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Yeh Vaada Raha 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi walks in a daze, upstairs, as she remembers tai’s threats, and finds the pistol. she wonders what to do. then tai calls her with a videocall, and shows her khushi starpped in a chair with a bomb. khushi winces in pain, but puts a brave face, and then tells survi not to worry as she is fine, and knos that they shall come and manage to save her. tai again reminds her the deadline, so that she can understand what she needs to do. after she cancels, Tai taunts khushi that they shall see now whether survi manages to do her work. khushi is apalled and uncontrollably in tears. Meanwhile, Survi determinedly gets to filling the pistol. she hears kartik’s voice holering for her, and rushes down. she eyes kartik as he smiles at her.


she then rushes to the temple, and prays to the lord to help her in such difficult times. as she descends down, she finds another of tai’s spy, a waiter, showing her the video of khushi screaming in pain. she is apalled. before she can react, kartik pulls her close, for a romantic dance number, while she is concerned for khushi. he asks where is she lost, but she distracts him. then after the dance, she goes to bindu, and asks her not to look back, and pretends to be at calm and peace, and asks bindu not to react too. survi tries to get behind bindu and tell her and asks about kishore, when she says that she knows everything, as tai sent her the video too. she tells that tai has cameras installed everywhere, wherein she gets every second’s info. tai meanwhile sees the two of them together, on CCTV, and calls survi, to tell her not to be oversmart if she wants the daughter alive. she canecls. Bindu says that they cant do anything, as tai is capable of doing anything, and they cant risk khushi’s life for that, as they have merely 15 minutes left. she is tensed. then kartik asks about khushi for the cake cutting, and survi assures that she shall be back in ten minutes. she is still tensed and nervous, in a dilemma as to what to do. Khushi cries inconsolably. she then calls kartik in the midst of the party celebrations, and when he turns around, in front of the entire family. she aims the pistol at him, thinking about her moments with him as well as her. everyone is shocked including kartik. she asks all of them to stay put, as she wont harm them, and she has just one work left. she asks him not to come closer too, as she needs to do this. tai comes in taunting that this was the proclaimed love that they were talking about, wherein survi has the pistol aimed at her husband, and shall kill im. she laments at his bad luck, and asks survi to fire away. lata is shocked to see her. tai asks her to focus on whats important, and once the work is done, she can continue back with her interrogation. she also tells that she did manage to supercede survi, as this is whats she wanted, to turn her against her own husband. she guffaws, and says that she wanted to see this all along. she asks survi to get to work, as she has promised severely for the husband’s long life. she asks her to fire, as she wants to see her torment, and fire, since she cant afford to waste time. all watch helplessly. tai tells her that if she doesnt kill him, then khushi shall die, as she has the remote control in her hand to tick off the time bomb, thats timer set otherwise. they are distraught. she asks survi to get to business. she is unable to, and tai gives her a countdown uptil 5. till tai counts to 4, kartik himself asks survi to kill him. tai likes the idea, and asks survi to listen, as the police is on their way, and when she is in jail, tai shall enjoy it the most. tai manages to provocate survi, by saying that she shall pull the button on the remote, that shall kill khushi. all are aghast as kartik falls on the ground, blood gushing out of his heart, after she fires away. tai watches evilly and victoriously. lata collapses in the sofa. As survi screams for kartik, with his head in her lap, he somehow manages to breathe shallow, and is able to mutter some incoherent words of love, before breathing his past. all are aghast and apalled as they cry inconsolably. The screen freezes on his dead face.

Precap: A strange lady waits with her car’s bonnet up, and smoke emanating from it, watching it when kartik passes by. he finds her like this on a stranded road, and asks if he can help. without revealing her face, she complies. he gets in the car and tries to get it on. Meanwhile the lady too gets in the car and starts driving. she drives reckless, and kartik is taken off his balance due to it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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