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Yeh kaise pyaar hein – Episode 5

Hey guys this is nithu thanks evryone who suppoeted me please do comment giys cuz ua comments give me whole n sole strength i no that im not at gud in writing ffs but guys please support me so that i can write my ffs in a better way
Guys do i write my ff soo bad that everyone are mum..
Please giys its literally like begging u ppl for comments
Im not in my home town…n my cousins are quarelling for me…
Becuz they want me to play with them they are soo small kids…
Guys im in my grannys home she pampers me soo much and she feeds me in such a way that she makes me a small size sumo
i wished evryone in my mother tounge i.e telugu…
It means that
So guyz ill stop my buck buck
Lets focus into my epi

Dandiya is finished siccesfully suhani is tired and happy she calls to rudy
Su: rudy ke bacche!! Where are you???
Ru: di 5 mins im cuming
He comes within 5 mins
She gets into the car
Ru: di y are you silent
Su: cuz im tired rudra
Ru: really di or something other is running in your mind
Su: rudra gone mad…
Ru: no di y are u angry on me di
And he makes puppy face…
He sees su keeping ber phn behind duppata
Ru: accha di ill tell you one thing
Su: tell me rudra
Ru: promuse me that ull not tell to bhayyas
Su smiles..
Ru: di i want to propse a girl will you help me
Su: seriously rudra..
Ru: y di..
Su: u no kya my battery life is more than your relation status…
Ru : di how many times shd i say that
Su stops him and sayz yea i know
Su: aur kya
Ru: di you know im talking a serious thing i really want to propose romi
Su: really
Ru : shd i make my face like bhayya..
Su: which bhayya
Ru: the one and only bhagad billa


Suddenly a voice comes
Man: rudra ill not leave you
Rudy ignorez
Su: tameez rudra
Ru:ha yea i mean sso i.e stone singh oberoi
And di i should also learn to do tadi…
Man : what kind of language is ths rudra
Ru: di i think we shd take my car to a tantric i think a ghost has escaped into our car when you boarded the car
Su: rudra!!
Ru: yea shivaaye singh oberoi..will scold me but…
And he makes face like shivaaye…
Su laughs…
Su: bhayya dnt make such a bad face in front of us
Ru: he does whn he speaks to someone on phn and if he gets angry he throws the phn…and it breaks into pieces
Man: seriously rudra..ill not leave you today…
Ru gets scared thiz time
Ru: di i think we should go to hospital
A grp of voices : y …what hapened
Ru: di i think im suffering from hallusination
All together xpt rudy: shut up rudra
Ru: di 5 mins back i heard only one voice and now a grp of voices
Su laughs
Ru: you are laughing di …im suffering from such a big disease…oh my mata…if my bhayyas get to know they ll be tensed..please di we ll go to hozpital..
Man: the reason you are hearing our voices is…
Ru: i think i need to go for pscyhoyartist also cuz im hearing shivaaye bhayyas voice..
Man: rudy stop its irritating me…ypu are hearing all these voices becuz we r in a conference call
Ru: di….see its kike bhayys voice and starts crying
Su bursts out laughing and takes out her phn…she showes to rudy that they were on conference call
ROSHIOMSU: rudra you are mad
Ru: y
Evryone: cuz you were scared for such a simple thing
Ru: yea
ROSHIOM: iska kuch nahi ho sakta
Su was still laughing…
Ru sees here laughing and smiles

Ro: how could you ever think of
Om n shi: hallusination
Ru: bcuz…
But su starts laighing more
ROSHIOM: rudy but one thing bcuz of ypu my sis is smiling
Jus then ru sends msg to a girl and connectz to her
Ru: you guys thought that i dnt no that u ppl are on conference
Ro: really rudy how you know
Ru: bhayya log did you think that im duffer but no..su di is alone that too its midnight and if she will not be in conference wid you guys its im possible i rember everything abt my di..
She is looking soo sad so ithought to makeup her mood …
Thats y i did all these natak..
Su gets emotional and hugs him soo tight and kisses him on his forehead
Ru: di told not to get emotional evrytime n if anyone girl sees me like this they ll think that you are my gf and whn i propose to romi she ll not accept me..
Evryone laughs
Om: by the way from where did you learn to do dramabaazi
Ru without thinkg says ishana
Om: please dnt lift her name..
Ru: om i thought i shd pick up su di but now i shd also pick up ishana bhabhi…
Om:seroisly rudra
Shi: waah rudy these days your pea size brain is increased to a coin size
Ru: haan kyuki im following ani di s idea of eating 21 badams evrydy
Suddendly a voice comes in btw and says
Girl: you also follow my advice so that bussness man like you bcomes shatir and also becomes sharp…like abhinav bindra…billuji follow my advice
Su n rudy laughs rohan and om cups their mouths
Shi: hey paani phekne vali paanika!!
Ani: dnt spoil my name
Shi: then dnt call me as billu….
Ani: rudy im cutting the call as i need to prepare timetable for BILUJI KI SHADI..
shi: paanika dnt call me billu nli my…
Ani: haan nli u r dadi can call u billu …n billuji i dnt have any intrest in calling u as billu…by the way billu..is not bad name..i kept that the title for ypur shadi billu ji…do u think i dnt have anyother work other than call you as billu..
Shi: fine stop stop…u called me 5 times billu..
Ani: aree waah you evn started to count …thats y i call you as cso
Shi: cso abb yeh kya hein
Ani: calculator singh oberoi..
Shi: shut u mad anika..
Ani: im mad no…you are mad same to u back to u mirror in middle no return..billuji
Shi: dnt call me as billu you are wierd
Shi: cuz you talk to your slippers bike and evn name them champa chameli now name your bag also
Ani: aaye dnt say anything to my chikini
Shi: champa chikini chameli..you are mad you are mad
Ani: accha now listen..billu ki shaadi hogi billu ka ghar sajhega billuji ghode par betega..billu billu billu
Evryone holds their laugh
Su : accha guys stop fighting like kids
Ani: now you start scolding your sister billuji…
Shi: rudra!!
Ru: why did i come in between…
Shi: cuz you are learing things from her…stop all those
Ru: okay
Shi: im cutting the call bye
Ani: me also..bye..
They cut the call in anger
Ru: ill make di eat icecream and come home
Rohan And om: okay

Ani: yeh billuji spoiled my mood..now i shd decorate house for dusshera…
She climbs a ladder and starts decorates a pillar.. ..just then shivaaye asses by and seez her …he gets mesmerised by her..he goes and stands at the back of anika..
Anika finshes her work and gets down of the ladder just then she will get into shivaaye and falls..but cso caught her immdiately by her waist and held soo close to her..he searched himself in her eyes…rhey had a beautiful eyelock…he held more tightly…he wanted to taste her lips he went near her lips..they were a inch apart…he was going close anika closes her eyes without knowing…he kissed her cheek .(cuz sso ego in middle)…for a while they into their eyes they were lost in their own world in which they both were only there…
Just then…they were disturbed by dadi..
Dadi: shivaaye where are you puttar
Shi startles and shivika gets into their senses..
Shi: dadi im cuming
( oh no what the hell i did…hw can i kiss a 3rd degree middle class girl who has no linage and surname omg)
Ani: what happned to me why was i lost in those khanje ananke..i think i shd leave now
She left the mansion
SCENE shifts to food truck in which only icecreams are sold
Rudy and suhani goes there…they were near yuvis home
Yuvi was thinking about suhani and unknowingly smiled and was walking on the road
Meanwhile su orders choclate vanilla icecream
Just then rudy gets a call

Precap : why did he call …shivaaye sees yuvi and gets angey

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