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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bhalla family talking happily about Raman and Ishita’s marriage. Raman says I thought Papa will refuse for this. Mr. Bhalla says no, we will do marriage grandly, we agree to Dadi. Dadi and Mani come and give sweets to Amma. Ishita asks what did you think of Aaliya and Adi. Dadi says I think they both are young, they should make their career, and become financially independent, then marry and settle, but we will get them engaged. Everyone like idea. Adi teases Raman for marrying again. Raman says I married 7 times till now, you will know when you marry, even yours is a Madrasan.


Ruhi says we decided it will be grand marriage, not a court marriage, we will keep all functions. Amma says I will dance well in all functions. Ishita asks why all this, we will keep

simple function. Raman agrees with Ishita. Dadi says Ruhi is right, marriage is an event, and rituals are imp. Raman jokes on the rituals. They laugh. Dadi says its ritual, you have to marry else… Raman says fine, we agree. Ishita asks Mani’s approval, can we hide this from Shagun, else she will get Pihu, don’t know how will Pihu react. Amma thinks to tell Ishita about Pihu’s hand burn.

Shagun comes home with Pihu. She sees Aaliya and hugs her. She asks where were you, I think aunty’s train missed, it was so much stress, we are feeling better. Dadi says you look fresh. Pihu says mumma had stress, so mumma went to spa to de-stress. Shagun sends Pihu. Dadi says I don’t want to know anything, I have to say something, I gave permission for Adi and Aaliya’s marriage. Shagun gets shocked and says I m so happy for Aaliya, I will call pandit and fix date. Dadi says no need, I will see that, come with me Aaliya. They go. Mani asks Shagun are you happy for Adi and Aaliya. Shagun says yes, I m really very happy.

Mihika says we should do something retro. Ruhi says no, retro is outdated, I think we should do bollywood theme. Simmi says Raman will need choreographer. Romi asks Raman to see the designer clothes. Raman says what will I do of sherwani, its Madrasi marriage, I won’t need clothes. Ishita says its Adi and Aaliya’s engagement too, select clothes for it. Simmi and Mihika tease Raman. Raman says you all are having fun and goes. Amma says I need to tell Ishita about Pihu. Simmi says I need to talk to you aunty, come with me. She takes Amma. Amma asks what happened. Simmi says I know why you came here, I know about Pihu. Amma says Mrs. Bhalla does not want me to tell Ishita about Pihu. Pihu is not safe with Shagun, Ishita has right to know, she is mum of Pihu.

Simmi says we will say after marriage, Raman and ishita can get tension, things can spoil. Mihika hears them and asks what happened, tell me, maybe I can help. Amma says nothing. Simmi says we will tell you, promise Mihika you won’t tell anyone. Mihika promises. Amma says we will go our home and talk. Raman looks for something. Ishita asks what happened. Raman gets a saree and says this saree…. She recalls her bridal saree and smiles. He says I have thrown everything, but did not have courage to throw this, Lord gives one chance to have seven vows, but Lord gave us second chance, lets see how you know. He covers her with saree and says you look even the same. She smiles and hugs him.

Mihir asks Mihika what’s the plan. Mihika asks do you know any lawyer named Kunal Sethi, I feel I heard this name by you. Mihir says he is my school friend, we chat in our school friends chat group, why do you ask. She says its about Pihu and tells the matter. He gets worried. She says I don’t think Pihu is safe with Shagun, shall we approach Kunal for Pihu’s custody. He says I will forward number, you can talk to me, let me know if you need help. She says thanks, think this can be best gift for Raman and Ishita’s marriage, Pihu’s custody…..

Aaliya asks Mani can’t we send Shagun anywhere. He asks how and where, I can’t send Shagun alone, I have to go with her. Dadi comes and says I spoke to pandit. Mani asks her to talk slowly. Dadi says I forgot, pandit gave Adi and Aaliya’s engagement time same as Raman and Ishita’s marriage. Mani asks how will we keep Shagun away, she will come for engagement. Dadi says don’t worry, marriage is in morning and engagement is in evening, what happened Aaliya. Mani says Aaliya is worried for Shagun, relax Aaliya, I will keep Shagun busy, all will be well. Aaliya hugs Mani and Dadi. She says love you Appa and Dadi.

Ruhi asks Adi what is he doing, I have put new songs. Adi says Ishita does not like new songs, she likes old songs, do you know to play your rock songs. Ruhi says yes. The elders ask why are they agreeing. Ruhi says people will sleep with slow songs. Mr. Bhalla says stop it now, and asks Simmi about Todna ritual. Simmi says literally Todna, like pulling each other’s leg. Ruhi says I like it, Adi and I will be in opposite teams. Mr. Bhalla, Romi, Simmi, Adi, Ruhi and Mihika join Ishita’s team. Raman says fine, I came in world alone and will go alone. Amma asks why are you saying this. Raman asks her to see. Amma says Bhallas are with Ishita, we are with you, no choice. Raman asks what, no choice, take Ishita, I won’t marry.
Appa says we will make team Ladkewale. Raman says you lie convincingly, fine I will marry. They all laugh talking about rituals. Ruhi says guy’s team is small, can I shift to them. Adi says fine, go to them. Ruhi joins Raman. Adi says its final, girls’ team will challenge guys’ team, we will do Madrasi dance and you have to do Punjabi bhangra. Ruhi accepts the challenge. The teams go to practice.

Shagun makes Pihu ready for school. Pihu says this is my friend’s message, she invited me in Bharatnatyam event. Shagun says we will go. Pihu says I also want to perform solo, Ananya will also dance with me, she comes to learn by same teacher. Shagun says fine, I will ask your teacher, your performance will be grand, come with the bag, I will pack tiffin. Romi and Adi try to book wedding hall and catering. Romi says there is no good hall available. Mr. Bhalla says fine, we will do function in society hall. Adi likes the idea and asks Romi to go and book society hall. Raman says I m leaving. Ishita says we are going for shopping, there are many functions.

Raman says we are not marrying for the first time, I won’t go with you, you will make me mad, take somewhere else. She requests a lot. He says fine, on one condition. She says fine say. He says think…. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein….He goes to hug Ishita. Ruhi comes and says I did not see anything, my timing is wrong. Raman says you don’t knock and come. Ruhi says door was open, Aaliya called and said Dadi and she are reaching shop. Raman asks is Dadi also coming, fine, I will end meeting and come. He goes. Ishita asks where is Adi. Ruhi laughs and says Adi is choreographing south Indian dance, now there will be face off of Bharatnatyam and bhangra.

Raman buys clothes for Ishita and says finally, marriage shopping… He turns and sees Shagun. He gets tensed and covers up. Shagun asks whose marriage, who is getting married. He asks who said marriage?

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