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Why me? Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Dimension 1


Fizzo’s pov
“I’m miss Sanky bro and it feels like, it was yesterday, when we left behind our life, our family and everything I loved.” “Sinzo di, J, Crazy and me, we joke around, but we never show them, how we feel, not like Nidhi di, Malika di, Astha and Ashnoor.” “Our lives changed, since our aunt and uncle died.” “But we will avenge their death from AG and PG, they will scream for their lives and it will last for the rest of their misrable lives.” “They will pay for everything, hahaaaha(trying to be evil).” “I won’t be wicked like them.” “Why am I missing you SK, my first crush, the love of my life.”

J akka Jazzy’s pov
“I miss you my friend, my RK, what’s wrong with me, he isn’t mine, but I miss him my best friend.” “Yeah always I loved him and will love him forever.” “In my whole life I have never seen eyes, which shine like diamonds.”

Astha’s pov
“Why do I still love you mr. VK, I actually should hate you, you stole my heart without my permission.” “I hate you, I hate to love you, your the reason, why my heart beats fast, of my smile and of my blush.” “I know your brother married one member of the masked angels, but why did he leave her.”

Malika’s pov
“Where are you TK, I miss you my hubby, I will find you that’s my promise to myself and to you.” “I know you married me in our childhood, when your family kidnapped me and forced you to marry me.”

TK’s pov
“I know I left you Malika, but I had to do it, cause they wanted to kill you!” “My enemies PG and her/his friends.” “I will give up my life only to protect you and your family.”

VK’s pov
“I miss you my princess, my Astha, you are my faith, my love for you will never die, your presence makes me go crazy, without you I’m nothing at all.”

RK’s pov
“My goals are, protecting the girl I love, her family, my family and the people I and my family love.” “Jazzy wherever you are, I hope that you are protected.”

SK’s pov
“I will never fall in love again after you my Fizzo, I will always love you, you are the girl who only can bring a smile on my face without any terms and conditions.”

Flasback of Nidhi
“We were going to highschool, when suddenly Malika slipped, but she was saved by TK, her husband.” “He is very caring towards her and he loves her very much.” “Are you allright Malika.” TK asked her. “Yeah, I’m fine thank you!” “I wish I would have someone, who cares for me like TK.” “Don’t worry you will find someone as well.” Ashnoor said, cause she read my mind.”

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