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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shagun going to stop Pihu. Simmi takes Amma for puja. Shagun asks Pihu to cover the burn mark and be careful. Adi and Aaliya play the mantras on net and do rituals, while Bala and Vandu go the puja. Everyone smile. Pandit comes and says sorry, I came late as there was emergency at home, did you start puja, its all done nicely here. Dadi says these kids did this, Raman and Mani should be happy that Adi and Aaliya are linked to their values despite being new generation, I m proud of them.


Pandit says now we will start satyanarayan puja, and asks all married couples to sit. Dadi says yes, young and married couples can sit in puja. She asks Bala-Vandu, Raman-ishita and Mani-Shagun to come. Bala’s mum says stop, Raman and Ishita can’t sit in this puja. Dadi asks

why, its couple puja, husband and wife can sit. Bala’s mum asks is there marriage legal, Raman and Ishita did not stay together for 7 years, Ishita used to stay with Mani, and Raman used to stay with his ex wife Shagun, they were marrying when Ishita came back, is this marriage, they are doing what they want, you were saying about rituals, now tell me can Raman and Ishita sit here. Raman and Ishita look on. Vandu asks Bala’s mum not to say this nonsense.

Bala’s mum says I m saying truth. Shagun thinks Pihu should not know this past, I should take her. She goes. Bala’s mum asks is these relations, what will we tell our children, there is no value of marriage, will you get Aaliya married in such house, Aaliya will become like them, they don’t know meaning of marriage. Bala asks his mum to stop it. Amma and Mr. Bhalla ask Bala’s mum how can she say this.

Dadi shouts enough now. She goes to Mani and asks is this true that you and Ishita lived together in Australia, I did not know this, tell me. Mani says its not like you are thinking, so much happened 7 years ago. Dadi asks him to answer yes or no, Shagun was living with Raman, you stayed with Ishita, tell me. Mani says yes aunty but 7 years ago… Dadi shouts its all over, there is no use to stay here now. She gets angry and leaves. Mani goes after Dadi to explain. Ishita cries.

Everyone console Aaliya at Bhalla house. Vandu apologizes that she could not control Bala’s mum. She says sorry Raman, I will apologize to Dadi. Dadi and Mani come. Dadi says no need to say anything. Dadi asks is this called family, Ishita stayed with Mani as a couple, I did not know what’s this connection, Aaliya called you Amma, are you showing this way to Aaliya, you acted to die and stayed with Mani, a man and woman can’t stay without marriage, Raman stayed with Shagun without marriage, what is this culture, I m sorry, I don’t believe this, will I send Aaliya in this family, its good Bala’s mum told me everything, else I would have spoiled Aaliya’s life. Mr. Bhalla says its not like that. Dadi says we are simple people and this does not happen in our house, Adi and Aaliya can’t marry, Aaliya come with me. Aaliya cries and asks her to listen.

Adi comes with his bag and cries. Dadi asks Aaliya to come, I will wait. Adi and Aaliya hug and cry. Everyone cry seeing them. Bala asks his mum to understand Adi and Aaliya’s lives will spoil, what was the need. She says I said truth, do you have problem, world says this about Raman and Ishita. Bala asks her to stop it, what was the need to tell Dadi, you say anything to Ishita, you crossed limit to point at Raman and Ishita’s marriage, what proof you want to know their marriage is authentic, come and talk to Dadi. She refuses. Amma and Appa look on.

Mani holds Aaliya and asks her to come. Aaliya says no. Mani asks her to come. She says I can’t live without Adi. Adi says this is our test, what did we decide, that we will win each other’s father’s heart, this is part of it, Dadi is upset, we will obey her decision. She cries. He asks can we stay together without Dadi’s blessing, no… He apologizes to Mani and says I could not win, I felt I m winning your heart, but no, Dadi expects a lot from me, I came back as we could not fulfil her expectations, but my love for Aaliya will never get less, don’t worry, we will not take a wrong step that your, Ishi Maa and Papa’s head bow down, we will wait for your decision and accept it. Mani and Raman too get tearful eyes. Adi gives Aaliya’s hand to Mani and asks her to go. Ishita cries seeing Adi crying. Mani, Aaliya and Dadi leave.

Later at night, Ishita goes to Adi and sits by his side, while he is sleeping. She cries and holds him. She apologizes. He wakes up and sees her. He asks why are you crying. She says I lost everyone and you lost Aaliya because of me, I m worst mum, I m sorry, I m feeling so sorry. He says no, don’t cry, its nothing like that, you know we were just living in your absence, now there is a life in our family, don’t blame yourself, you should be happy, you stayed away and became Aaliya’s Amma, so that Aaliya does not get jealous that just I have a good Ishi Maa, Lord knew Adi and Aaliya will share life, so we shared our Amma, Aaliya is your daughter and will take decisions like you. She smiles and hugs him.

She says I m lucky to have you as my son. He says I m lucky to have you as my mum. She asks is he fine. He says yes, I m fine, all this does not matter, this bad time will not stay for long, everything will get fine. She says good. He asks her to go and sleep. She asks him not to cry. He says you don’t cry. She gets up and sees Aaliya’s pic near his pillow. He says nothing. She says it matters to you and hugs him. She keeps pic under pillow and asks him to sleep, and tell me if there is anything. She goes. Adi and Aaliya see each other’s pic and cry hugging the pic. Tu safar mera…..plays……….

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