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Yeh Vaada Raha 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Tai taunts her on a great shot, as kartik dies in survi’s arms, and says that she needs nothing more, and says that now her business is settled with her. she says that one business is still unsettled, and is about to pull off the remote for khushi’s bomb, but the polic come in the nick of time, and stops tai from doing so. they arrest her. Kartik wakes up, and screams out her name, while tai is shocked and aghast. survi stands determinedly. he tells hr that its good she came here, and got herself arrested, or else they would be left pondering how to get to her. hema asks how this happened. kartik says that survi couldnt do anything because of tai’s eyes all around. she says that she slipped a paper in his pocket while they were dancing. he says that the bullet and the blood was fake, and the revolver was loaded wrongly. survi says that when she was telling bindu, kishore, at a distance heard it all, and now with this remote, she shall deactivate the bomb. he says that survi was right that tai wouldnt leave easily. survi points out that she did save her husband and child, and shall always protect them from her traps. tai starts guffawing and says that they shall always be one step short, and asks if she actually thought she would win over tai by such cheap tricks. tai then narrates her plan, saying that this is the AC remote, and that the bomb is still properly activated on her daughter, and the timer is set too. she asks survi how would she save her now. they both are enraged. kishore just then, rushes in with khushi, who has a bomb starpped to her chest. tai asks survi how would she save khushi. survi asks her to defuse the bomb. tai pretends to be scared of survi, and asks the inspector to take her away. but kartik and survi refrain from doing so, as tai shall meet the same fate as them. the inspector says that the bomb squad has been informed and shall come soon. survi says that they cant wait, and gets to taking ther jacket off. but tai asks her not to as the bomb would explode. kartik asks her to defuse it then. tai says that she wont, even if she has to die. kartik asks about the squad. but survi says that they have to find some way out and they cant wait any longer. he gets kishore to evacuate everyone. after that, kartik gets the pliers, and when survi tells him to, he follows her instructions. but she is in a dilemma whether the red or the blue wire is to be cut, as the countdown starts. with ten seconds to go, the mata’s dupatta falls on them, taking them by surprise. at the final second, survi asks for the red wire to be cut, and kartik does so, taking the lord’s name. they manage to save khushi.


Scene 2:
Location: On the road and Kartik’s residence
In the night, kartik is driving on the road, thinking about survi, when he gets her call. survi hollers and reprimands him for working so hard on the new Belapur Project. he tries to explains things to her, while he tries to impress her with a piece of jewellery. after much banter, he asks if she found the ganpati bracelet that he lost, tensed that he did. she denies. she asks him not to worry and come home soon, as all are leaving for Kolhapur tomorrow. they cancel the call. kartik has problem driving on the road, due to sever fog, as its extremely cold outside. he tries to make his way through the fog. A strange lady waits with her car’s bonnet up, and smoke emanating from it, watching it when kartik passes by. he finds her like this on a stranded road, and wonders whats she doing at this time, and is boggled whether she needs help. he gets down and progresses towards her, while she has her back turned to him. he asks if she is okay and asks if he can help. without revealing her face. she asks how can he help. she complies, but adds that the car keys are lost. he asks if he can drop her somewhere. she asks if he would be able to. he says that he didnt quite understand. she turns to him and asks if he doesnt have a problem leaving her. he asks where she needs to go. mysteriously, she responds in the front road, pointing at it. he complies and asks her to come along. she asks if he really wants her to go with him. he complies. she insists and continuously asks if he speaks from the heart, and wont have any issues. he complies. he pulls down her bonnet and walks with her, as she takes one step after the other, while he is boggled. he gets in the car. she stands afar. he asks whats the matter. she asks if he can get the car a little this side. he asks her to come this side. she says that she wouldnt be able to, and asks him to comply. he is boggled at her weird behaviour, but complies nevertheless, and brings the car close to her. the lady too gets in the car and he starts driving. the headlights go off suddenly. he wonders how to go ahead, as there is fog ahead, and he cant see anything. she says that she can see everything. he is boggled, as she asks him to go ahead while she gives him instructions. he asks what if there is an accident. she says that as long as she is with him, he neednt worry. he decides to drive, following her instructions. She is continuously rolling one thumb over the other, while telling him that a crater lies ahead on the road, and asks him to drive carefully. he finds her doing so, and is a little tensed. while she rolls a thumb over the other, he eyes her doing so, and is lost, when she suddenly handles the steering wheel and turns it around. kartik is taken off his balance due to it. she says that had she not turned it, they would have fallen in a cliff. he is tensed.

Meanwhile, survi animatedly banters with her family, as kishore makes fun of bindu’s skimpy clothes, even in the early onsetting winters in Mumbai this year around. all have a hearty laugh. the lights go off suddenly, and survi holds the torch, for kishore to fix the fuse. while doing so, a shadow emerges after survi, and they all wonder tensedly, who is behind her. she turns around and is shocked herself. it turns out to be aniket, tai’s son, who takes in everyone’s blessings. khushi asks who is he. hema introduces him, and then they suddenly realise that his leg is completely okay. aniket himself introduces to khushi, who gets a chocolate from him. he takslks about how his mother has tormented them, and he just wants a smile on everyone’s face. they exchange greetings

Finally, the lady asks him to stop and gets down, when he complies. the headlights immediately get back on. as kartik turns sideways, to tell this to her excitedly, but finds her nowhere around. resignedly, he gets going. Just then, he hears a female crying loudly and is boggled. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Kartik follows after the cries, and then hears the anklets, and the woman walking listlessly, while he follows her, hooked onto her. he is driven upto the top of a mountain and is suddenly thrown off the cliff.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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