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“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile!” (SS) (Episode#2)

So guys after so long I am finally back here to entertain you all with my story! Well this SS will be a bit long one though may be longer than the FF I wrote previously ? Anyways, I am hoping that you are not getting confused with the way I am writing, if yes then do tell me and clear your confusions! Also I am glad with the numbers of comment I received previously  They were seriously over whelming ? I know I am not that good of a writer but still thanks for your appreciation…I have replied to each and every one respectively.

Well enough of my talks let’s see what I have in store for you all!
Jasmine’s POV
I reached my destination finally after bearing the ups and downs in the auto-rickshaw and bearing the harsh whether! Though it is not for the first time but today my life will be changing and then I will write my own destiny.


In excitement I did not realize that I was wearing high heels, which I hated the most and as I tripped because my heel broke, I clenched my wrist and closed my eyes due to fear of fall but I felt as 2 arms held me tightly, I slowly and gradually opened my eyes and much to my shock I found a handsome, and dashing boy holding me, well I was least bothered about what he is or how he is as I am not much interested in all this, that is what Chinki says! Well without a minute of thinking, I jumped away from him in discomfort but as though he saved me ethically I should thank him and pay a token of gratitude but I am the great Jasmine Gupta, and maybe in the race of gaining things I somewhere lost myself and turned myself in to a stone, yes it was a true fact but I feared to accept it as this cruel world never understands one’s grief and only take advantage of one’s weakness and I am not weak!
I was busy in my thoughts when he forwarded me his hand saying, “Hey! Myself Zain!”
I passed a faint smile and I bet the person standing right in front in me will understand my displeasure but unfortunately this one was a special piece he did not mind my nasty looks and emotionless face, I don’t know why I am in the race of becoming an actresses but I feel as though it is my ultimate passion as it is in my soul! Anyways….
Zain’s POV
The girl standing right in front of me is just like Siddharth, damn boring and annoying but I am used to such companies so why not I go ahead with friendship.

I asked passing an enthusiastic smile, “So your name, beautiful lady?
Jasmine’s POV
Did he call me BEAUTIFUL, from which angle do I look him beautiful? I am such an ugly brat that my parents left me as a piece of trash just because I am a girl. To save themselves from defamation they rejected their only daughter, and then people ask me to have faith on God! God has nothing to do with one’s life! Yeah I know I am being a bit sarcastic but I am like this only. Well I got in to thinking what to reply to this man. Well I just said, “Jasmine!”
He looked at me carefully and I felt a bit uneasy but never mind I just gave him a damn glare and he continued, “Well what?” I looked at him clue-less and passed a “WHAT IS IT” look and he said, “Don’t you have a surname?” What do he has to do with my surname anyways not a big deal I just said, “Gupta, Jasmine Gupta!”
He passed a smile and said, “Well so Jasmine, can we be friends?”
I looked at him weirdly to just get to know whether he is a normal human being or not, I guess NOT as how can he even think of making me his friend that also in the first meet! Well I wanted to be truthful so I said, “Well I don’t make friends easily, I have certain rules and if you wanna be my friend then…” ; before I could complete he said, “Okay!” Well for the first time I found such purity in a person … well I just waved him bye and as I turned to leave he called me and said, “Jasmine!” I turned, and said, “Yes!” “Best of luck!” he said. I smiled awkwardly and said, “For what?” He replied, “I know you are here to give your audition but the thing is it is a bit tough, this is your first shot, but mine 69th! I hope you are the lucky one to get this opportunity!” he passed a smile to me while saying it with tumbs up! I smiled and waved him! As I turned I thought that, after Chinki he is the one and only person who cared for me! Well this world is full of back stabbers and maybe he is one…No he cannot…Well I just left to the auditorium thinking…

After almost 4 hours I came out…I found Zain sitting on the stairs leading to the main gate, waiting for someone, I just don’t know why but felt as he was waiting for me. He turned to find me standing right beside me. He stood up and as usual passed a smile he looked at me as if he is asking something, and I understood what he was asking, I just nod in “NO!”
He smiled at me … I was like what the hell I was again rejected by destiny and this man is smiling … He just said, “It is life!”
Yes he was true, it is life, leaving behind everything just continue walking on the thorny paths without any destination yes I walk on roads not knowing the destinations…But still I want to find my unknown destination!
He looked at me waving his bike keys and said, “Coffee?”
Though it is the first time a BOY is asking me so but I agreed much to my own shock!
I sat behind him on his bike, I resisted myself holding on him…All the while riding he was continuously blabbering while I was looking all around me wondering what life is…Busy in my thoughts I just did not realize when I tugged tight to him….I felt as resting my head on him..But..Well we finally reached there..We grabbed a table for 3 and I was shocked, maybe he has a girlfriend…Well as he finished ordering I asked him, “Why 3 when we are 2!” he passed a smile and said, “Third one…You will get to know soon…!”
Precap: Siddharth’s background…Zain’s lavish life….Usha Rani and her tortures….Jamsine’s feelings…
Sorry for this boring update….Don’t be harsh over me that only Zaimine Scenes but trust me guys Zain-Jasmine have to be shown to make the story run on its track! Sorry if you are disappointed of me ; I know this was seriously pathetic and I agree with the fact that I am bad of a writer…Well still leave your views down there, in the comment section!

Love u all…

Keep smiling ? Always ?

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