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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita getting shocked seeing Pihu. Raman says Pihu…. Shagun says Pihu should know her Papa is a big liar, you are hiding and marrying, she feels you are world’s best Papa, she should know truth. Ruhi says its not like that. Pihu says no, I don’t want to listen to anyone, mumma come, I hate Papa and don’t want to see his face. Everyone get shocked. Shagun takes Pihu and leaves. Bala’s mum smiles. Mani comes and understands what happened. He says I m sorry Ishu, I called Aaliya and Adi, none answered my call. Raman cries and leaves.


Appa tells Raman that Ishu is right, we should tell everything to Pihu. Raman asks how, she is little girl. Ishita says she should know truth that I m her mum, she rejected us. Raman says I spoke to you earlier,

 I warned you, this truth won’t come out infront of Pihu that you are her real mum. Adi says Aaliya and I decided to cancel engagement. Raman says we did all this for you, don’t cancel engagement, I will manage. Mr. Bhalla says the same. Ishita worries.

Mani comes home and asks Shagun about Pihu. Shagun says she is crying, she is watching her fav movie, don’t go to her, she is upset. He says who made her cry, you came back from Chennai to take Pihu to Raman and Ishita’s marriage, you are so selfish, did you think how will this affect Pihu. She says I have to do arrangements of Adi and Aaliya’s engagement. He asks why are you behaving this way. She says I m behaving the way I should. Aaliya comes. Shagun acts normal. Aaliya does not accept her help. Shagun says I was just trying to help and goes. Dadi comes and says Mani, I m sorry.

Mani says its all over, I could not stop it. Aaliya says it all spoiled. Dadi says we have to handle this. Aaliya says Amma has shattered, I m worried for her. Mani gets worried.

Ishita goes to room and cries recalling Pihu’s words. She says I can’t win a girl’s heart, she is my daughter and my only child. Dadi makes Aaliya ready and says this is your mum’s jewelry, you look like your mum. Mani comes and gets emotional seeing Aaliya. He says you look like your mum today, if she was here today, she would be happy and hug you. Aaliya says you are here and can hug me. She hugs him. He compliments and blesses her. Dadi gets a call and says yes, we will come.

Shagun tells Mani that Pihu is sleeping, she will get disturbed seeing Raman and Ishita, she is my daughter, I will decide. Mani says she is not your daughter, you are giving her this sorrow, Ishita is her real mum. Pihu comes and hears them. She asks is Ishita my real mum. Mani and Shagun get shocked. Pihu asks Shagun again. Shagun asks her to go and sleep. Pihu says tell me. Shagun asks don’t you know I m your mumma, go to room and see cartoon.

Dadi, Mani and Aaliya come with Shagun. Amma compliments Aaliya. Raman asks where is Pihu. Shagun says she did not like to see your face. Raman gets angry and then acts calm. Romi tells the caterer getting non veg food, its big problem. Raman says Dadi will get angry, come we will sort it out. Mani talks to Ishita. She asks why did Pihu not come, what happened. Mani says I did big mistake, Shagun and I were arguing, I said Ishita is Pihu’s real mum, Pihu heard this, sorry Ishu, I know this will spoil situation again. She says don’t know what is Pihu thinking and how she is dealing with this situation, I wanted to tell her, but not this way, I think I have to go and explain her, I can’t tell Raman, is she at home. Mani says yes. She leaves.

Raman tells non veg food problem to Mani. Mani says food is kept as Prasad first. Raman says I know, we are arranging. Bala says relax, I have arranged food by veg caterer. Mani says Ishita went to my home. Raman says I know why she went there. Mani says listen. Raman rushes. Ishita goes to meet Pihu. Maid says she is in her room. Ishita goes to her and calls her out. Pihu cries seeing her.

Ishita asks her to get ready fast and come to attend engagement. She shows dresses. Pihu asks her to answer first. Ishita says what, you will get late, tell me what will you wear. Pihu says just tell me, swear on me, are you my real mumma, tell me aunty. Ishita cries and says yes, you are my daughter. Raman comes and gets angry seeing Ishita telling Pihu the truth. Ishita says I had medical complications and Shagun kept you in her womb, but I m your mum and you are my daughter. Raman looks on angrily.

Raman takes Ishita out. He says you always do what you want, you did this 7 years ago, you made plan and disappeared, we lost Ruhi and today we can lose Pihu. She says Pihu…. He says shut up, you said Pihu you are her mum, what will she think, she hates me, she will think I lied again. She says why will she not understand, Ruhi understood us and maybe Pihu will also understand. He says maybe? If we can see her now and can’t see her tomorrow then, I can’t lose her because of your maybe. She cries. He gets a call and says yes Papa, Ishita is with me, we are coming. He asks her to answer family, maybe you felt Pihu will come with us, will she come…. Pihu gets ready and comes. Raman gets shocked.

Dadi asks where are they, its just 5mins for mahurat. Raman comes with Pihu. Shagun gets shocked.

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  1. nice epi. n pls is apshagun ko do chants lagao khinch k. or Raman ko to kuch b bolna mtkb apni zuban kharab kRNA h .huh

    n sabhi yhm fans n tellyupdate mmbrs ko meri taraf se deepawali ki harfik shubhkamnaye.

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