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Which pairing do you like the most in Jaana Na Dil Se Door?

Jaana Na Dil Se Door did not let the viewers know the upcoming track till the moment the changes went on air. The show got a mystery track which was unheard before. There was no news about Atharv’s re-entry to take revenge from Vividha. While the guy loved Vividha from bottom of his heart, the rumors started about Atharv coming back in Vividha’s life to shaken up her marriage.

The actor Vikram Singh Chauhan, who plays Atharv in the show tweeted that his character Atharv will rise from the ashes and a new destruction will begin. Vikram has a huge female fan following. Watching him on screen with powerful dialogues and lover boy image made viewers like him, but his entry as the angry young man with vengeance will make the audience love him. This track was not expected. There was much gossip about Atharv getting mad and crying for his love, but with the horror and mystery track beginning, the show is really getting thrills. The fans of Atharv-Vividha are really missing to see them. Do you find Atharv-Vividha pairing the best or Ravish-Vividha’s pairing better than the former one? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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  1. Atharva Vividha are certainly better, they are soul mates

  2. Atharva vividha of course!!!!!!!! No doubts at all.
    Ravish vividha are husband and wife but the sole purpose of this show is to make Atharva and vividha come together. Vividha should remarry and with Atharva this time. Vikram’s fans are waiting for the moment.

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