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What’s your take on Thapki Pyaar Ki’s new track?

Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki has got a short leap. There are many differences seen in the show. The major thing is Thapki’s change in looks. She has got the makeover, which is completely opposite of her good looks. Wearing spectacles to hide her reflecting in her eyes, changing costumes to adapt to a new identity, Thapki has turned into Vaani Oberoi, a rich business tycoon. She has come back in Bihaan’s life with ulterior motives of revenge. She has lost her baby, and wants to make Bihaan and Kosi pay for it.

Thapki is unaware of the fact that Bihaan still loves her. Bihaan has identified Thapki and wants to prove to everyone that Vaani is actually Thapki. Thapki assumes Bihaan’s hatred for her is responsible for her child’s death. Bihaan did not meet her when she informed him about her pregnancy via the letter. Thapki does not know that Kosi has swapped the letter and did not let Bihaan know of his child. Kosi is responsible for their separation, sufferings and tears. Dhruv has made a re-entry in the house and is backing up Thapki by thorough support as a friend. Dhruv is repenting for his bad deeds in the past. Thapki and Bihaan’s love story took a U-turn. What’s your take on Thapki Pyaar Ki’s new track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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