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Yeh Vaada Raha 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
While kartik desperately tries to stop survi, from blabbering inside, survi takes him aback, when he informs of aniket falling in love. he is shocked at this sudden turn of events, but he is super happy for aniket. she informs him that the girl is coming home tomorrow, and he has to come straight home tomorrow, without stopping the car. they all make fun of kartik, the way he was pleading survi. he tries to tease survi, and then leaves to freshen up. survi prays to the lord, and thanks him, to keep them happy and hearty always, as thats what she always wants. she leaves from there.


Later at night, in his sleep, kartik is still alarmed as he has nightmares of that woman, when he is oblivious of the fact that she stands at the front gate which opens on its own. she steps in barefoot, and walks inside the house. she starts walking through the house, and then takes the stairs, and arrives straight uptil kartik’s bed, wherein they both are blissfully asleep. she whispers in his ear, that he had said that he is okay if she comes with him, and now she is here to be with him, all his life. he wakes up alarmed, and wonders what was it, as there isnt anyone around. he then drinks some water as he is severely palpitating. he goes upto the window thoroughly boggled, oblivious of her presence right behind him. he goes back to sleep, while not observing a pin pricked ball placed beside his bed.

The next day, as survi feeds everyone, aniket is diet conscious. meanwhile, kartik, in his room, is talking on the phone, when someone lurks behind him. he senses the same and turns around, but doesnt find anyone. his foot slips, and survi catches him from falling. she asks why is he distracted. he thanks her, while she says that its her duty. hema cqalls them both down for food. kartik is getting late for office and hurriedly finishes while rushing out. survi is tensed. he feels nauseous due to the effect of the ball. she asks him to stay put inside the house, but he says that he has work. she asks him to stay, as aniket’s girl is coming today too. he apologises and says that he has to go, but shall return back in time. kishore leaves with him, too saying that he has some work.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s office, road and kartik’s residence
As they get papers, for the construction site, kartik asks kishore to show the papers to the lawyer, and get them proofread so that they can finalise the deal. while talking, kartik gets lost again. kishore asks whats the matter. he distracts him.

On the way back home, Kartik again gets survi’s call, asking where is he. he says that he is heading back. she asks him to get a nice gift for aniket’s girl. he starts teasing her romantically, while she asks him to come soon. he complies. Suddenly, an old man comes in front of kartik’s car, as he is on his way to work. the old man asks for his help in reaching the haveli to be able to take the meds there urgently, totally complaining that he isnt to be blamed, as its entirely his fault. he complies. the old man sits in the car, and shows him a certain direction where he wishes to go. the wipers start moving on their own. kartik relates the headlights going off with the girl the earlier night. kartik asks who is sick, and he informs that its his daughter. kartik sees the direction he shows. he says that there arent any houses there, as he takes this road everyday and has never seen one yet. The old man says that only those people know about their house, who have to, and he can see for himself. he sees something, on his broken and stopped watch. then he gets down and starts walking. as he gets down, the wipers stop. he is boggled. suddenly, out of nowhere, he finds a battered haveli. he then thinks that definitely its a gang theft racket, that involves many people, fooling innocent people. he gets down determined to find out.

Meanwhile, kishore asks one of the workers about kartik, at the construction site, and get to know that he never arrived since morning. he is baffled.

A baffled kartik follows after the old man. he asks the old man if his daughter is severely sick, then they can use the car to take her to a hospital. the old man is more than thankful and hurriedly asks him to get in. Just as he is about to get into the haveli, kartik gets kishore’s call, but as he enters, the cell reception goes off. he enters the haveli, totally alight. the old man says that now no phone would come. KArtik is baffled. seeing the house decorated, he asks if there is any wedding. the old man responds that there was. MEanwhile, kishore tells about how he isnt getting through kartik’s cell. a tensed Survi asks how is this possible, as this cant be. she then tries the number, and gets tensed when it doesnt get through.

AS the old man gets inside a room, he hears cries of a woman. the girl on the bed, has the same red bangles, that kartik identifies on the woman last night. beside her bed, a lady says that he took too long to come, as this med is of no use now, since the girl died. the old man is aghast. kartik tries to see the face, but the mother drapes the covers over her. the old man reprimands him that he wasnt of any use, and asks him to get lost. kartik rushes out dishevelled and distraught. he gets survi’s call the minute he steps out of the haveli. survi hurriedly asks him to tell where is he, as she shall come straightaway. he says that he is totally safe, and then tells the entire thing. she asks whats wrong with him, and why is he getting involved, and not listening to him. he asks her to calm down and not bother. she asks him to come home straightaway. he complies.

Suddenly, the police comes and asks kartik what was he doing here yet again, as he had instructed him yesterday about this area being deserted. he talks about how he left an old man, to his house, as he was lost and asked for help. he says that its a big racket of theft and gang robbery. but the police tell him that the house he is referring to, has been abandoned for many years and contains many secrets embedded in it, as all say, that a family committed suicide some years back, and their ghosts wander around. he says that the house lies stranded for almost 70 years now. but kartik tries to prove his point and then leads them to that place, which is in ruins now, covered in dust and rust, and is shocked. he asks how is this possible, and narrates what he just saw sometime back. the police say that its impossible, as the inmates died mysteriously. kartik talks animatedly as he talks about how his daughter’s dead body too is lying in the upper room. he takes off the covers over one of the furnitures, and is himself shocked at what he sees. its a picture of the same girl, with the same parents, who kartik just met. he is shocked. the police talk about how this girl was jilted at the altar, by her lover for another woman and she couldnt bear it, and gave up her life, due to the trauma. the police says that the parents killed themselves and since then its been isolated. kartik refuses to believe but the police states out the facts, and asks him not to step inside the house again, as its pretty mysterious. as they get to go, he hears anklets ringing. Kartik asks if they heard it now. but the police say that they didnt hear anything. they take him out, oblivious of the girl’s presence there. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As kartik comes back home, he hears the same sound of anklets, coming from inside the haveli. he comes and finally comes face to face with the girl in the red saree. Kartik is shocked to see that its the same girl, whose pic he had seen in the ruined haveli, by the deserted road, and who has been deemed to be dead. later, aniket introduces her as Ichcha, the girl that he wishes to marry. kartik is shocked and taken aback.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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