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Yeh Vaada Raha (episode 6)

Guys 🙁 Really Really Really Sorry for the late update. I know you all would be angry on me but I was quite (no a lot) busy with my studies. I didn’t have the time to write this episode fully. That’s why I took a lot of time. Sorry guys!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

Here is today’s episode. Enjoy it… 😉


Ragini: Everything was going well, right? Rageshwari accepted you love… (She got thinking) Wait, Wait! You are saying Rageshwari accepted your love but the Father said that she rejected your love.
Sanskar (smiled at her): I too thought the same that she loved me but… all that was revenge.
Ragini (looked on shocked): Revenge?! And that too Rageshwari! But why?!

Flashback starts…

Rageshwari was seen in her house, getting into deep thoughts.

Rageshwari (in mind): What is happening to me? I went there to take revenge but why am I getting attract to him? Why, whenever I get close to him, I feel like he is for me. Why my heart is keep saying that he isn’t at fault. Why? Why!!! (She heard someone opening the door with full force, it was Sanskar) Sanskar?

Sanskar entered the house with full force and came near Rageshwari. He held her hair in anger and pinned her against the wall. (Boldo Na Zara plays …) Anger and disappointment were seen in his eyes while Rageshwari was staring him in pain. Sanskar was holding Rageshwari so close that it made her impossible to push him from her.
Tears were coming from his eyes. Rageshwari couldn’t see Sanskar in tears and pain. She started crying. She didn’t even realize that she was crying for the one whom she wanted to take revenge from.

Sanskar (shouted): Why did you do this! Why did you play with my feelings! (Rageshwari looked at him with teary eyes) Tell me! Why!

Sanskar pinned her, even more, against the wall, which made her to feel the pain. It was paining her so much that she pushed him with full force.

Rageshwari (pushed him): What are you doing here!
Sanskar (grabbed her arm in anger): What am I doing here! I must ask you this! What are you doing in my life! Did you come in my life to play with my feelings!
Rageshwari (in anger): I didn’t do anything! It was you who have done all this!
Sanskar: What?!
Rageshwari: Don’t you remember or shall I make you remember!
Sanskar: What did I do!
Rageshwari: Waah! Kya baat hai! You are behaving as if nothing had happened! Maybe you are behaving like this as you must have cheated many women…

These words were making him loose his sense and before Rageshwari could complete her sentence, Sanskar slapped her hard as she talked badly about him. Rageshwari fell down, holding her cheek which turned red.

Flashback ends…

Sanskar: Because she thought that I was the reason behind Parineeta’s death.
Ragini (confused): What?! I didn’t understand anything.
Sanskar: Raagu was Parineeta’s best friend, turned sister. Since I was the biological son of my father, she thought that I was Parineeta’s husband, means Adarsh.
Ragini: Oh, I see. So all of that was a…
Sanskar (interrupted her): A drama.

Flashback starts…

Sanskar (confused and shouted): What nonsense are you talking! What did I do!
Rageshwari: Don’t act like you don’t know anything! You are a killer! Yes! You killed my sister!
Sanskar: Your sister? From when you had a sister! And moreover who is she?
Rageshwari (tears were coming out her eyes): Parineeta! The only one who cared about me after my mother’s death … The one who cared me like a mother … The one who taught me to live… The one who loved me like a real sister… (She broke down) When I saw you in the church, I didn’t know what was happening to me but all I thought is that you weren’t like others! Till now, I never felt like that for anyone! But you were the one who tried to share my sorrow. I thought that… God send you for me! (She shouted) But it was then I came to know your truth!!! You killed Parineeta, my beloved sister!
Sanskar (interrupted): Raagu! You are thinking me wrong! I didn’t do anything to Parineeta! Please trust…
Rageshwari (interrupted him): Again lie! How many lies would you tell! May be, you can make any others girl believe you but not me!! I came to know your true face, Sanskar! I came to know you! Then I thought to teach you a lesson. I wanted to make you realize how it would be felt when someone whom we love just betrays us! You spoiled my sister’s life… And I came to spoil yours! I hate you Sanskar!! I hate you! Till my last breath, I would keep, hating you! YEH VAADA RAHA!!

Flashback ends…

Ragini: So that’s why you killed her.
Sanskar (smiled faintly): That’s what people are saying. (He got up from the bed)

While Ragini was talking with Sanskar, all were looking at her in fear. In that time, Manpreet was able to speak as before his mouth was shut by Sanskar.

Manpreet (to Aryan): Yaar, for real, Ragini has gone mad.
Aryan: Why?
Manpreet: Otherwise who would talk alone like this? If, for real, Sanskar is here then who would talk to a murderer; that too to a ghost. I think we should take her from here.
Aryan: She would beat you so much that you would spend your entire life in hospital. Plus Sanskar is next to her, so be quiet and sit here.
Ragini: Sanskar…
Sanskar: No. I didn’t kill Rageshwari. I love her so much. I would hurt myself, but I never thought to hurt or force her.
Ragini: You could have tried to convince her.
Sanskar: I tried a lot.

Flashback starts…

Rageshwari was seen outside the church, where she was picking flowers in a basket. It was then Sanskar arrived and saw her. He went near her.

Sanskar: Raagu… (Rageshwari saw Sasnkar near her)
Rageshwari: I told you not to come in front of me. Why did you come?!
Sanskar: Raagu listen to me…
Rageshwari (interrupted): I told you, right? Not to follow me! (She went from there)
Sanskar (himself): Not again Raagu. This time you have to learn the truth about Parineeta’s death and about my love. (He went following her).

Sanskar was seen running with painful eyes. He was following Rageshwari, who was seen walking faster. He, somehow, came in front of her, blocking her way. He hugged her. It was a deadlock hug. (Uska Hi Banana plays…) The Deadlock hug made both of them to have a body-crushing hug that almost borders on his fear of letting her go. Rageshwari, who couldn’t resist, reciprocated the hug, making it even tighter. In this hug, both intertwined themselves as tightly as they possibly could, squeezing out every last drop of air separating them. This position was about deep commitment and not wanting to be apart. He kept staying like this. Both had a painful and a crying face, showing how the two were, for each other.

Sanskar (still hugging her): Raagu, I know that you hate me but believe me. I didn’t do anything except loving you! I love you! I really love you! It wasn’t me who married Parineeta. It was my brother Adarsh. I was in London when all this happened. If I were here, I would have stopped him.
Rageshwari (crying): Sanskar…
Sanskar (broke the hug but still held her): Raagu, let me speak please! You said that you would hate me till your last breath. I’m promising you that I would keep loving you even if my heart stop beating! YEH VAADA RAHA!

He left the place with a painful heart and Rageshwari fell on her kneel and cried heavily, realizing, how she means to him.

Flashback ends…

Ragini: Then?
Sanskar: Rageshwari herself realized the truth and she accepted my love. (Ragini smiled)

Flashback starts…

Sanskar was carrying Rageshwari in his arm and Rageshwari was staring him with love. Both were seen happy as if, their longtime problem came to an end. He took her to a room and put her down. They were in the entrance of that room. He took her inside by holding her hand.

Sanskar (to Rageshwari): Raagu this would be our room after marriage. (He looked at Rageshwari) What happened? Didn’t you like it?
Rageshwari: This looks so beautiful, Sanskar. I really like it. (She hugged Sanskar) Thank you Sanskar!
Sanskar: For what? For this room?
Rageshwari: No… For forgiving me. (Tears rolled from her eyes)
Sanskar (broke the hug and wiped her tears): No more tears from now. And by the way, I should thank you … (Rageshwari looked on) for coming into my life. Seriously Raagu, if you weren’t there, I don’t know what would have happened… (Rageshwari and Sanskar hugged each other and smiled)
Rageshwari: I love you!
Sanskar: I love you too! (Tum hi ho piano instrumental version plays…)
Rageshwari (broke the hug): Arre, what is this?

She went near that. It was a piano. Rageshwari was looking excited as she always loved to play piano. She caressed slowly the keyboard and one of her finger accidently pressed the piano keys. A melody sound came out of it. She smiled and Sanskar too smiled, seeing her smile and happiness.

Rageshwari: From when do you know to play it?
Sanskar: To be frank, I never learnt to play piano. I bought it for you.
Rageshwari (smiled): Me?
Sanskar: Haan. I can to do anything to bring a smile in your face. (He pulled her cheeks)
Rageshwari: Ouch! (Both smiled)
Rageshwari: Can I play it?
Sanskar: Of course Raagu.

Rageshwari smiled and took her seat to play the piano. Firstly, she again, touched the piano to feel it. Then, she started caressing the piano keys so that she could get an idea of the tune to play. She smiled indicating that she got one. She started playing it. She played the tune, which was the reason of her meeting with Sanskar for the first time, in the church. (The bgm of vishkanya when Malay saw Apu in the party) Sanskar was happy as she played the tune which symbolized their love. The tune, which was the reason for him to meet again, his Raagu. He happily hugged her from back while she was still playing the tune, with a smile.

Flashback ends…

Ragini (confused): Raageshwari has accepted your love. You both were happy… Then how she died?
Sanskar (getting emotional): Because of her.
Ragini: Kaun?
Sanskar: Chandravati.

When Sanskar pronounced the name “Chandravati”, Ragini remembered how the father told her about Chandravati, in the church.

Flashback starts…

Father: At the same moment, his best friend was also in love with him.
People are saying that the boy killed the girl in a fit of rage for not accepting his love. Others are saying that the woman also is linked in that.
Ragini: Father, may I know the name?
Father (smiled): the woman’s name was…Chandravati

Flashback ends…

Ragini’s head was spinning like anything. The name ” Chandravati” was echoing in her mind, repeatedly. It was haunting her. She closed the eyes and many flashes were running into her mind but none was understandable for her. She was going into deep thoughts when Sanskar called out her name, making her to come out of her thoughts.

Sanskar (worried): Ragini…

She opened her eyes and saw Sanskar, who was looking worried. She stared at him and he stared at her. Both were looking into each other’s eyes and went into deep thoughts.

Flashback starts…

We can see a young couple, with two kids, entering a mansion. It was the Maheshwari family.

Ram Prasad: Sujatha, from today, this is our house.
Sujata (amazed): It’s looking beautiful.
Ram Prasad (to servants): Put those things in that room (pointing towards a room).
Servants: Ji Mallik!!
Sujatha: Sanskar! Adarsh! Go and see your room!
Adarsh: Ok, Maa. Sanskar, Come!

Both went to see their rooms. Adarsh’s room was downstairs so he quickly went inside his room. Sanskar’s room was upstairs so he had to climb those long stairs, which led him to his room. Sanskar went to his room and was amazed as it was really a big one for him. It showed how his father was rich. He went inside. He liked each and everything in that room. His things were already there. He went near the balcony, where he admired, from inside, the view. While admiring, he saw a little girl, of his age, being bullied by some children. The girl was in the verge of crying. Sanskar saw this and rushed outside. He went near those children.

Sanskar (pushing a boy): Why are you disturbing her? Go from here! (The little girl looked at Sanskar, with teary eyes)
A boy: Who are you to ask that? If you don’t want to get beaten up by us, go from here!

The boy was about to hit him but Adarsh came and beat all the boys. They all ran away from there.

Adarsh (worried): Sanskar, Are you ok?
Sanskar: Yes Adarsh, I’m fine. (He looked at the little girl and went near her) Are you ok? (The girl simply nodded) Why aren’t you speaking?
The little girl: Because no one likes me…. (She looked down)
Sanskar: Who told you this! From now, I’m your friend. Hi! I’m Sanskar and this is my brother Adarsh. (He forwarded his hand)
The little girl (smiled): Hi… I’m Chandravati. (She shook hands with him)

Flashback ends…

Sanskar: From that time, Chandravati became my friends. We were so close to each other. There wasn’t even a single thing that I didn’t hide from her. People were sometime, gossiping, as to be lovers. But I never cared about it as I considered her to be my very good friend. Soon after this, I went to London, for my studies… When I returned, I fell in love with Raagu.
Ragini: Then what was the reason for Ragini’s death? How did she kill her? Even if, for what?
Sanskar (smirked weakly): Because she was madly in love with me about which I was unaware of… Her madness increased when she learnt about me, getting married to Raagu. It was two days before our marriage. I saw changes in her behavior. The night before our marriage, I saw Raagu, jumping off from a cliff. I didn’t know what was happening and why. I was shattered to know that Chandravati was behind all this. I was completely broken. I too jumped after her in the cliff and I became what I’m now.

Flashback starts…

Sanskar (came running): Raagu!!! What happened! Why did she jump!
Chandravati: Sanskar, calm down!
Sanskar (cried): How can I?! She is my life and you were watching her jumping from the cliff. Why didn’t you stop her! Oh my god! What should I do now!
Chandravati (shouted in anger): Enough Sanskar! Everytime you are speaking about her as if she is the one who love you the most!
Sanskar: Of course she is!
Chandravati: No she isn’t! There are also who love you the most!
Sanskar: No Chandravati! No one can love me the way Raagu love me!
Chandravati: No!
Sanskar: Yes!
Chandravati: No!
Sanskar: Yes!
Chandravati: No!
Sanskar: Why!
Chandravati: Because I love you damn it!
Sanskar (shocked): What?! What are you saying?
Chandravati: Haan Sanskar! I love you a lot and that too limitless… I love you from our childhood when you saved me from those boys. You were the first one after my mother who supported me and cared for me! I love you Sanskar! I really….
Sanskar: Enough! This is the reason why you didn’t stop her from jumping, isn’t it?
Chandravati (smirked): Do you really think that I can stand this low for my love! (Sanskar looked on) Then you are wrong Sanskar… Because I can stood even worse than this! (Sanskar was shocked) What did you think? That I will let her take you away from me! No way, that’s why I ASKED HER TO JUMP! And stupid girl, she did it!
Sanskar (ran towards her and strangled her): How dare you Chandravati! How dare you! You know that I love her…
Chandravati: I also love you!
Sanskar: No you don’t! If you loved me then you would have thought about my happiness. You wouldn’t have done such a thing!
Chandravati (getting angry): Sanskar! I’m not the one who can sacrifice anything for love! I’m the one who can snatch anything for love! And that’s what I did! I love you and I won’t let anyone come between us!! Did you understand! Now Raageshwari is gone! You are only mine now!
Sanskar (smirked): I’m not yours! I’m only hers (pointing where Rageshwari jumped from)! I’m only hers…. I’m only hers…. (Saying this he jumped from the cliff)
Chandravati (screaming): Sanskaaaar!!!!!

After Sanskar jumped from the cliff, Rageshwari’s soul was seen to go up. But Sanskar’s soul wasn’t. He didn’t understand anything.

Sanskar: Why am I not going up?
Chandravati: You won’t Sanskar as I’m controlling your soul. You would never be with Rageshwari, even in death.

Flashback ends.

Sanskar: This is the mansion where I lived. And the room you visited that day was mine. I’m roaming like a ghost here.
Ragini: Now I understand.

Suddenly, the clock rang. It was 6 o’clock in the morning and Sanskar’s soul was disappearing little by little.

Ragini: Hoy, what is happening?
Sanskar: It’s six and I should go. (He completely disappeared)
Ragini (looking at her friends): Guys why are you like this?
Manpreet: Nothing… (Stammered) Sir, how are you? Did you have a nice talk (talking somewhere else)
Ragini: Pagal, he has gone! (Herself) Oh No, I didn’t sleep because of listening to his story.
All her friends (in anger): Even we!

Precap: Mystery attacks.

How was it? 🙂 Once again… sorry for the late update!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

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