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Yeh Vaada Raha 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi hits the girl, and it turns out to be someone else. she asks who is she, and gets to know that she has been sent. she nabs her, and then asks khushi not to be scared as today is the day wen they fight out injustice. While all ardently pray, lata prays to the lord, asking him to avert the trouble looming over their family, and tells him that if he as much as tries to take someone’s life, then he shall give her life. she starts banging her head on the stone pedestal, while all rush to rescue her, as her head starts bleeding severely. just then, survi and khushi bring that girl, while she begs to be allowed to go, as she isnt at fault. hema notices survi’s wounds, and rushes to get first aid. lata is overwhelmed to find them


both safe. survi tells them that there isnt any ghosts or spirits, but just a well planned calculated move. kishore asks how did she know. she narrates everything. she shows the pic to everyone, which is Ichcha, and the date is last month’s, and if ichcha died 70 years earlier, then why was the pic taken last month. she says that someone is trying to befool them and there is someone behind this. hema wonders if this means this baba is fake too. he tries to run, but kishore and aniket nab him, and tie him to a pillar. survi turns to the girl to tell the truth. bindu slaps her and asks her to speak up. when she denies, she gets slapped yet again. but then aniket holds her hand, while all are baffled. he asks her how did she know, that khushi had a noose around her neck, as survi never said this, then how can she say this. all are forced to thinking. bindu looks visibly tensed. she tries to distract them, by making up some excuses. survi cross questions. bindu tries to give one lame excuse after the other, but kishore confronts her and slaps her tight across her face. then he takes out his belt, while survi asks whats he doing. he says that this shall spill the truth. kishore meanwhile takes her inside, and locks the room, while hitting sounds come from inside. Later, when the inspector comes out, kishore comes out tensedly, and speaks that its tai, who is the culprit. she is shocked along with everyone else. they are aghast, as he knows that tai is planning for the last move today, and bindu was helping her so far, and she went to meet her in jail. survi asks the inspector to allow her to meet tai. he calls up the jail. he is tensed when he talks. she asks whats the matter. he tells her that tai has been released, on account of good behaviour. survi is apalled to know this, and wonders what to do, and what condition kartik might be in. she wonders where to start searching. Just then, bindu comes amidst claps, saying that this is called winning a lost bet, and survi lost out. aniket says that she should be ashamed of thinking about doing this, to the family. hema too reprimands her, but bindu lashes out that tai isnt wrong, and that she is responsible for kartik’s success, and he hasnt done any favour, and has never considered them family. hema tries to hit him, survi says that she doesnt want to get into discussing who is right and who is wrong, but just wishes to know where kartik is. bindu says that she shall tell him, but shall she do about what tai has done to kartik, as he is not like before, and has gone far. survi screams out and asks her for kartik’s address. aniket asks kishore to hit her yet again to find the truth, but when he progreses, she stops him saying that she shall tell.

Scene 2:
Location: Isolated room
Kartik winces out, that the goddess should save him. just then, maa durga appears, in bright light, while ichcha and her parents are petrified. he continues begging to be saved, while the so called ghosts pretend to be scared. tai comes and caresses her forehead and then starts taking out one person after the other. kartik is overwhelmed as he manages to get up somehow, and with folded ands, thanks her for saving him, and then doses off into unconsciousness, into tai’s arms, as she eyes his viciously. she remembers all the insults and torments he had put her through.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
survi and kishore drive frantically, while he keeps giving her directions, to lead to where kartik is. As survi and kishore somehow make their way through the locked door, and manage to get it open, they enter a delapidated and ruined building, and start screaming for kartik. they find food plates thrown around, hair cut, and blood stains, and an electrocuting machine. he also finds kartik’s jeans, and shows it to survi. they wonder whether tai got to know that they are coming here and fled from here. they are about to leave, when they hear a sound behind a wooden plank. they struggle completely and finally manage to push the plank away and reveal a secret door behind it. she locks the door. as they get in, survi is apalled to see what she does. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Survi tells the lord, that she shall hurt herself, if he tries to hurt her kartik. she starts walking on hr knees, saying that she needs his help and wishes for kartik’s good health, and shall come to meet him in his place, on her knees. while continuing this arduous journey, her knees start bleeding, but regardless, she continues on her journey. just then, kishore calls her up asking where is she. she says that she is going to the temple, for kartik’s sake, and asks him if he is fine now. he tells her that kartik’s life is in danger. she is apalled to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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