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Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 17)

Kushi & Anjali are making Arnav ready for date

Kushi : arni.. Youre getting what I’m telling right


Arnav ; no..

Kushi : what..!?

Arnav : you’re confusing me too much now

Kushi : di see him..

Anjali : from when did you become so dumb chote

Arnav : what the..

Kushi : ok listen we will tell you step by step.. First.. You should be present there before she arrive dont make her wait

Anjali : receive her with smile.. And praise her dress & looks ok.. Like you’re looking gorgeous today..

Kushi : like this dress suits you the best..

Arnav : what no way..

Anj : why !?

Arnav : you know I never praise anyone di.. Especially girls.. Ah. Have you heard me praising

Kushi : yes my jelebis

Arnav : now dont compare them with her

Kushi : why not she’s sweet like jelebi

Arnav : for God’s sake leave this out.. Its not my cup of tea..

Anjali : at least say she’s looking nice..

Arnav : I’ll try

Kushi : if she ask for dance do go..

Arnav : wh.. ( interrupt)

Anjali & Kushi : shut up no more excuses.. Just listen

Kushi : for god’s sake keep your table manners aside

Arnav : dont worry about that she have table manners unlike you

Kushi glare Arnav smirk

Arnav : concentrate on her & dont you dare touch your phone

Arnav : ok ok.. Are you both done now.. I’m not gonna eat her up.. Relax.. Anything left now

Both : yes.. Please don’t loose your temper

Arnav : I don’t understand why you both are worried so much she love me with my temper & she have seen me how I am.. I don’t think she have a problem

Both were staring him teasingly.. In his long explanation they heard only phrase that ‘ she love me’

Kushi : she love you ah..!! ( she give teasing smile)

Anjali : when she said that chote.. Haan?

Arnav : you both are impossible..

He turn to leave..

Kushi : arre bata ke toh jaav

Lavanya’s room

La : thank you so much you both came to help me out. I was so scared..

Swara : when swara is here not to fear.. I’ve a idea

Sanskar : swara please.. No more ideas.. Select a dress first

La open her wardrobe.. There is a heap of pretty designer outfits.. Sanky start scanning them. He pick a white one

Sanky : how’s this

Swara : no white at night people may mistake as ghost

Lavanya take a blue one..

Sanskar : bhai hate blue

Sanky take green one

Swara : its too heavy I suppose

Swara go on criticising every dress.. Sanky gets frustrated

Sanskar : do you have any better dress

Swara : yes

She take out a cute red dress from her bag

Lavanya : wow it’s so nice..for me swara..

Swara nod yes..

Sanskar : you stole it..

Swara ; I’ll kill you..

Sanky : bhai gave you?

Swara : no

Sanskar : di gave you?

Swara : no..

Sanskar : you stole it swara.. Didn’t bhai tell not to take it

Swara : bhai told he has designed this for someone special.. Who it can be other than lavanya bhabhi.. ( she stress bhabhi & poke lavanya with elbow la blush ) moreover red is bhai’s favourite colour.. He’ll fall flat seeing her

Sanky : but..

Swara : shut up & get out. She need to get ready

Night 10pm – Arnav’s room

Arnav is facing away from everyone towards poolside..

Kushi : how can you say you didn’t like her wearing it

Aman : he designed it for your.. It was your birthday gift

Swara : it was not her fault.. I gave her

Sanky : didn’t I tell you always do this

Swara : bhai only said it was for someone special.. I thought it’s lavanya.. Couldn’t he say directly it was for kushi di

Aman : he said so because Kushi was with you.. If you remember & he wanted to surprise her

Anjali : nothing justifies his rude behaviour

Arnav : I’m not justifying anything here..

Anjali : don’t talk in this tone chote.. You insulted her there by shouting at her & left her all alone & now not even answering

Aman : di.. He.. ( interruptred)

Kushi : will you stop answering for him

Arnav turn towards them. His eyes were all red. It was evident from his face he was highly disturbed & angry..

Arnav : ( shout) this topic ends here.. No more discussions on this now

Everyone get scared.. Kushi hold his hand

Kushi : ( worried) are you fine. Kuch hua hai kya

Arnav : ( calm down a bit) Kushi.. I don’t want to talk about it now please..

Kushi : ( turning towards others) don’t disturb him now..

Anjali : let’s have dinner..

Arnav : I’m not hungry

Anjali : chote.. ( interruptred)

Kushi : di.. ( she gesture to let it be..) Let him change.. And you two ( swasan) stop troubling my arni & get out

All leave.. Kushi take out his night dress & give him

Kushi : change kar lo

Lavanya’s room

She was crying as anjali come in she wipe her tears.. Anjali feel bad

Anjali : no need to hide them..

Lavanya hug her crying..

Anjali : I’m sorry Lavanya.. Chote shouldn’t have..

Lavanya : its ok di.. It was my mistake..

Anjali : what happened there..

Flashback – Before 1½hours – 7:30pm

Arnav & lavanya were seated..

La : I’m sorry.. I thought you would like it

Arnav : leave it now.. Let’s talk something else

La : we know about each other let us know about our families

She tell about her family & all..

La : now tell me about yours..

Arnav : you’ve already met them what’s there to say..

La : About your father’s family.. Your mom.. Lucknow.. People say many stories about sheesh mahal na.. Are those talks true.. They..

Arnav : enough.. ( he roar)

Everyone in restaurant turn towards them

La : ASR what are you doing..

He break the glass & move out leaving her there

Flashback ends..

Kushi heard this.. She storm in..

Kushi : how can you ask him all this.. When you don’t know anything why you.. ( interruptted)

Anjali : kushi.. She know nothing its not her mistake..

Kushi : ( composing) I’m sorry..

She leave..

Precap :

Kushi feeding Arnav
Arnav : I don’t want all this kushi.. I don’t want to marry..

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