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Yeh Vaada Raha 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai and pyare wonder why hasnt screams come yet from krishna’s room. he is sure and confident of his full proof plan, but she is furious that if he messes this time around, she shall kill him instead of krishna. but pyare is skeptic and then asks if he shall go and check. she asks him not to, as that would alert and unsettle him about their plan and asks him to rest it off. they comply. survi, as the maid and krishna hear it from above, and she instigates him. he then rushes to kalindi and vikram, and enraged tells him about the way tai was planning to kill him, removing all doubts from their mind, as he clears all their doubts. then he stealthily goes into tai’s room and gets the thumb print, on papers, while she is in a slumber.


survi and kishore find him doing so, and thank the lord galore for their help, and asks them to continue his blessing forever. the next morning, As tai is having breakfast with pyare, krishna comes and starts reprimanding her, for trying to be oversmart to kill her. at first they try and deny, and when they know that he knows every detail, and she stands speechless. he tells that when she was being oversmart, and waiting for his death. he had stealthily crept in her room and gotten her signature on the property papers. she is boggled, when vikram shows the papers to her, coming in, adding that these are totally genuine. she gets enraged and raises her knife at him. he reciprocates with his pistol, and pyare too draws his out, and points it at him. vikram has one pointed at pyare. just then, survi comes and starts clapping, taunts them that she should tell them that the property papers have rightly been transferred to kartik, as before krishna went in, she had changed the papers, for her profit. they are shocked. Tai is aghast. survi continues to taunt them, while he is about to it her, but she stops his hand midway and asks him to beware that if he does so, he shall have to face the next stint in jail. tai wonders how is this possible. survi reminds how krishna proved that she is an illiterate, and doesnt know how to sign. tai is enraged and asks why she did so. krishna is enraged and rushes out. he asks kalindi and vikram to keep an eye on her. they come in. while survi cant be left like this. Outside, krishna talks to the bank fellow. he then reaches the bank.

Meanwhile, Lata comes with the rest of the family. tai grabs survi, but krishna comes and asks her to calm down as not much wrong has been done. he says that he got the property papers, before being transferred, and tai inspects them. survi stands tensed, with her family. tai swears revenge now, and then asks him if he was actually that foolish to think he would get everything, merely by a thumb. survi struggles with tai for the papers, and she slaps survi tight across her face and she falls on the ground, and hits her head on the table, and it starts bleeding. she stands up yet again and says that this time she wont let her win. he tells her that she has lost and now overestimate herself. tai fumes, and starts reprimanding her to consider her this foolish. survi stands tensed. tai asks him to kill her straightaway and finish it once and for all, and asks vikram to get rid of the body and anyone else too, if they try and act smart. krishna asks vikram how many bullets he has. he takes the gun from vikram, while all get scared. he eyes survi with the pistol aimed at her head, while tai instructs him to kill her. khushi is scared. survi reminds khushi not to be scared as times of trouble should be faced bravely. he stops. tai asks why. he asks whats the hurry, and that he shall not give her an easy death, after the way she tormented them. tai says that she needs to kill her, and then asks him to do it. survi says that she wont kill her, as she is scared that kartik shall come after her and actually she is a coward. she gets slapped yet again. all are shocked. tai screams that she isnt scared of kartik and reminds the innumerous murder attempts she made on kartik, but she thwarted every attempt. she says that she shall kill her, and then find out who shall save the remaining people. she says that from this day, forth, krishna shall live as kartik and she shall rule the house. tai burnw down the papers guffawing loudly. she then asks lata, why she raised just one son, to instigate krishna furthermore. lata stands apalled. As tai guffaws, survi starts guffawing along with lata and the rest of the family. tai is boggled and her team too. Krishna has the gun aimed at tai, while she is shocked and asks whats going on. he screams and lashes that he is Kartik and not krishna. tai and her team is shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on survi’s determinant face.

Precap: Khushi is trapped in a chair, with bomb jacket strapped to her, while tai calls up survi, and asks her to get to her work, and kill kartik in the next 30 minutes, placing a bullet in him, if she wishes to see khushi alive. survi is apalled. but she determinedly gets to filling the pistol. she then calls kartik in the midst of the party celebrations, and when he turns around, in front of the entire family. she aims the pistol at him. everyone is shocked including kartik. Meanwhile, tai taunts khushi that they shall see now whether survi manages to do her work. khushi is apalled and uncontrollably in tears.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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