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Yeh Vaada Raha 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Survi walks in the Haveli with Khushi quietly trailing after her. As Survi throws the rice, a pot flies towards her and Khushi screams out for her. On being asked, Khushi says that she came as she had to save her father. The rice bag falls and spills the rice and everything start flying around. As they try to run, strong wind blows and they are separated. Survi gets wounded and falls on the ground. She tells Khushi to leave ASAP and faints. The spirit appears as Khushi tries to wake her mother. On seeing the spirit, Khushi gets scared but doesn’t leave her mother’s side (She’s so much like her mom-dad ). The spirit tells Khushi that she shouldn’t have come here and now she’ll meet the same fate as her mother. Khushi tries to escape the spirit but is soon caught when


she goes back to Survi. The spirit tries to place Khushi on the nook but Survi wakes up. What follows is an epic sequence where Lady Dabbang Survi gets an iron rod and attacks the ‘spirit’ who pleads her to stop. When Survi questions her, she says she was paid to act like a ghost.

As the bag falls from Survi’s hand, the saint tells everyone that something bad has happened. Bindu becomes anxious and says that it was wrong to send Survi as she doesn’t believe in ghosts. The saint asks for a picture of Kartik and Hema goes to get it. However, she comes down running and tells everyone that Khushi is not in her room. The saint says there are 2 people present in the Haveli and the whole family begins panicking. Kishore and Aniket try to leave for the Haveli to save SuShi but are stopped the saint. A scared Bindu pleads to them to do what the saint says.

Along with her mom and dad, Iccha sits in the place to perform her black magic and calls Kartik to come out. Kartik struggles to get up and manages to close the door before Iccha comes in to get him and she threatens Kartik to open the door. When he doesn’t open, she appears behind him and tells him that there is no escape. Kartik is forced to comply and Iccha begins her rituals as Kartik keeps mumbling to let him go. Iccha proceeds to take out sickle (is that what it’s called? ) and sharpens it on a stone. Kartik starts praying to God to save him.

Precap: SuShi reach Barve mansion and inform everyone that there is no ghost. Kishore concludes that Tai is behind all this.

Update Credit to: Awaaradil

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