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“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to smile!” (SS)(#3) “Sayu”

Hey dear fellows! I know you might be shocked to find me writing during my exams but on 17th of October it is the world’s sweetest Api’s birthday…Come on guess!! Yeah it is my Sayoooooo Api’s birthday! But the thing is it is on Monday and I have my English and Geography exam the next day to her birthday so I won’t be able to write all this while so I will write a mega chappy full on roller-coaster ride types for her…as though I thought to write an OS but you know na EXAMINATION!! So my dear Sayooo Api please forgive me but all the best for your future…Loads of love and please don’t forget to read something at the end which is dedicated only for my sisso!! Loads of love from my side to my Princess wali Api 😉 Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

Zain’s POV
As I finished ordering, my gaze fell upon her innocent eyes which made me flattened over her though she is not the first girl I saw in my lifetime but definitely someone special…nah!! What am I thinking!! Anyways her eyes looked as she wants to ask something, I with tashan said, “Dil ki baat zaban pe lana hota hai dushwaar magar Zain se share karna hai zara aasan!!” She looked at me with a surprised action and in a couple of seconds we burst into laughter, but I didn’t realize when and how I was lost in her laughter, which made a curve on my jaws, yes I was smiling…..


(Song played in Background…)

Muskurane ki wajah tum ho
Gungunane ki wajah tum ho
Jiya jaye na, jaye na, jaye na
O re piya….
Jiya jaye na, jiya jaye na
(You are the reason behind my smile
You are the reason for whom I hum
I can’t live, can’t live, can’t live
O my loved on
I can’t live…………)

I was back to my senses when I realized a hand on my shoulder, I turned to find the 1 standing in front of me, the 3rd person!
Jasmine’s POV
So finally the 3rd person arrived, dressed in a green shirt, and pink skirt over it a yellow over-coat, with a touch of a light pink make-up, and her hair rolled up with bangs falling, she smiled looking at me. Zain stood up and hugged her, I was appalled , and I don’t know why but I felt a bit hurt, a drop of water gushed down my eye-lid, and fall on my wrist, making me realize that it was a tear but I never cried even when the entire world left me, why does it matters to me, Zain is my friend and it is out 1st encounter but I can’t deny the fact that the first one who came forward to help me being a pal. Yes, Chinki is my friend since the dark days we spent together, but none of us step ahead to be friends, but yes we were partners of loneliness, the ones who cried out together who celebrated together but he is the only one person in this selfish world to support me and help me out.
They broke the hug and, she smiled at me and said forwarding her hand, “Hi, myself Simple Kaur! Zain’s friend!”
I gave a faint smile to her and let our hands strike, and while shaking hands with her I said, “Hi Simple! I am Jasmine Gupta! Nice to meet you!”
She let go her hand and said, “Same here!”

Zain continued, “So Jasmine, she is simple my best buddy!”
He said wrapping her in his embrace, as he placed his hand over her shoulder. I felt a bit weird but never mind. Simple sat next to me and Zain.
Simple said to me, “So Jasmine, so you are the new one in Zain’s friend groud! You are lucky as girls die to make him their friend and he made you his friend himself is a great thing!” she said praising my luck, when I just passed a faint smile with a thought am I seriously lucky then why my parents left me to rotten in the garbage or be eaten by any wild animals, if I were so lucky then why I had to starve for days, if I were seriously lucky then why would I had to strive and fight all alone in this ruthless life. Lucky are those who have a big house and their hands touch the clouds, lucky are those who never need to wish for anything as they have everything, lucky are those who just sit on their, large pent house’s balcony with a cup of coffee in their hands and sipping delightfully over-looking the sea with no worries!!!!!

Scene shifts…In a big mansion…Over the top, in the balcony a lonely soul was sitting with a cup of coffee…Yes the lonely soul is none other than Siddharth Bhasin!!

Siddharth’s POV
Who says, having big houses, luxurious cars, tons of money, king-size bed, having thousands of servants around you, having your wardrobe full of costly clothes you have everything! People think in a big house sitting in your lavish life-style life is so easy but they are unaware of this dark and lonely life which one has to live in these big walls. Money can buy you everything, but not peace, love and family. A life of poverty is better than this dreadful life, as far as you have love and care life is way better than heaven! Phew…when I know my life has to past in this darkness why I even care about these things!
I gulped down the coffee, when I realized it was way too hot that it resulted in blisters…But I did not let a single scream of cry as I have bore a lot than this, it was nothing than that…The cup tilted a bit from my hand as I held my burnt skin and lips resulting a few sips of coffee to fall down on the floor.
I wiped off my face and called out for the servant…I yelled out once again!

After 5 minutes when I myself was finished cleaning the floor, the servant arrived saying, “Sir you called?”
“Yeah I did!! But the work was in my fate and I did it!”
“Sorry Sir, Madam ji gave me some work when I called! Sorry sir!”
“Arey kaka, not a big deal! I cleaned it!”
“Sir if you don’t mind shall I say something!”
“Ji kaka! Say!”
“Sir Madam ji torture you a lot but still you bear them smilingly, you never complained to Bade sahib (Manohar) nor Chote Sahib (Zain)”
“Kaka Choti ma is like my mother and ma ki daant mein jo pyaar chupa hota hai na who jazba janat dikhla jata hai!” was my answer!
“Sir it is your greatness! Anyways Madam ji called you!”

I leaved from there and rushed downstairs to find Choti ma’s face covered by a magazine, as she realized that I was there she peeped out of the magazine and placed it on the table right in front of the couch she was sitting on!

“Choti ma you called!”
“Yes! Tomorrow is Zain’s birthday and I want you to arrange the party. Also he is turning 18 tomorrow so I want this event to be a mega one…..”

And she continued her speech…

I was just thinking one thing does she remembers today’s date….

As she finished her ever-lasting speech I said, “Choti Ma do you remember the date today?”
She turned to look at me sternly, and with a smirking face said, “Yeah it is 17th October tomorrow is Zain’s birthday! What is so strange in it?”

I was surprised at her reply…Well I expected this answer but it still hurts..I just said to her, “Don’t worry the arrangements will be done!” I walked away from there, disheartened!!

Scene shifts back to the trio…
Simple was busy listening to songs with air plugs on , while Zain was busy on his phone, Jamsine was hell bored and was playing with her hands, when Zain shouted, “Oh bête ki!!!” grasping the attention of Simple and Jasmine on which Simple asked, “What happened yaar?”
Zain replied, “Today is 17th October Siddharth’s birthday!!!!”

Simple exclaims, “Abey shoot! Bechara Siddy! How can we forget! Let’s go and wish him bechara sad hoga!!”
She was about to leave when Zain holds her hand and stand with full on herogiri and says, “Birthday Zain ke bhai ki hai toh tashan ke baghair ho ne se rahi!”
Simple let goes her hand and folds them and grins looking at him and says, “Tera kuch nahi ho sakta!”

Jasmine looked at the 2 questioningly and asked, “Will anyone tell me who is Siddharth??”

Zain and Simple looked at her and says, “Siddharth?? You will get to know soon!” and both Simple and Zain do hi-fi!

Precap: Siddharth and Zain’s birthday bash!!!!!…….

So it ended…It was 1500 words long!!
Well Sayooo Api I hope that you liked this piece though it was boring!! But so sorry…But look aap kitne lucky ho ke aap ki or Siddy ke birthday mere FF mein same day mein aati hai 😉 Anyways now I will dedicate a poem to you;

Sun liked SUNDAY,
Moon likes MONDAY,
But I like one day,
That is your

Well wishing you a blessed year! May this year fill your life with colors of joy! Love u di!!

Love u all!

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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