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Yeh Hai Aashiqui – SS

Swasan ss

Yeh Hai Aashiqui❤️

Hey guys:) so it’s my first ss on Swasan. I hope u guys like it:) It’s a college romance thingy but slightly different.



Sanskar Maheshwari: Carefree guy who’s life changed after something horrible happened…

Swara Gadoddia: Sanskar’s ‘online’ friend…

Raglak: Sanskar’s best friends. They’re both siblings… (JK I WOULD NEVER EVER DO THAT! THEY R A COUPLE).

These r the main characters
The story will be narrated through Sanskar’s POV


I hate Lucky! He’s always teasing me about her! It’s not like I even know her in reality. She’s just a girl online who seems nice. Just an online friend.

“Oh come on Sanky! If she were JUST an online friend, ur tagline wouldn’t be ‘My Reasons To Smile-Swara’. U wouldn’t ship yourself with her and call urselves ‘SWASAN’. U wouldn’t dedicate a whole collection to her. And sit and make weird, crazy, random edits on Ranbir Kapoor! You’ve never made an edit on RK. Leave RK, you’ve never even made an edit on anyone for that matter. But now u do… Why? Coz she loves RK. And u say she’s ‘just’ an online friend. Lucky is right u know”

I sighed and sat up straight on my bean bag. Rags was sitting opposite to me on my bed, while Lucky was yet to come. He’s always late.

“Look, I do stuff for u. It doesn’t mean I’m in love with u!”

“Yes, ikt, but you’ve always done brotherly stuff for me! You’ve never made an edit my Varun Dhawan for me. And you’ve definitely never made a collection for me”.

“I- ur like my sister! Why would I do that?”

“EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING SANKY! I’m like ur sis. So u can’t compare me. And this is why u wouldn’t do these things for me. Coz I’m like ur sis. Not ur crush!”

“How exactly do u have a crush on someone u hardly know?”

“Ask urself that”, Rags looked at him in the eye. “Gosh get ur act together boy. Ur obviously crushing on her! And u barely know her”.

She doesn’t even understand! Gosh Rags is very annoying. Very.

“Rags, I do not crush on someone who I haven’t met personally. True I do special stuff for her. But that’s Coz she’s my special online friend”

“Whatever u say”, she replied sarcastically.

Laksh burst inside the room. He was panting heavily.

“THAT bl**dy RASCAL-”

“Whoa what happened?” Rags looked worried.

“That fool, that crappy idiot. bl**dy rascal. He’ll rot in hell. He’ll-”

“Lucky, what happened?” I can’t believe this is the same Ragini who was so firm with me a few mins ago. How does she manage to be so gentle with Lucky and so annoying with me?

“That annoying git. That fool, Karan, he threatened to hurt u! How dare he? I would have killed him if Piyush hadn’t stopped me!”

“Hurt Rags?” I asked clenching my fists. “How?”

Laksh shook his head. He didn’t know.

“Listen, Lucky, Karan is an asshole. We know that. Just forget him. U know what Sanskar thinks he doesn’t have a crush on his ‘ONLINE FRIEND’ SWARA!”

Laksh started laughing. “Gosh u stupid boy! Ur so dumb!”

“I’m not dumb, and neither do I plan on having a crush on her. End is topic right now!”

Thankfully they shut up. “Now can we finish the goddamned stupid project?”

They agreed. We started our work. They left after a while. I went to my iPad. I opened my google plus account and saw Swara Gadoddia in my notifications. She was spamming me. She’s so cute!

I quickly made a Ranbir Kapoor edit and posted it, thanking her for the spam. She immediately replied saying ‘Dosti Mein No Sorry No Thank You’.

I smiled. I msg’d back asking her to come on hangouts. She immediately did.

‘Hey:)’ – Swara

‘Heyyyy:):)’ – Sanskar

‘Wassup?’ – Swara

‘Nm. Just finished projects with Ragini and Laksh. U?’ – Sanskar

‘Ragini and Laksh? They’re ur best friends right?’ – Swara

‘Yea… How was ur day?’ – Sanskar

‘My day sucked. Sahil irritated me so much into going out with him. I agreed so he wouldn’t irritate me. And the date sucked. He didn’t even know where to take me! So he took me to CCD. Like WTF? Starbucks was right opposite!’ – Swara

‘Haha lol! I get Starbucks and pizza everyday’ – Sanskar.

‘Lucky pig! Share some with me!’ – Swara

‘If we ever meet then our first meet will be in Starbucks alright?’ – Sanskar

‘Really? YAYYY! Ilysmmmmmmm???’ – Swara

‘Ily2❤️❤️’ – Sanskar

If Lucky saw that he’d have definitely teased me! It’s just, it’s not hard to say I love u to an online friend. Coz it’s not like ur actually in love with them. U just consider them as an extremely good friend.

Swara soon had to go. I had to go too. So we said our good nights and went offline.

The days continued like this and Swara and me got closer as online frenz. We were still just frenz. She made a collection for me. I was in the seventh heaven of delight. I don’t know why. She’s just so cute! But all this happiness came to an end one day when she informed me something.

‘I’m so sorry Sanky but I’ll have to leave g+ and hangouts for sometime now. I’m having some problems at home. And on top of that were shifting homes. So I won’t have time to come online. I’ll come back when I can. Pls understand my situation. I’ll tell u when I come back. Just remember that I love u. Bye?’ – Swara

I was upset but didn’t let it show. I pretended that I was happy. Rags and Lucky noticed my behaviour. They knew why I was behaving like that. I should learn to not be over possessive. She’s just an online friend. And I have other online friends. And I have a reality to live in. And she’ll be back. So it’s fine…


Precap:- Swasan meet


I’ve taken the concept of online frenz. I hope u ppl enjoy it. Ily guys❤️


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