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Yeh Vaada Raha 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1:
Location: Jail
Survi is about to go out, when the warden asks her to fill the in and out time. survi complies and then thanks her for allowing for a visit this late. while signing the register, she also finds aniket’s signature on the register, and remembers that he had said that he never met her. she is boggled.


Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi comes back and starts searching for kartik. hema says that he must have gone out for some work. lata says that she has no clue as she was busy helping khushi to sleep. Meanwhile, Ichcha stands right there, and asks her whats the matter, and also asks about kartik. survi says that she knows where kartik is, and eyes ichcha weirdly. she leaves without saying anything. ichcha smirks.

Scene 3:
Location: Haveli and On the road
Suddenly, in the mobile light, Kartik comes face to face with the mysterious girl, and is stunned and taken aback. he asks who is she and what does she need from him. she asks why is he getting angry and calls him towards her. he says that whoever she is, he shall tell her truth to survi, and expose her in front of everyone. he tries to run out, but the main doors go shut. he turns around and finds her approaching, and desperately, with fear, tries to unlock the door. she asks him not to try as the door wont open, and asks why is he running away from her, as she had said that she wouldnt have a problem with her, and now that she is here, then whats the problem. he tries to get past her and strangle her, but his hand and body goes past her, and she realises that she doesnt actually exists, as all attempts for him to catch hold of her fail. he then finds the father and the mother too appear in ghostly form, and ask him when he was okay with being with her, then why run away now. he says that their daughter wanted to get married, and he needs to fulfill his promise of helping her now. The girl beckons kartik and asks him to come closer to him, and tells that she shall come to take him on Amasvasya night, after three days. he is in pain and writhes, clutching at his head tightly, as he is unable to bear the guffawing cacaphony as she laughs out loudly, reverberating inside the entire isolated haveli. he finds fresh blood lying on the floor, and a white sheet upon something, and when he lifts it up, he finds that its the inspector’s dead body. they approach him, and tell him that the police was becoming on obstacle, in the girl’s plan, and was stopping him again and again, and hence he had to be killed. kartik tries to run, but she says that its of no use, as they have to be together, one day. she says that her powers shall come to use now, as he shall leave with her tomorrow, as he can live all he wants tonight, as after that he shall have to leave everything, and come with her. the girl, and her parents all beckon him as they circle around him. he rushes away to the main gate, and finds it open. he hurriedly rushes to the car, and then tries to drive, but it doesnt start. he hitchhikes and gets a lift to be dropped ahead. he is oblivious that survi just passes by his car, and approaches towards the haveli. she gets in front of the haveli, and eyes it, and wonders if kartik’s car isnt here then where can he be. she remembers him calling about it, and then herself gets to it, and finds the door locked, and opens it with a stone. survi too enters the haveli. she is shocked that the glass is shattered where ichcha’s pic was with her parents. she looks around and then gets back in the car and drives off. the girl eues her going, and then automatically the lock gets back itself on the main gate.

On the road, kartik is thoroughly shaken up by what he saw. the driver finds him like that and asks if he is okay. he complies. he is dropped at his residence. he rushes in, and then realises that he forgot to thank the fellow, and goes back to the car but finds that the girl is sitting in the driver’s seat. he retreats totally petrified, as she comes out, asking why is he scared, as she helped him throughout the way, even thought he left her half way. he rushes in, while she starts smirking.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As kartik rushes inside, he starts hollering for survi. hema, lata and others come out, asking what happened. he continues asking for survi. aniket asks why is he so tensed. kartik again starts blabbering, that his girlfriend is a spirit. ichaha joins them too. kartik is shocked to see, and says that she cant be here, as she was just in the haveli, and then outside. hema says that ichcha is with them for so long. kartik starts going nuts, wondering how can she be in so many places. khushi is scared as she sees him like that. he gets distraught and berserk, as he narrates everything, but finds that he himself doesnt sound believing much. he talks about how he landed here in her car, while survi tries to talk, but he shuts her up. he says that its her car only. he gathers everyone outside, and shows them the car, but they all stand boggled. as he himself looks, he finds that its kartik’s car only. they are disturbed for him. he is himself shocked at what he sees. survi rushes to him, while he doesnt realise whats going on. she tells him that he came back in this car. he says that its impossible, while ichcha keeps rotating one thumb over the other. he then says that he can prove that this girl is dead. they are shocked. he points out the blisters that were on her feet, after she stepped down from the temple. all are tensed and boggled, but to humour him, aniket asks her to comply. she takes off her shoes and then they all look at her feet. they are complete fine, and kartik falls flat on his face yet again. aniket asks him to stop, as she is his friend, and he has insulted her enough already and if he has a problem with him and her, then he can leave rightaway. he begs him not to talk like this about her, as she starts crying. kartik asks why would he want it, and tries to make him believe. survi says that noone shall go anywhere and they shall all be here only. she calls the ladies inside, and then also asks kartik to come in. ichcha smirks at him, while he is enraged. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Kartik is again lured in by the sound of the anklets, and finds that Ichcha is beckoning to him, asking him to come. As they are in a room, lit by candles, on all walls of the room, kartik and ichcha confront each other. she asks him if he knows the consequences of denying her what she wants, as she can kill his daughter. he finds khushi lying on the floor, unconscious. she reminds him that he loves survi dearly. she warns enraged that one by one, she shall finish his entire family.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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