Sherni…I’ll be fine enough to eat up your brains..”..Twinkle harangued full of attitude.

“Umhh..nuch.. Meri sherni..”.. Kunj mumbled..

” did you said something? “..Twinkle asked..

” no no..All the best..”..Kunj wished and went.

Next scene-

Twinj clicked a lot of pics with their trophies…

[This means that Twinkle too won…I am not dragging it..pata nahi kya socha tha ki ye part dal diya…?]

…they ran from their hand in hand…

Outside the exit Two bouncers stood with gearless cycles..

Kunj handed the Trophies to them and took the cycle..

Twinkle looked at him surprised!!..

Twinkle’s POV-

Really!!.. Kunj how do you manage to be so cute when you are already looking damn hot haan!!..I thought when we both had already started riding.. Cool breeze was kissing our faces but you know a glance at him is more soothing that the breeze…God I Love this guy…he played Chal wahaan jaatein hain in his mobile…its like apne dil ki baat keh raha hai..
We cycled in the woods when Kunj asked me to stop in front of a wall of tendrils with beautiful purple tiny flowers..”come”..he said grabbing my hand and we entered the wall!!..I mean it was empty.. Just tendrils hanging..

While following Kunj..I was able to see mixed emotions on Kunj’s face..excitement.. Happiness.. Joy..and much more..And this was raising my curiosity …I was just looking at him when the sound of water brimming on stones reached my ears..”Kunj…where are we?”..I inquired.. “You trust me?”.. Kunj asked stopping and looking at me..I looked at him with my eyes bawling..’YES’…he smiled and told me to continue to walk..

We moved further and the sight made me awestruck..Kunj brought me here to fulfill my Wish!…I could see a wide carpet of beautiful purple & blue forget-me-nots..along the banks of a beautiful brook..flowing upon small pebbles… I amn’t able to control myself..I motioned towards them cupping my face…It has been my extreme desire to see these flowers.. Since childhood I have heard that these flowers are the symbolic of lovers and their Love..and I am sooooo happy that today I am here..with MY LOVE… thank you so much Kunj…I started caressing those flowers gently with my fingers sitting on my knees.. I felt someone behind me…I know he’s Kunj…” How’s the surprise?..”…Kunj asked me…”Amazing.. Amazing.. Amazing.. I am soooooo happy Kunj..thank you..”..I replied chirping.. “I have something for you..”..Kunj said surprising me again…” “What?”..I asked getting up…

So My darlos…How was it?
I hope title ke extension dekh khushi Hui ho…now you can guess what could be next…
So just one question..
Who’s POV do you guys want next?..
Or Narrator..
I’ll go with you guys..

Thanks a lotttt for you Lovely comments and all the writers I am sorry for not commenting on your ffs…now will try for sure..
Some messages..
Adya- yaar your OS is amazing… Too good.. Keep going..
Ritzi- You are awesome girl.
Romaisha- Darling…I am in love with your new ff..muah.
Baby- yaar apne computer wale Bhaiya ka no. de main baat maroon..had hai…kab vapas ayega tera comp.??…msg me when its back.
And the other writers.. I have read all the posts…but sorry in snapshots.. I din commented…but will try my best..pakka..muah..all the best to all those who have just started writing… Go on..

Love you ?

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